Wedding Gown: What Style Wedding Dress Should an Older Bride Wear?


What are the rules of wedding dresses for a 37-year-old first-time bride? I'm not really comfortable wearing white because I have two children. I have considered wearing a black and white evening gown (it will be an evening wedding), but my sisters feel that black is totally inappropriate for a wedding, no matter how old the bride is or how many kids she has. Any thoughts?


You should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable on your wedding day. The black-and-white gown sounds lovely and completely appropriate; after all, black is an evening color and white is for weddings. Most brides probably wouldn't choose to wear all black for their weddings, but you know what? If some do, more power to them. Remember that you are no longer bound to age-old rules of etiquette when it comes to your wedding attire. The bottom line: Wear what makes you feel comfortable, attractive and the most "bridal." Also, white is not off limits simply because a woman has children. While it's true that white used to symbolize virginity, these days it's the color of celebration -- and you certainly have something to celebrate!

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