Wedding Ceremony: What if Our Wedding Church Is Too Small?


What can I possibly do about a wedding church that's too small to accommodate all the wedding guests? Our wedding guest list exceeds the church capacity by close to 75 people! It's the church my daughter grew up attending, and we've always pictured her walking down that wedding aisle. What can we do?


If it's too small, it's too small. Since you and your daughter seem to have your hearts set on this particular church, one answer is to pare down your guest list if possible. Another is to invite some guests only to the reception and to keep the wedding ceremony for immediate friends and family, which is perfectly acceptable. Many couples choose to have intimate wedding ceremonies followed by a larger celebration with all their other friends and relatives. If you prefer this option you will obviously have to send out separate invitations to those invited only to the reception. You can word them like this:

Sarah and Thomas Jones

request the honor of your presence

at a celebration of their marriage

Saturday, the ninth of January

at seven o' clock in the evening

Rialto Country Club, Mount Jervis, Indiana.

This way, guests will be aware that the wedding ceremony will have already taken place, and that they will be joining you afterwards.

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