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6-Month Wedding Fitness Plan

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3 New Diets that Won't Make You Go Crazy

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26 Best Fitness Apps for Your Wedding Workout

The Best Wedding Workout Tips for Every Bride

The Truth About Eating Carbs

The New Way To Get In Shape For Your Wedding

You Don't Need a Gym and More Advice from a Celebrity Trainer

Latest Fitness Workouts -- Reviewed!

Avoid These Big Health Mistakes

Nutrition Basics

3 Tips for Dining Out on a Bridal Diet

Just because you're on a bridal diet doesn't mean you should avoid dining out. You and your fiance should enjoy a romantic dinner, and you and your friends should celebrate your upcoming marriage. This is a fun time in your life, so enjoy it. That said, there's no reason you should have to sabotage your nutrition plan in the process.

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Staying Healthy Before the Wedding

5 ways to keep sickness at bay on your wedding day

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5 Ways to Beat Wedding Stress

While it's common to become overwhelmed during the wedding planning process, there's no reason to let it affect your health. Take a breather and review the top five ways to manage and reduce stress.

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The Knot Wedding Dress Workout

These workout moves will target your gown-specific goals.

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Arm-Toning Workout Moves That Work

If you're looking for a good workout move that will not only tone your arms, but also help sculpt and shape your shoulders for a strapless gown, then here's one you'll want to check out. The first move is for your back and shoulders. Try the others for a fantastic calorie-burning, total-body workout.

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Get in Shape on Your Lunch Hour

Don't have time before or after work to hit the gym? Try adding a little health kick to your lunch with these fat-burning, toning midday workouts.

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Top Tips to Get Moving

Not a gym bunny, but worried about how you'll look in your dress? Read on.

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3 Quick Breakfasts for the Busy Bride-to-Be

No matter how busy the day ahead is, you should always make time for breakfast. Eating breakfast actually helps you burn more fat and calories than if you skipped it, and it gives you the energy you need to tackle your bridal schedule.

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Ashley Meller Bridal Spotlight

Each week, we feature shape-up secrets from real brides who slimmed down for their wedding. Steal this week's weight-loss winner's top tips.

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4 Essential Ball Exercises for You (and Your Fiance!)

While striving for your bridal fitness goals, don't forget about your fiance. Bringing him into the mix can push you to work harder, and it can be a fun way for the two of you to share quality time.

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