Offbeat Weddings: 8 Weirdest Wedding Spots

A little white chapel wasn't exactly what these couples had in mind when they planned their nuptials.
  1. In Front of the World's Largest Turkey

    Yeah, you read that right. This Frazee, Minnesota, couple exchanged vows in front of the world's largest turkey statue as a nod to the place where they first fell in love.

  2. Underwater (in an Aquarium)

    We'd seen dogs make appearances at weddings before but never an albino sea turtle!

  3. In a Tree House

    This Seattle-area couple celebrated their inner child by marrying in a tree house, complete with a wooden footbridge!

  4. On the Ski Slopes

    We can't decide what's more striking: the veil or the jazzy matching ski suits.

  5. In a Hot Air Balloon

    Couples with a fear of heights (or the desire to have more than a photographer and an officiant in attendance at their wedding) need not apply!

  6. In a Zero-Gravity Chamber

    No one ever said gravity had to be in attendance at a wedding (we're just hoping the bridal party had strong stomachs).

  7. In a Cave

    While we can't think of anything much more romantic than this -- married at sunrise in the middle of a forest in a cave (called Ash Cave) in Hocking Hills, Ohio -- we would have liked to see their guests' faces when they got the save-the-date invite.

  8. Bungee Jumping

    Apparently getting married wasn't adventurous enough for these two.