Wedding Gifts: What if Wedding Gifts Arrive Broken?

Q: What should we do if one of our wedding gifts arrives broken?

A: If the gift arrives with an insurance stamp, store sticker, or gift receipt, you should be able to return or exchange it -- simply bring it back to the store. If it doesn't, use your judgment. If you decide it's not a big deal, you could get rid of it and not mention it to the giver. A better thing to do (though a bit tougher) would be to call the guest up and let them know. If they have the receipt or if they have a record of their purchase (i.e., the gift was purchased with a credit card), with a little help from them you should be able to exchange the gift for an unbroken one. Though they might be put off a first, they're sure to help you -- after all, guests want you to enjoy the gifts they gave.

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