Q&A: Wedding Stationery: When to Send Announcements?


We are having a very informal wedding with just 16 guests. We're not even sending invitations. But I do want to send announcements to those we are not inviting. When do those go out, and how are they worded?


Announcements are generally sent out on the day of the wedding. Usually they are worded similarly to wedding invitations:

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Anderson

have the honor to announce

the marriage of their daughter

Melissa Lynn


Robert Scott Hamilton

on Friday, the tenth of June

Two thousand and five

St. Thomas Beckett Church

Mount Prospect, Illinois

But if you're having a very casual wedding, you shouldn't feel that you have to get formal with announcements. Feel free to announce the wedding yourselves.

Melissa Anderson and Robert Hamilton

have the pleasure of announcing

their marriage


Or just send out personal notes to your loved ones telling them your news.

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