Wedding Money: Who Pays Wedding Transportation for Guests?


Nearly all of our wedding guests are flying in from out of town, and several are coming in a day early. We've reserved blocks of hotel rooms, but do we also have to arrange wedding transportation in some way? I don't know how we'll do it, with everyone coming at different times, but my fiance thinks we have to.


Though you might arrange transportation for some extra-special guests (e.g., asking your brother to pick up your 90-year-old grandma), you do not need to feel compelled to arrange transportation for every last guest. It would be impractical for you at the best of times, and one or two days before your wedding, let's face it -- you're going to have way more crucial stuff to juggle. That said, you could still be a gracious host. In your save-the-dates, wedding newsletter, or on your wedding website, do include information on airport transportation to and from every hotel. This can include public transportation options, where to catch a cab, and, most importantly, about how much each will cost (that way no one will have to worry whether they have enough cash on them). Also, check with the hotels you've reserved rooms at to see whether they provide any sort of airport shuttle service; if they do, definitely clue in your guests, then cross another task off your list!

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