Would You Pay $3K for a Social Media Wedding Concierge?

by Ivy Jacobson
Phone: Patrick Remington Photography / TheKnot.com
photo by Patrick Remington Photography

Being a 21st century bride is tough — not only are you obsessing over finding the perfect photographer and videographer, but now you also have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine to contend with too. Social media is now a factor in every step of your wedding day, from your bridesmaids Facebooking photos of you getting your hair done (“Will the groom see?") to selecting an easy hashtag that your guests will remember (“Was it #bandgwed or #bandgwedding?").

So how much would you pay to not have to worry about social media at your wedding? W Hotels in New York apparently think the price is $3,000. An editor at the Huffington Post received an email from W Hotels informing her that for $3,000, a professional social media wedding concierge can document a couple's entire wedding on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine.

The deal includes live tweets from the ceremony and reception, custom hashtags, wedding blog maintenance and a Shutterfly book recapping all of the social media that was posted during your wedding, among other things.

Would you pay $3,000 dollars to have a professional take care of the social media surrounding your wedding day, or do you feel like you can keep the selfie-taking and hashtagging to yourself?

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