Wedding Accessories: What Color Hose for Darker Skin Tones?


I'm an African-American bride and I'll be wearing an ivory-colored wedding gown on my big day. I'm trying to pick out the perfect pair of pantyhose. What shades will best complement my skin tone and wedding dress color?


An excellent question! Many brides don't give enough thought to this crucial wedding undergarment . Believe it or not, you have several options: Find a sheer ivory shade that matches your wedding gown fabric (bring a swatch when you shop), but stay away from white – it's too stark a contrast and the colors will clash. (In fact, only brides wearing pure white wedding gowns should consider white hose.) Another popular choice for subtle elegance is nude pantyhose in a shade that compliments your skin tone. Or, if you seek a sexier look, try a pair with a glimmer or sheen to them, in a shade lighter than your wedding gown. Definitely test-drive a few different colors before the big day. Try them on at home with your gown in lighting appropriate to your wedding day to see which looks best.

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