Top 10 Worst Wedding Nightmares

Afraid to rest your eyes at night after all those dress fittings and venue visits? Trust us, you’re not alone -- check out these wedding nightmares from fellow sleepless brides.
by Amanda Black


"I kept dreaming that I was standing in my room in everything but my wedding dress…boots, garter, veil and unmentionables…but no dress. I kept on yelling, 'I can't get married today. I don't have a wedding dress!'" -- rjwhitton

Bad Blowout

I was forced to walk down the aisle with a Diana Ross-style Afro. Everyone kept telling me it was fine, that I was a beautiful bride, but I was horrified." -- Erin&Bill

Unfashionably Late

“I dreamt I was unshowered and dressed in hideous clothing when a friend would run over to me to tell me that I was late for the wedding and would have to get married as-is. I went through the painfully embarrassing ceremony in the dream every time and always woke up in a cold sweat!" -- maggiegran

Dress Disaster

"In one dream, I didn't see my dress before the wedding day, and when I went to put it on, I found that my mom had made one that she liked instead of what I wanted. My dad said he dreamt that the guys were wearing purple tuxedos with tails and top hats, so we know that dream wasn't realistic!" -- lnoon

Forgotten Rings

“It was the wedding day and we were all lining up to go to the ceremony, and I realized that we had forgotten to get wedding rings. I went to find my husband to tell him our mistake, and he told me that it was fine because we could just use our 'Social Security rings,' which, in this dream, seemed to be some kind of ring you got when you were born. But I was so stressed out by this because I had no idea where my Social Security ring was!" -- Karen&Robbie

Unplanned Party

“We showed up to the wedding, only to realize we had forgotten to plan it! No dress, tux, food, flowers or cake -- just a bunch of guests and an empty room!" -- Aimee&Jordan

Toothless Bride

“Two weeks before the wedding, I started having gruesome nightmares I was losing my teeth. Gross!" -- Megan&Craig

Feisty Flowers

“The night after I finalized the flowers, I dreamt that my florist had put in the plant from the movie Little Shop of Horrors instead of the celosia. It was trying to bite my best friend (one of my bridesmaids) as she was walking into the church." -- marielmw2

Party Like a Rockstar

“I dreamt that I was too intoxicated to stay at the reception. My friend's mother took me downstairs, and Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams helped me sober up, but the party was still going on without me, and I missed it. Oh, it was awful -- although, the Jay-Z and Pharrell thing was all right." -- mgnsimpson

Ceremony Doggie Bags

“I had multiple dreams that our dog, Toki, pooped in the middle of the aisle, and we all stepped in it. On the actual wedding day, I was so proud of her that she walked down the entire aisle without squatting!" -- Sachi&Ken
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