Bridesmaids: Who Pays for Bridesmaids' Hair and Makeup?


Who pays for bridesmaids' hair and makeup?


Though there's no traditional protocol to follow here, if you want your attendants to have their hair and makeup professionally done, it's a nice gesture to offer to pay for these services on the morning of the wedding. Think about it: The girls are already paying for their dresses, and, if they don't live in the city where the wedding is happening, they're covering for travel and accommodations too. Should they really be expected to pay for professional hair and makeup as well? If you can't afford to do this, or hair and makeup aren't a big deal to you (your friends manage to look pretty gorgeous on their own, don't they?), trust everyone to primp on their own. The results are sure to be fabulous whether you bring in a pro or don't.

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