10 Pro Nail Tips

Get hands-on advice from the pros -- our top ten tips for wedding day perfect nails and hands!
by The Knot

What bride doesn't want a perfect set of nails on her wedding day? After all, there's no better way to show off that special something on your fourth finger. Get your hands wedding-ready with these 10 tips.

Start getting weekly manicures. If the price is too steep for you, get a professional manicure just once a month, and do your own nails during the three weeks in between.

Drink a mixture of orange juice and Knox gelatin once a week to help strengthen nails. For best results, adopt this beauty ritual at least one month before wedding day.

Use a nail-building base coat under your polish.

If you're a nail-biter, coat your nails with polish that tastes so bitter it stops you from nibbling. Use it for at least two months before your wedding.

Protect your nails from harsh chemicals by wearing rubber gloves when doing dishes and other household chores.

Steer clear of dish soap. Soak hands instead in warm water made sudsy with your favorite shampoo.

Apply a heavy dose of hand cream at bedtime to prevent dry, cracking skin. To really do it right, cover with cotton gloves so it soaks in while you doze.

Ward off chips and splits by buffing nails nightly with a smoothing block.

Top nails off three times a week with a strengthening polish, such as Nailtiques #2.

And finally, protect your nails by using the end of a pencil to dial the phone.

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