Wedding Gifts: What's a Wedding Gift Opening Party?


My wedding is taking place in my fiance's hometown and his mother is planning a "gift-opening party" the day after the wedding. I have never heard of this before! Can you tell me what it is?


A gift-opening party isn't a nationwide tradition, but is very popular in certain areas of the country. It essentially takes the concept of the postwedding brunch one step further. What happens is that your friends and family all gather together and watch you open your wedding gifts, much like a bridal shower. If you're not crazy about this idea, here's a compromise: After the brunch, once most of your guests have hit the road and only your very close friends and family are still there, take some time and open the gifts for everyone to see. It will be lots of fun to open all your goodies with all your nearest and dearest there with you!

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