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Share wedding details, collect RSVPs
and sync your registry all in one place.
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Designs That Match Your Style

Choose from tons of designs and customize your Wedding Website to be unapologetically you.

Do It Your Way

Make it uniquely you with a personalized URL, custom cover photo and unique color scheme.

Guests Just Get It

Yep, even grandma. Our Wedding Website templates make getting all the info super simple.

The Easiest Set-Up Ever

Because syncing your registries and personalizing a free wedding website seriously should be this simple.

Set Up a Wedding Website
Sync Your Registry with Wedding Website on The Knot

Convenient for Everyone

You have a lot going on. So do guests. That’s why we created a single place for RSVPs, meals, hotel rooms and all your other wedding info to live.

Share Your Wedding Website
Easiest Wedding RSVP by The Knot

Invites That Actually Match

#Twinning is still a thing when it comes to invites and a free Wedding Website. Check out a few from Minted, Wedding Paper Divas and more that complement your style.

Coordinate Your Colors
Get Your Personalized Wedding Invitation from The Knot

The Knot Wedding Website 101

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you. Check out these essential articles that go over the ins, the outs and everything else you need to know about weddings.

Got Questions About The Knot Wedding Website?

We can help! Get answers ASAP with our FAQs below or shoot our customer
service team a note anytime at [email protected].

Why should I use a free wedding website?

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. And our free Wedding Website is one of them. Why? Easy-to-get wedding info. RSVPs in a click. New, beautifully-designed Wedding Website templates that are practically made for you. Slide your registry in there too to take the guesswork out of gifting. Your free Wedding Website is the best way to rally your guests hands down.

Really now, does The Knot have the best wedding website builder?

We’re not above a humble brag from time to time, so we’ll just come out and say it: Yes, we have the best wedding website builder! We’ve helped millions of couples plan their wedding and we’re pretty on-point when it comes to giving couples what they love and need most.

Our free Wedding Websites also make it so simple to keep guests in the know and RSVP in a click. You can choose from 100+ brand-spanking-new, professionally-designed Wedding Website templates and matching invitations. Your Wedding Website also integrates with your Guest List and Registry so that you can manage everything from a single place. Don’t forget to download The Knot Wedding Planner app to get notifications and manage your website on the go.

Can I change Wedding Website templates?

Of course you can! We’re always adding new Wedding Website templates designed with modern couples (like you) in mind; feel free to switch things up anytime. Make sure your site vibes with who you are as a couple by customizing the font and colors and adding photos.

How long does it take to set up a Wedding Website?

Literally minutes. Our website builder makes it super easy to create your URL, add all your details and personalize it with one of our new Wedding Website templates. And if you have questions, our customer service team always has your back.

Will I be able to edit my Wedding Website any time, even after I share with guests?

Absolutely! You can edit your Wedding Website whenever and wherever you want, even after you share it with your guests or allow it to appear in search engines.

How do I update my wedding date and location?

Super simple. Just head to the “Our Wedding” section of your Wedding Website dashboard to edit your details.

What should I put on my Wedding Website?

Everything you want to share with your guests to keep them in the know and get them even more excited to celebrate with you. Dish the details on how you met and your proposal story. Photos of you two? Yes, please. Share your wedding party lineup so everyone knows who’s who on your wedding day. Of course, you’ll want to include details for all your events, travel info, hotel room blocks, and things to do in the area for out-of-towners. Have more details to include? Add custom pages to share anything you want.

When should I share my Wedding Website?

Short answer: The earlier, the better.

As soon as you’re engaged, you can share fun details like how you met, photos and your proposal story. Once you know the date and location of your wedding, you can add the details to your Wedding Website and share the link on your save the dates. Or share the link with guests directly and use your Wedding Website as your save the date and save some cash. Up to you!

How should I share my Wedding Website?

We make it super easy to share your Wedding Website with your Guest List. All you have to do is copy the link and you can send it anywhere—email, Facebook, let your imagination run wild. Have The Knot Wedding Planner app? You can also share your Wedding Website with any messaging app on your phone. And of course, you can spread the word on save the dates and invites!

Can I add or hide certain pages on my Wedding Website?

Sure. You can add, hide or rearrange pages from your Wedding Website dashboard. Make it yours.

How do I control who can RSVP on my website?

By default, anyone can submit an RSVP on your Wedding Website and we’ll automatically add the new names to your guest list. Want to keep things VIP only? Don’t worry—we’ve got a red velvet rope ready for you. First, create your Guest List on The Knot. Then turn on “Secure RSVP” from your Wedding Website dashboard (you’ll find it under “Additional Settings”). Now only people on your guest list can RSVP.

Do I have to display an RSVP on my website?

Nope! We would never make you do anything; that’s not our style. But we do want to make life easier for you and your guests. And trust us, an online RSVP will make collecting and tracking your Guest List so. much. better. Still not a fan? Just head to your Wedding Website dashboard and select “No” for the events you want to hide RSVPs.

OK, I’m sold on online RSVPs. How does it work?

Our online RSVP is like having your own snazzy virtual doorman. White gloves and all. When you create your free Wedding Website on The Knot, we’ll display an RSVP tab on your site automatically. When guests enter their name, they’ll see a list of all the events you’ve invited them to, from your shower to the after party. From here, they can RSVP to each event, select meal choices and add any +1 information if you’re having guests of guests.

Once they’ve RSVP'd, you’ll both receive confirmation emails and your Guest List will be updated. Need to make edits? Guests can submit a new RSVP or your can update your list manually anytime. Super simple.

Can I choose what to display on the RSVP form?

You can choose the events you want RSVPs for and the type of information you want to collect (AKA +1s, meal choices, etc...). To do this, edit “Other Events” in the “Our Wedding” section of your Wedding Website dashboard or in the “Events” section of your Guest List Manager.

While there’s no way to create custom questions right now, your guest can leave a comment when they RSVP to note any allergies, questions or song requests [dancing lady emoji].

How can I block my website from showing up on Google?

Most guests will try to Google your website. TBH it’s just easier than remembering your website address. On the other hand, if you’re not feeling the idea of strangers on the internet finding your Wedding Website, we got you. Here’s how to hide your Wedding Website from search engines:
  • Go to your Wedding Website Dashboard and select “Settings.”
  • Under "Website Visibility" switch the toggle for "Allow your site to appear in search engines" to “No” and save.
  • After 30 days your website will no longer be searchable.

What if I want to control who can see my website?

If you want to stop people from finding your website through Google or another search engine, scroll up for the how-to. If you want people to find your website through search (our rec), but you want to control who can actually see it, set a password. That way guests can find it but you still have privacy. To put your website on lock, go to your Wedding Website dashboard and then “Privacy Settings” to set a password.

Can I create a personalized URL that doesn’t have “” in it?

The best wedding websites let you do you, that includes having your own personalized URL. You can upgrade to a personalized domain anytime from your Wedding Website dashboard. Get the run down here.

Can I display hotel room blocks on my Wedding Website?

You betcha. Better yet, you can set up your hotel room blocks right from your Wedding Website dashboard thanks to our friends at Hotel Planner.

How do I add my gift registries and cash funds to my Wedding Website?

If you created gift registries with the same email as your account on The Knot, we’ll automatically sync those registries to your Wedding Website. You literally don’t have to do anything. Or you can add registries manually if you used a different email address.

Unlike other Wedding Website platforms that only show registry links, we give you the ability to display gifts from select retailers directly on your Wedding Website. It’s like having your own personal online shop! That way guests can easily find exactly what you’re wishing for.

What about cash funds? Glad you asked. Any cash and experience registries you’ve created will show up directly on your Wedding Website.

How do I get my guests’ photos to show up on my Wedding Website?

You can add guest photos from your Instagram wedding hashtag or other digital guest photo sharing apps, like The Guest App, directly to your Wedding Website. How’s that for awesome? Go to the Photos section on your Wedding Website dashboard to add an album from Instagram, Facebook, your computer or another device.

Can I upload as many photos as I want to my Wedding Website?

Yes—and for free! Unlike other providers, we don’t charge for photo uploads. Go ahead and add all those throwbacks as well as engagement photos, and of course, the proposal. (Need help with uploading photos? Head over here.) Your guests will love scrolling through your archives. Speaking of guests, now you can capture every snap and video from every guest in one place with The Guest App. Game-changer.

Can I delete my Wedding Website?

Of course, you can delete your Wedding Website whenever you want. Honestly though, it makes an amazing wedding keepsake, so why not keep it up? It’s also a great way to share wedding photos after the events (thanks to The Guest App) as well as your honeymoon photos.

The Best Things in Life Are Free

Like our Wedding Website templates for example.

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Thanks to our photographers: “Kaela & Isiah” photo by Carolyn Scott Photography; “Lila & Kham” photo by Jana Williams Photography; “Chaz & Grant” photo by Sincerely, Emelia; “Eileen & Johnny” photo by Perpixel Photography; “Lisa & Tim” photo by T & S Hughes Photography; “Laura & Leah” photo by Amanda Wei Photography; “Tuyet & Raephael” photo by Heather Bode; “Cherie & Joe” photo by Alison Conklin Photography; Shutterstock; Christin Hume on Unsplash; Featured Invitation: Minted/Gilt Agate by Kaydi Bishop