Q&A: Guest List: Who Attends the Post-Wedding Brunch?


Who should be invited to the post-wedding brunch? My future in-laws would like to host one, but they would like to invite business associates who are not wedding guests. I disagree! Would it be more appropriate to have a second reception once we return from our honeymoon?


Usually the post-wedding brunch is for the couple's families and any wedding guests that are still around or in town. It's a winding-down party, when the newly married bride and groom get to say a final thank-you to their guests and spend a little more time with loved ones. And you're right: It's not appropriate to have business associates that didn't attend the wedding at this gathering. It should be a low-key affair for the two of you. A second reception once you're back from your honeymoon is a better idea.

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