Wedding Dressing Mom & Dad: What Color Should Mother of the Bride Wear?


My mother is going to escort me down the aisle. The wedding colors are black and ivory. What color dress does she wear? People are telling me she can't wear black to the wedding. Won't it look weird for both of us to wear ivory?


Moms generally can wear any color that complements the wedding colors -- that means any shade that doesn't clash with them. Since your colors are black and white, your mom can wear any color she wants. It's fine if she wears ivory (as long as it's fine with you; some brides like to be the only one in white). While black is an acceptable evening-wedding color for guests these days, it's still not really an appropriate color for moms; some say it suggests she's in mourning. Let your mom choose the color that best flatters her skin and hair.

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