Wedding Gown: Which Wedding Dress Silhouette Is Which?

Q: What's the different between the princess (does this look like a wide A-line, a ball gown, or neither?), A-line, ball gown, and sheath (are these always form-fitting?) silhouettes? What other wedding dress styles are there? Am I forgetting something? I'm so confused!

A: Princess and A-line wedding dresses are virtually the same silhouette. Both have side seams that run vertically from the shoulder to the hem. A-line and princess shapes tend to be the most figure-friendly. Ball gowns are the most traditional wedding dress silhouettes. The bodice is fitted through the waist with a full skirt -- think Cinderella (before midnight!). Slim, body-hugging shapes typify sheaths. And, yes, they are always form-fitting. The mermaid silhouette is similar to the sheath in that it is form-fitting, but the skirt flares out below the knee. And the one you forgot: the empire silhouette. It has a high waistline that sits right below the bust from which a slender skirt falls.

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