Honeymoon: Honeymoon Packing Tips?


We are taking off for a week of sun and fun. Here's my problem -- my medicine chest and makeup bag are bursting at the seams. Which toiletries are a must to bring along?


Ever try buying a Band-Aid in Bora Bora? A package of ten will cost you $12! Take out a medium-sized toiletry bag and stuff it with these must-take items: Insect repellent, sunscreen and lip balm, aloe vera, Band-Aids, aspirin, antacid, antihistamine, diarrhea medicine, motion sickness medicine, feminine hygiene products, condoms, travel-sized toothpaste, deodorant, cotton swabs, and shaving cream. Then call your hotel to confirm that they provide these essential extras: shampoo and conditioner, lotion, a hair dryer, and a shower cap. Bon voyage!

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