Winter Weddings Reception Tables for Every Style

Searching for seasonal tabletop inspiration? Whether you're looking to capture a classic, formal, or modern style, here are some of our favorite ideas for winter table decor.
by Christa Vagnozzi

Classic Winter Table

Color Scheme: White on white
Table Settings: The key to using a white-on-white color scheme is layering. To create rich, luxurious texture, start with a crisp white tablecloth and top it with a sheer, white satin striped overlay. For your place settings, think mixed-and-matched patterns of white china rimmed in platinum, with platinum flatware and silver reception chairs.
Centerpieces: You'll find an array of gorgeous white flowers available in winter: orchids, calla lilies, roses, tulips, cosmos, and amaryllis -- just to name a few. We love the idea of using tall glass cylinders in various heights and filling each one with a different bloom. Use three or four per table for a finished look.
Sweet Extra: Leave five white Jordon almonds packaged in sleek white boxes at each guest's place setting.

Rustic Winter Table

Color Scheme: Moss green and chocolate brown
Table Settings: For a rustic look, create a table setting that will make your guests want to curl up in a cozy, wool sweater in front of a crackling fireplace. Start by draping your tables with moss-green linens, topped with copper chargers and ivory plates. Coordinating ivory cotton napkins can be wrapped with wooden rings, and for seating, set up deep brown bamboo folding chairs.
Centerpieces: If you're getting married in a lofty barnlike space, consider topping every other table with a tall branch arrangement to add height to your tables. Alternating tables can be set with low, woodsy containers filled with a mix of greens, ivory, and buttery yellow blooms like roses, ranunculuses, and narcissus, interspersed with mini pinecones and spruce.
Sweet Extra: Attach guests' place cards to pinecones and set them in the middle of each place setting.

Modern Winter Table

Color Scheme: Steel gray and ice blue
Table Settings: Go for silvery table linens and top with clear glass chargers to create an icy look. Chairs can be covered in coordinating silver slipcovers. To top off each place setting, add a steel-gray menu accented with a wintry, crystal-bedecked branch.
Centerpieces: Keep the centerpieces lush, low, and white by way of phalaenopsis orchids in sleek gray vases. Draw your guests' eyes up with drippy crystal strands hanging from chandeliers throughout the room.
Sweet Extra: In a word: lighting. Once the tables are set, bring in blue ambient lighting to cover the room in an icy hue and evoke a romantic winter wonderland.

Glamorous Winter Table

Color Scheme: Red, cream, and gold
Table Settings: Begin with gold brocade linens and top with beaded gold chargers. Pull in the red with floral elements, such as sleek red tulips laid atop folded napkins at each place setting. You can also add coordinating floral treatments to the back of each chair.
Centerpieces: For a glamorous look, keep your centerpieces monochromatic and use all-red amaryllis, anemones, roses, and tulips.
Sweet Extra: Decadent gourmet chocolates are a nice touch, and you can have them hand-painted or silk-screened with your wedding day motif.

Boho-chic Winter Table

Color Scheme: Fuchsia and royal purple
Table Settings: Invoke a setting from a bygone era with this dramatic color combo. The key here is to add flourishes. Choose beaded table linens with coordinating lavish plates, colored glassware, and napkin rings with intricate scrollwork.
Centerpieces: Think tall -- as in gilded candelabras overflowing with lush fuchsia blooms and strung with hanging votives. Also, don't be afraid to add a feather or two to give your table a whimsical feel.
Sweet Extra: Dress up every other chair with an embroidered silk scarf in your signature colors. Not only will the scarf add to the decor, but it'll also serve as a stylish keepsake for female guests.

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