Q&A: Music & Dancing: What's Klezmer Music?


My Protestant daughter is marrying a Jewish man, and she keeps talking about how her wedding will be filled with Klezmer music. I smile and nod, but what is she talking about?


No one can resist the contagious sound of Klezmer music! The spiraling melodies and hard-charging rhythms will make everyone throw their hands up and shake their tuckus. The roots of Klezmer reach back to the Yiddish-speaking world that has flourished in Eastern Europe for a thousand years. Often associated with religious celebrations, Klezmer incorporates classical, sacred, and secular influences. It resonates with echoes of Torah cantillation, Sabbath melodies, and mystical Hasidic songs. Its invigorating sound inspires outrageous, ecstatic circles of dancing. Today, you'll find many types of Klezmer, with influences from around the globe. Klezmer still remains closely tied to its original purpose: Celebration. Perfect for weddings!

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