Bridal Shower: Who Signs Bridal Shower Thank You Notes?

Q: If only the bride-to-be is present at the wedding shower, who should sign the wedding shower thank you notes for the gifts -- only the bride, or both of the to-be-weds?

A: No matter who attends the shower and receives the gifts, all of the wedding gifts are really for both the bride and the groom-to-be regardless of when they're received -- hence, even if the bride herself is the only soon-to-wed attendee, the thank-yous should come from both her and her fiance. The concept of the wedding shower used to be that the gifts were to help the bride-to-be set up her new home -- but come on. It's the new millennium, and the secret is out: metrosexual or not, men can also cook and clean, and they're going to find all this stuff useful and even enjoyable too. As a matter of fact, co-ed, or “Jack and Jill" showers, are becoming more and more popular, so expect to start seeing more grooms-to-be tearing into those gifts, leaving no question as to who should be giving the thanks.

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by The Knot