Q&A: Guest Attire: What's Appropriate for the Afternoon?


What is the appropriate formalwear for a 2:30 p.m. wedding in October? I have heard that morning coats are appropriate for noon and before, and strollers are appropriate for afternoon weddings. What is a stroller?


The etiquette you're describing is correct, to an extent. Morning coats -- despite their name -- are appropriate for ultraformal or formal daytime weddings (daytime is defined as anytime before early evening). This charcoal-colored, British-inspired formalwear (think Four Weddings and a Funeral) is the white-tie of daytime. Strollers are appropriate for semiformal daytime weddings (like the black-tie of daytime). Stroller jackets are cut like tuxedo jackets, their evening counterpart, but they are usually gray and often pinstriped, with matching pants. The real question is, how formal is your wedding going to be? Have your groom describe the festivities to the salesperson at the formalwear shop you'll rent from if you're not quite sure which look would be appropriate.

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