Not-Quite-Perfect Marriage Proposals of 2009

Pretty much every guy plans every little detail of a marriage proposal -- but who could possibly prepare for a smelly horse? Here are seven marriage proposals to remind you that love endures all.
by Justine Lorelle Blanchard

It Was a Gas

My fiance planned a trip to a ski resort in Pennsylvania, and had intended to ask me to marry him on a sleigh ride, but a heat wave had melted almost all the snow. He then decided he would just take me on a carriage ride, thinking it was going to be very romantic. NO! The horses started farting! And shedding! We had horsehair in our mouths and could smell farts the whole time. We finished the ride, and Jimmy wanted me to follow him to the edge of the mountain, but because of the rain, everything was muddy, so I said, "No, thanks, I'll stay over here!" He was so frustrated, he finally just plopped down on his knee right there in the mud and asked me to marry him!

The Houdini of Engagement Rings

Jordan and his family took me out for my birthday dinner at a restaurant that has live music. At one point, the bandleader said, "I hear there's a birthday in the house tonight! Why don't you come on up here!" Jordan went with me. After they played "Happy Birthday," he pulled a tiny ring box out of his pocket, knelt down on one knee, opened it, and...the ring was missing! Jordan's mother realized she had given him the wrong ring box from her big, overstuffed purse. A few of my friends quickly dumped the contents of her purse onto the table searching for the correct box. Eventually it was found, delivered to Jordan, and he was able to "correctly" propose!

Receipt Fail

My fiance had stopped to pick up the ring on his way home from work. Earlier that day, I had given him the credit card to get gas for his car, and when he got home, I asked him for the receipt so I could put it in our budget. But instead of giving me the gas station receipt, he gave me the ring receipt! I looked at it and smiled, then asked him for the "real" receipt. He just looked at me and said, "No, I didn't!" and we both laughed. He wasn't planning on proposing to me for a couple more days because he had a big, romantic day planned, but I told him that it didn't matter how it happened as long as I got him for the rest of my life!

Thwarted by a Bike

For the first two mornings of our vacation, Nick asked me to get up and take a walk before 8 a.m. -- not a good idea in my mind. Finally, I agreed to a morning bike ride to the beach, but the chain kept popping off my bike. Twenty minutes later, we got the chain back on, but we were covered in grease and it was in the 90s, so we were super-hot. I wanted to go home and shower, but Nick insisted we could get the grease off with salt water. Once we got down to the beach, he got down on one knee and proposed. Now the whole thing finally made sense to me!

Just the 2 of Us...and a Bear

We went to hike in the Pocono Mountains for a weekend. Eric decided that the short trail up the mountain was "too short," so we took the longer one. Hours later, in 95-degree heat and 100-percent humidity, I wasn't so into this hike anymore. We finally reached the top of the mountain, and just when Eric thought it was a good time to pop the question, we heard people behind us yell, "Bear! Here he comes!" And everyone ran to get away from this huge black bear. After the bear finally went away, Eric decided to continue with his plan and proposed. After the shock wore off, I said yes!

Too Close for Comfort

Two-and-a-half years after we started dating, Justin took me on an amazingly scenic stroll. At one point, he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I said, "Of course! Yes!" And he took my hand and put on the ring. I leaned in to cuddle with my new fiance, and at the same time, he leaned in to kiss my forehead -- this created a collision that ended with Justin getting a bloody nose. Fortunately, we got the bleeding under control long enough to tell everyone we knew we were engaged!

Lost and Found

I decided to take my bride-to-be back to the beach where we'd shared our first kiss and propose to her during sunset. I had the ring on my necklace because I thought it would be easier to take off, but I was a little nervous as I kneeled down, and when I tried to take it off, the necklace snapped. The next thing I remember: holding a broken necklace with no ring. We searched the sand inch by inch until nightfall, and then I decided we needed a metal detector. I quickly went out and bought one while my fiancee marked the spot, and it took us less than three minutes to locate the ring. Ticket to the pier: $2. Metal detector: $70. The feeling after we found the ring: Priceless.

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