Bridesmaid Dresses: Which Color for a Summer Wedding?

Q: I can't decide on wedding colors for my summer wedding. Green is my favorite color, but I don't know which shade I should use. I was also considering having bridesmaid dresses that are similar in style but different in color. Is that too radical? I think that a variety would really fit my personality. If so, which colors?

A: Green is a gorgeous hue for weddings. How about a shade like moss green, grass green, or yellow-green, all lighter and less wintry than forest green? And no, bridesmaids in different colors is not too radical -- in fact, it's completely cool! You could put them in all different shades of green, which would be gorgeous and would make you really happy. If you want to do all different colors, just make sure you choose hues in the same tone, whether it's muted, jewel, or pastel. A rainbow of bridesmaid shades is amazing -- and if the variety suits you, that's all the more reason to do it.

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