Groom Style: What to Wear for a Tropical Wedding?

by The Knot

I'm getting married in the Bahamas in August and it's going to be steaming hot. What should my fiance wear for the wedding? I was thinking a nice linen suit, but he's not sure. Any suggestions?


Linen is great for the tropics, but if it's August, your fiance might want to forego the coat and just wear a loose shirt and pants, perhaps with a tie, for your wedding. A light cotton suit is another option; it breathes better and won't crease as quickly as linen does. What he wears depends on the formality of the wedding; if you'll be barefoot on the beach, a casual shirt and pants for him is as fitting as traditional formalwear. If you're still not sure what's appropriate, talk to someone at the resort where you'll marry to find out what other recent grooms have worn.

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