Wedding Engagement: Who Do You Tell First About Wedding Engagement?

by The Knot

I know that you should announce the engagement to your parents first, but what do you do when people notice your engagement ring? Should you not wear it until you tell both sets of parents?


You don't have to wait to wear your ring or lie to people if they ask about it. But usually after a couple gets engaged, the first thing they do is visit their families with the news or call if they live far away. If you have kids from a previous marriage, they come first. If your parents live in another city but you would prefer to let them know about your engagement in person, you don't have to be engaged in secret until you see them. Just don't tell people who might talk to them before you do (this includes changing your Facebook relationship status). You might want to call and let them in on your plans, then arrange a time for all of you to get together.

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