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The Truth About Eating Carbs

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Nutrition Basics

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Avoid These Big Health Mistakes

6-Month Wedding Fitness Plan

3 New Diets that Won't Make You Go Crazy

26 Best Fitness Apps for Your Wedding Workout

The Best Wedding Workout Tips for Every Bride

The New Way To Get In Shape For Your Wedding

You Don't Need a Gym and More Advice from a Celebrity Trainer

Latest Fitness Workouts -- Reviewed!

Bridal Beauty: What Should I Eat on the Morning Of My Wedding?

What should I eat on my wedding morning to give me enough strength to get through the day?

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How one bride lost (a little) weight for her wedding—and you can, too

Former Radio City Rockette Jennifer McCammish gives us her expert tips on how to get your legs in dancer shape.

Tone Up for Your Wedding with Pilates

It's not yoga and it's not ballet -- to get the basics on Pilates, we asked Pilates expert to the stars and author of The Pilates Body, Brooke Siler, to pare it down for us.

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The Lowdown on Yoga

The right yoga workout can help you tone up and chill out -- all at the same time. Terri Kennedy, PhD, chair of the Board of Yoga Alliance, president of Power Living Enterprises, Inc., and founder of Power-Living.com and Ta Yoga, dishes on the basics to get you started.

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Best Moves for Legs

Get your lower body up to speed for the big day.

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4 Good-for-You Carbs for a Trim Tummy

While avoiding processed carbohydrates like candies, pastries and white bread are a good idea when planning your pre- and post-wedding diet, not all carbs are created equal. These 4 whole-grain carbs are good for you and can help you achieve that sought-after flat honeymoon tummy.

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3 Tricks to Avoid a Fitness Plateau

Your body is a creature of habit. It's constantly seeking ruts to settle into, and once it recognizes one, it reduces its own effort in order to "coast." If you do the same fitness regimen for too long, your body learns what to expect and "coasts” by burning fewer calories -- sometimes to a point at which you'll stop losing weight. This is what's known as a plateau. Here, three ways to get out of it.

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Aerobics Basics

We spoke with Donna Cyrus, AFFA and ACE certified group fitness instructor and senior vice president of programming for Crunch Fitness, to give us some good-to-know basics and tips for getting the most out of aerobic workouts.

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The Biggest Dieting Mistake (That Makes Every Bride Gain Weight)

I’m talking about brides who starve themselves. What you might not know is that fasting for extended periods of time is the best way for you to gain weight. Here’s why.

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