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Fresh. Modern. Unique. Stylish. Our floral designs have that magazine style, made on our farm! Owned by two sisters who pride themselves in extreme customer service and producing the highest quality floral designs for the Tri-State area. See our NEW website for updated photos and inspiration.


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295 Shirley Rd., Elmer, NJ

made our wedding perfect!

11/15/2014 Kristin N

There is truly not enough I could say about what Mary, Dawn and the rest of the team at A Garden Party created for us! My husband and I were very set on the "style" of another florist that was much closer to our home. We loved her work, we loved her style, and it seemed like she could give us exactly what she wanted. HOWEVER we wanted to meet with two florists just to see what else was out there... So after meeting with the florist we did not choose, I was super nervous, super disappointed in our meeting, and extremely upset that it wasn't going to be "easy" like I thought. The first florist was quick with our meeting, never got back to us, and not nice to work with... But we LOVED her work.... (okay, so for the record that paragraph was NOT about A Garden Party!) So... then we made the hour and a half drive to meet with Mary from A Garden Party... Mary was amazing. So kind, and sweet, and asked us a million and one questions about what our vision was. She literally wrote everything down that we said, and she LOVED our ideas... If she didn't think something would work she would tell us, give us another option, and then pull up pictures of what exactly she was talking about. She spent so much time with us, creating our entire wedding during our first meeting, allowing us to view and choose center piece options, etc.. Now, remember this is before we even hired her! She was extremely professional, and she made us feel like she was really listening to what our vision was. Her work was beautiful beyond words, but the bright colors and bold flowers weren't exactly what we had in mind.... so we were nervous!!... But because of how amazing our first meeting went, and how great it was to work with her, we choose A Garden Party. What I can say about Mary, Dawn, and the rest of the team at A Garden Party, is that they made our wedding perfect. If it wasn't for them it would have been completely different. It has been almost a month since our wedding and people are still complimenting us on the ballroom decor, the flowers, the centerpieces... everything that Mary and Dawn created. The work that was put into each bouquet, each center piece was immaculate. The time they took painting pumpkins white and gold, and finding mercury glass candle holders for around the center pieces... every single detail was extremely well thought out, and it created a space that was absolutely stunning. When I saw my bouquet for the first time I was speechless and crying. It was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.... When I saw the cocktail hour space and the ballroom, I just couldn't believe how perfect everything was. It could not be reproduced by any other florist. Mary and Dawn created the perfect, unique, personal space for us. They made our wedding what it was, and I am SOOOOOOOO happy that we trucked it up to Elmer NJ and found them! If you choose any other florist besides A Garden Party you are making an incredible mistake. They should be a part of EVERYONES wedding. They are beautiful people to work with, and they can create ANYTHING.

Perfection in every detail

9/06/2014 Sara R

Booking a Garden Party for our wedding was one of the best decisions my husband and I made. When I first discovered the website, learned about Mary and her sister, and the farm, well, I was smitten with this team and everything they were about. My enthusiasm increased exponentially when I visited their studio in Elmer, NJ—it was welcoming, fun, and also incredibly professional. During our meeting, Mary was generous with her time and guided us through what we’d need, while taking the time to ask dozens of questions to discern our preferences. She quickly picked up on the style we were going for and offered up great suggestions for local flowers to use and other unique floral designs to incorporate into our day. Mary honored our vision while infusing it with things that we couldn’t have even imagined were possible. On our wedding day, Mary quietly and efficiently moved throughout our venue, transforming every space with thoughtfully selected and perfectly placed flowers, décor, and linens. The result was breathtaking and we heard it from all of our guests. In addition to Mary’s talent, creativity, and skill, she’s a true professional in every sense of the word. She’s organized; responsive by email; willing and ready to adapt if things need to change (e.g., the weather forces your outdoor wedding indoors); extremely helpful with planning and day of coordinating; and she’s willing to work within your budget. It was an absolute pleasure working with Mary and her team and we cannot recommend her highly enough.

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