Wedding Party: What Are Attendants' Day-Of Responsibilities?


What are the day-of responsibilities of the wedding party? Can I give them a wedding to-do list?


Leading up to the event, your wedding party can tie favor ribbons until their hands are numb. But when the day finally arrives, try not to act like a drill sergeant. Their main obligation for the day is to show up nicely dressed, smile for the camera, greet friends and family, and have a good time. Your wedding party will probably want to do whatever they can to assist you, but might not appreciate an entire to-do list. If you have specific things you need help with—such as making sure the top layer of your cake is saved and wrapped, or giving tips to each of your vendors—assign one bridesmaid or groomsman to take care of a particular task. And then be sure to thank them profusely for all their hard work.

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