Worst Wedding Disasters, Mariah and Nick’s Vow Renewal and Awesome Escort Card Ideas

What's hot on our Facebook, Twitter and message boards this week.
by Anne Roderique-Jones

Worst Wedding Disasters

We polled our Facebook fans about their worst wedding disasters, and here are the results:

"Wedding dress gets tucked into panty hose as you walk down the aisle" 157 votes
"Best man starts a fight" 73 votes
"Drunken uncle hits on the bridesmaids" 35 votes
"Grandma wears a see-through dress" 53 votes

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Mariah and Nick's Hospital Room Vow Renewals

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon not only had twins on their third wedding anniversary, they managed to hold a vow renewal, in their hospital room. Only Mariah could manage this. Here's a snippet from the article that received a ton of buzz on Twitter this week:

"They're the proud parents of twins (a boy and a girl) and Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon couldn't be happier.

The day after the 'Always Be My Baby' singer gave birth, she and Cannon held a wedding vow renewal ceremony in the hospital, led by the Reverend Al Sharpton.

An ecstatic Cannon took to his Twitter page to share the good news: 'We just had a wedding in the hospital!'"

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Awesome Escort Card Ideas

A Knottie on our boards was looking for unique escort card ideas. We think that this is the perfect time to get creative, and many of these can double up as your favors! Here's our list of our top 10 unique escort card ideas and that serve as a super fun place for your guests to find their seats:

1 On a jam jar or wineglass (to use for cocktail hour)
2 Fabric cards hanging on a clothesline
3 River stones
4 A leaf-shaped card hanging from a tree
5 A box of chocolates or cherries
6 A vintage vinyl album
7 A vintage postcard (to send to the new couple on their honeymoon)
8 In a beautiful fabric-backed frame
9 Seashells
10 On a chalkboard (you can repurpose for the menu!)

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