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Why You Need Destination Wedding Insurance

The Knot
by The Knot
Updated Aug 07, 2019

It's extremely important that you have insurance for a destination wedding. Although you don't want to think about it, serious problems (natural disasters, medical emergencies) can arise. But if the worst does occur, you'll be comforted knowing you won't suffer a financial loss as well as an emotional one.

While you can purchase wedding insurance policies from a handful of different companies, the cost will vary depending on the level of coverage you buy, but plan to spend between $200 and $800. Although that may sound like a lot of money to spend on something you probably won't have to use (fingers crossed), you'll realize its worth it when you consider the following list of worst-case scenarios wedding insurance can protect you against:

Natural disasters. Not only should you protect against the possibility that your venue could be destroyed in a hurricane or a fire -- forcing you to reschedule the wedding -- but a huge storm closer to home could prevent you or the majority of your guests from getting to the destination (even if the destination wasn't affected). In wither case, you'll need coverage so that your expense will be reimbursed.

Personal illness. If you or a family member gets seriously ill and the wedding has to be postponed, insurance will cover your deposits and reimburse you for many of your costs.

Vendors who let you down. Insurance can reimburse you if a vendor fails to show up or perform and you have to make other arrangements: For example, the bus slates to take people from the ceremony to the reception never materializes and you have to charter a fleet of taxis for three times the price, or your photographer falls ill and you have to hire a more high-end replacement.

Loss of or damage to wedding essentials. If the bridal gown or any other key items have to be replaced at the last minute, insurance can cover the cost.

Personal liability. This covers any expenses you might be responsible for if somebody is injured at your wedding or property at the wedding site is harmed by you or one of your guests. Check to see if your venue is insured against such possibilities (most large or reputable resorts will be). In that case, you probably don't need to buy extra liability insurance.

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