5 Products To Save Your Skin For Your Winter Wedding

by Abby Gardner

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Winter weddings are gorgeous and special in many ways. The prep you have to do for your skin is way less so. But just because you may be getting married during the times of Polar Vortexes and horrendous dry heat in offices doesn't mean a bridal glow can't be yours. Here are five products that will save you pre-wedding day and beyond!

1. The “Your Face Will Thank You" Cream

You can even call this cream “a hug for your face." In the dry days of winter it makes you feel like you're getting all the nourishment your skin needs but is still light enough to wear every day and underneath makeup. The lutein even helps fight off signs of aging caused by that horrible inside lighting we sit in at our offices every day.

Lutein Protective Day Cream, $50, Bioelements.com

2. Don't Fear the Oil

Many people are afraid to put an oil on their faces for fear of causing breakouts but that's just not the case with many of the latest products on the market. Dr. David Colbert, one of New York City's most in-demand dermatologists, has created Illumino Oil which will instantly increase your face's glow factor. It's also great to use on your décolletage.

Illumino Face Oil, Colbert MD, $125, Colbertmd.com

3. The At-home Facial

A favorite of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow — and who doesn't want her skin? — this mini at-home facial can be used daily, even on sensitive skin. You simply apply a thin layer to your clean face and then slough it off about a minute later. The dead skin comes off with it and you're left with a smoothness you thought you could only get at the spa.

Nutrasphere Flash Facial, $95, SonyaDakarSkinClinic.com

4. Real Beauty Sleep

I'm all for any product that works while I'm sleeping. Just slather this on before you hit the bed and you'll wake up with totally plumper and softer skin. Promise.

Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque, Kiehl's Since 1851, $35, Nordstrom.com

5. Spray It Like You Mean It

From the minute this product launched, I've never been without it in my purse. Every day you're feeling dry throughout the day just spritz some on your face and you'll instantly know you've done something good for your skin. The rare Swiss apple stem cells and botanicals refresh and moisturize your skin. Plus, it's super soothing if you've got any flaking and chafing after battling a cold.

Cellular Misting Moisture Mist, $45, ClarksBotanicals.com

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