Wedding Vendors: What if a Wedding Vendor Doesn’t Show?


What if the wrong wedding flowers or wedding cake arrive on the wedding day or, worse yet, someone or something doesn't show up at all?


Above all, try not to freak out. There's not a lot you can do once the day is underway, so, in the short run, let the right person know if the order is wrong or do your best to track down a missing vendor. If the professional can provide a quick fix -- for instance, a rush back to the florist shop or local farmer's market for extra roses -- have him or her do so. If not, ask yourself whether you can live with what you've got, and talk to the professional about getting compensated financially for what didn't arrive. Remember that if you have a signed contract that clearly states what you've ordered, you'll be okay; you can either get reimbursed or dispute a charge with your credit card company if you paid by credit. If someone important -- the DJ, the photographer -- doesn't show (this scenario is pretty rare, so don't lose sleep over it), ask a talented guest to spin some CDs (someone can run for a boom box, if necessary) or to grab a camera and shoot your ceremony and reception. Do whatever it takes to keep the day running smoothly. You can be angry later. For now, focus on the fact that you're getting married.

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