Wedding Cake: What Goes With Chocolate?


Neither of us is very into the idea of plain white wedding cake -- chocolate is more our taste. What kinds of fillings and flavors can we pair with it to make our wedding cake even more unusual?


Chocolate wedding cakes have actually been gaining steam for some time now -- we've seen lots of brides and grooms opting not just for chocolate cakes covered in ivory frosting, but for all-out, rich, brown-hued confections. Chocolate is also an easy flavor to pair with other palate-pleasers. Fruit flavors, like cherry, raspberry, orange (Grand Marnier), banana, and strawberry add a different dimension to chocolate, while for something more subtle, you can try adding flavors like mocha, coffee, Kahlua, vanilla, mint, or Bavarian cream. Nutty flavorings like almond, pistachio, hazelnut, or even rich peanut butter will also create a tasty treat. Even cannoli, coconut, or mascarpone cheese can help you create an unexpected wedding dessert delight. Your only no-nos? Lemon curd, passion fruit, apricot, Key lime, or pineapple are a bit too funky. Another way to introduce more flavors to your wedding dessert plate? Have your wedding caterer serve each piece of cake with a truffle, cookie, or chocolate-dipped piece of fruit on the side for an even sweeter treat.

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