Wedding Gown: What Makes a Wedding Gown So Expensive?


I found my dream wedding dress. It has no lace, no buttons, no bows. Why does it cost so much?


Ouch! That hurts, huh? The intricacy of a wedding dress design is just one of the many factors that contributes to its cost. For example, a perfectly plain sheath wedding gown may be far more expensive than an elaborately embroidered ball gown simply because the sheath dress is made by a high-profile designer. Wedding gown material also varies greatly in quality and price; a fabric constructed of synthetic fibers is much less expensive than one made of real silk. Intricate beading or embroidery done by hand will cost a great deal more than if sewn by machine. Your wedding dress may seem expensive to you for what it's not -- but look closer and you'll likely find out that the material is top notch, the seams lay perfectly flat, and it drapes just so…perfectly!

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