Wedding Gifts: Wedding Gifts on a Budget?


My friends and I are all recent college graduates, and now one of us is getting married. A lot of people are worried about how they're going to afford to get her a wedding gift, and I'm afraid a few are already battling it out to get to the lowest-cost wedding registry items first. I think they're being tacky, but at the same time I understand their cash concerns. How can we handle this?


There's no set amount one should spend on a wedding gift; instead, you should let your relationship to the couple dictate your spending. In this case, since you're close to the bride-to-be but short of cash, it is a bit of a conundrum -- but one with an easy solution. Why not get together a small group of your friends and all chip in to buy a larger item from the registry? That way, each smaller individual contribution will go a long way toward showing the couple how much you all care. Just be sure to include a big card crediting all of the gift givers!

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