Q&A: Wedding Stationery: What Are At-Home Cards?


My fiance and I are both changing our names when we get married. It has been suggested to me that we send out "at-home" cards. What are these, where do I get them, and should I send them out before or after the ceremony?


At-home cards are traditionally sent with formal invitations, but they can also be included in announcements. If you're not sending announcements, they can be sent out after the wedding. At-home cards let loved ones know of your new address and its effective date, but you can also use them to let guests know about your new names.

Say, for example, your unmarried names are Kate Goldsmith and Tad Hughes, and you will now both be Goldsmith-Hughes. You are also moving into a new apartment when you return from your honeymoon on July 3. Your at-home cards would read:

Kate and Tad Goldsmith-Hughes

after the third of July

2234 Broadway, Apartment 2-E

Tulsa, Oklahoma 44563

If you're just changing your names and not moving, you can send name cards:

Kate Goldsmith and Tad Hughes

will be adopting the surname


after their marriage on

June 20, 2006

Your stationer can print up these cards along with your invitations.

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