What Registry Items Are You Most Excited To Open? Here Are My Top 5

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Did you enjoy registering? I had mixed feelings about it. I'll admit that I was overwhelmed at committing to color schemes for everything from cast iron pots to stand mixers all in one weekend. But then, who doesn't love getting gifts? One of the more unexpected joys of being engaged has been watching as guests start to pluck presents from our registries. With the bridal shower invites out, ladies who love being on top of their personal “To Do list" (worth noting: I have no idea what that feels like due to wedding planning) are quickly buying up some prime presents. Here are a few items we've already received and ones that I really want.

The Bread Maker

I've always wanted a bread maker, but it always ended up on the “when we register" list. Anyway, the time is here! Carbs are delicious and I can't wait until my whole house (okay, small apartment) smells like them. We already have basic pots and pans (having lived together for a few years already) so I'm really excited for upgraded appliances like this one.

The Wine Glasses

Like carbs, wine is delicious and I'm looking forward to donating my mismatched post-college era set of stemware to Goodwill (not to date myself, but I've been out of college more than twice as long as I was there and then some). I've had stemless wineglasses on my wish list for awhile, mostly because our Chihuahua won't be able to easily tip them over when he's walking on our coffee table (yes, we are really strict about table manners).

The Toaster Oven

I've never had a toaster oven. I'm looking forward to discovering who I am, as someone who has a toaster oven in her kitchen. (Kind of like the lady in the Target ad who explores who she might become if she starts wearing hats.) I'm not sure what exactly we'll be cooking in this new appliance, but I asked my BFF who gave it to us, and she said it's a great way to not only make pizza, but also re-heat frozen pizza without it getting mushy! Seems like a solid enough start.

The Griddler

My last experience with a panini maker was coming home late one night to one of my college roommates thinking he was a culinary genius for making a crayon sandwich in our communal sandwich press. Anyway, my future husband and I have actually already broken this one out (it wasn't a shower gift) and enjoyed delicious honey-baked ham, cheddar and avocado paninis for dinner one night. #weddingdietfail

The Reclaimed Wood Dog Bowl

This dog bowl has not yet been claimed, and according to my father I “shouldn't be surprised if no one buys it." But I hope they do. Yes, it costs $90, meaning our dog's daily eating vessel will cost more than most of our dinnerware set (Everyday White, for the record). But our little guy was abandoned in a high-kill shelter and I found him when I was volunteering at The Humane Society just down the street from our wedding venue. Right now, he eats out of the old, dented bowls that were donated just like him. If we're moving up in the world (see toaster oven, above) I kind of think he should, too.

What are you most excited about opening? (And feel free to let me know if you think a $90 dog bowl is ridiculous. Or if you think that registering for a present for your pet is totally weird.)

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