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720 238th St , Bothell, WA (425) 488-5558

Reviewed on 11/30/2015 Tyler S

This entire store is a scam! I ordered my dress 11 months in advance and have never received it. My wedding is less than a month away and I have never gotten my dress. Don't believe a word that these women tell you. Complete scam of a business. They refuse to tell you an... Read More estimated arrival date, where it is coming from, where the dress is located at any point in time, nothing! They also say "they don't have tracking numbers because they order multiple dresses at a time." Red flag right there. I have already contacted many radio and news stations about this business, as well as the BBB, attorney general, etc. This business is also going out of business because the Country Village is EVICTING THEM!!! The village has received multiple complaints about princess bride couture, and they have been trying to evict this business for years. Finally was given the opportunity to do so. Also, they refused to give my mother a refund, therefore my mom's credit card company is going after them. This business will not stand a chance due to the obvious fraudulent scam they are performing. Go to I Do Bridal in Seattle instead. They are the ABSOLUTE BEST!!! They got me in within an hour of me explaining the scam that was pulled on me, and made the experience very personal. Do not bother with a princess bride couture. They're heartless, insensitive and stealing people. Also, their website is completely fake. Have you noticed that the only good reviews around are only about the experience the day-of purchasing the dress? Little do these women know that their dress will never arrive! Don't get me wrong, the day-of experience was wonderful for me. But it is not worth never getting a dress! Look at google and yelp reviews for many other experiences similar to mine detailing how their dress never arrives. Don't waste your time here!! You won't get a dress or refund.

Reviewed on 10/01/2015

We are now 3 days before my friend's wedding and the shop has yet to call to let us know our dresses have arrived. I have never experienced such poor customer service before. They can't tell us where the dresses are, can't provide a tracking number, won't issue a refund...etc.... Read More The only time they replied to an inquiry was if myself or the Bride left an angry voicemail, polite inquiries were ignored. I will be calling my credit card company to dispute the charge of the dress since they have completely failed to deliver the goods. Stay away from this place and its disrepectful and unprofessional staff.

Reviewed on 8/30/2015 Christina M

Despite a wind storm and power outage - they really went above and beyond They assisted me in finding the styles I liked the best as well as those that fit my figure They were knowledgeable and pleasurable to work with Great experience and many choices in gowns -- highly... Read More recommended Tons of options to choose

Gorgeous selection

Reviewed on 11/11/2014 Danai B

This boutique had amazing dresses. What I enjoyed was that they had a large selection at affordable costs. They even offer off the rack deals. The stylists listen to your wants and your dislikes and help point you in the right direction. The tough part is settling on a... Read More dress.

Treated us like second-class citizens when they heard our budget

Reviewed on 10/25/2014 Malissa K

This was the first bridal salon my mom and I visited (we weren't counting the sale section at wedding shows). It was a Sunday and there was a Seahawks playoff game, so there was only one other patron for the 10 or so girls working that day. I'd made an appointment online and had... Read More the e-mail to prove it...but that appointment was never put into their system. Rather than apologizing, they made excuses, made us wait, and then made us feel like we were imposing on them when they finally found someone to help us (remember, only one other bride-to-be in the whole huge shop!). When the employee found out our budget was under $1000, she pointed us to a dimly-lit back corner and basically told us not to look at anything else. She tried to put us into a tiny little dressing room back there, but because no one else was trying anything on we got to go into the "high class" section of the store, with the designer dresses, huge dressing rooms, and 3-way mirrors with pedestals to stand on. When I found a dress I liked, the employee tried to push me into buying it, claiming there was a limited-time sample sale and she could give me the sample for $999. When my mom started asking about alterations costs--the skirt was significantly too long, and the bust was baggy--the lady's response was to make me put on a pair of platform heels, despite my protests that I never, ever wear heels that tall. The manager came over, and even she made us feel like we were making a huge mistake walking away from that sample dress that was at the upper border of our budget, had a lot of fraying embroidery, and would have cost a fortune to have altered. There are much better places to spend your time and money.

Buyers Beware-Used Dresses

Reviewed on 10/11/2014

Do not take your bridal gown needs here, I was sold a Used Wedding Dress!! I bought a dress off the rack in store, March of 2014. I bought the dress knowing there were small damages to the back with a small tear and hole in the train. Knowing this fact was fine, the dress is a... Read More size 8 and I am a size 2 and I knew alterations would cut out the hole and tear. The woman whom sold me the dress had told me it was just a season or two old dress and it was a gown off the sales floor. Before I bought the dress I had the alterations person from the store look at it to make sure it could be fixed. She assured me it could base on the small damages. In September 2014 I took the dress to be professional altered, upon examining the dress the seamstress asked if I bought my dress used. I told her no, it’s just off the rack. She informed me my dress had not only been altered before, but also worn several times. She pointed out were there used to be button loops, they were cut off. The zipper had been replaced with a stark white zipper (the dress is Blush). The small hole in the train was actually a heal hole! I called Princess Bride to speak with the Manager Amy, I was not angry just wanted an explanation. Amy refused to speak with me on the phone and I was told by the very rude receptionist to email her. I emailed her with my concerns about the dress and offered to bring the dress in to show her. Amy emailed me back saying she research the origins of my dress and found her store did not originally buy the dress!!! I quote from her email: From what I can tell the dress you bought was originally acquired from another store in the area that went out of business. For that reason it’s impossible for me to know the exact history of your dress. I set up an appointment with Amy and the seamstress from the store. I brought my Alterations gal with me. When we arrived Amy briefly looked at the dress and said the dress has not been altered. I pointed out the button holes, zipper, then hem line, and the arm pit stain. She said that was just the nature of the business, and they could have altered the dress in store, but that’s not technically altering. She still could not confirm the dress had not been worn by another bride and told me it could have been loaned out on a photo shoot, or something…. WHAT?? The seamstress looked at the dress and said, “what are you unhappy about, the great deal you got?” . I was appalled she spoke to people this way! By the end of my meeting with Amy she said she could not help me, but the owner Kathy could possible do something for me. I ask to speak with her of set up an appointment with her and I was told no. I wrote Kathy an email expressing my unhappiness and ask to meet with her. I did not receive a response. I called the shop to see if I could talk to Amy or Kathy. I was told once again Amy would not speak with me and Kathy would never email me or meet with me. She only spoke to brides through Amy. Amy wrote me an email stating I agreed and signed a contract, it clearly states “All SALES are FINAL. I wrote Amy back asking for an explanation, How can she deem this dress not used when it clearly is?! This is when I finally received an email from Kathy. This woman has not met me and clearly knew nothing about what Amy or her staff had told me. How are they still in business? Better question, how are they able to treat people like this? Buyers Beware!!


Reviewed on 8/15/2014 Amanda J

I enjoyed working with Princess Bride Couture before my gown was ordered, but after I had paid, it was a nightmare. They weren't able to provide me with an accurate time frame for when my dress would be available, and pushed back the date twice. I had ordered my dress nearly... Read More a year from my wedding date, with plenty of time to spare, but the constant lack of communication and false arrival dates really impacted my whole impression of this place. The gown was beautiful, and when I was purchasing it, I shopped around for the best pricing. I was able to get a price match from this salon (their price was much higher than their competitor, but they ended up beating it when I sent them the e-mail with the quote from the other salon). Management changed twice in the year that I had to work with them, and not until the end of this whole ordeal did someone take responsibility and ownership of the case - one of the managers. The owner was terrible to work with - all of her e-mail replies took over a week and were not helpful as they contained inaccurate information about when my dress would arrive. Think twice about shopping here. They're great before they get your money, then they ignore you.

Poor Business Model

Reviewed on 6/17/2014 stacey c

Skip my review and read the ones on Yelp - they are all true and I experienced many of the same things. Horrible business, can't believe they get away with so much. should make dresses. - Poor communication, I have not been contacted once since the purchase 7... Read More months ago. We are two weeks out and still no dress, no contact initiated from the store ever, only if I'm checking on the status. I was not informed that the manufacturer was late, was not told the ship date, was not told when we passed the ship date what my expectation should be - No refunds ever, even if they can't get the dress to you in time (which I'm pretty sure is illegal) - No concessions. You'd think if a business couldn't deliver on time, they'd bend over backwards trying to make things right. Princess Bride does not do that. In fact, if you do not make an alterations appointment in time, then that's your fault, even if you cannot make the appointment until the dress arrrives (two weeks before the wedding)

I found my dream dress!

Reviewed on 3/20/2014 Jessie G

I went to Princess Bride with a vague idea of what I wanted, but open to suggestions. After sitting down with me and listening to what I did (and did not) want, they let us browse through their wide selection of dresses and pick out ones to try on. I ended up choosing a dress... Read More off of the rack that needed just some slight alteration. Donna, the on-site alteration specialist, completely transformed my dress! I didn't think it was possible for me to love the dress any more than I did when I first got it, but she helped take it to the next level and it fit like a glove. I could not have asked for a more perfect dress to get married in! I truly felt like a princess on my wedding day!

Beautiful spanish dresses

Reviewed on 1/14/2014 Rebecca

Princess Bride couture is a gem tucked away in a corner of the Bothell Country village. The staff is friendly and helpful! I appreciated the many lace, vintage types of dresses that they carry. My stylist was very nice but I wish she would have been a little more knowledgeable... Read More about different body types and what looks good on them. She wasn't very good and picking out dresses for me to try on.

Worth the drive

Reviewed on 1/07/2014 Blanca M

I found my dress at a boutique closer to my home, they matched the price!!! Everyone I worked with was very nice and helpful. I liked that I had the option to email with the consultant. My only recommendation is hold on to your signed paper contract, I was almost over charged... Read More due to a typo!

Great Service!

Reviewed on 12/16/2013 Amy H

All of the staff with A Princess Bride was amazing! Everyone was extremely helpful. Alterations were a bit costly, but well worth it!

Great service

Reviewed on 11/26/2013 Audra G

I was so happy with the service here. I felt so cared for at my consultation and my consultant took such good care of me. When my dress did come in my alterations were done so quickly. I loved my dress so much!

Bride dress

Reviewed on 11/25/2013 ileana m

The service was great, everyone was very happy to help and to share their ideas with me, the dress was nice, good quality for the price.


Reviewed on 11/01/2013 Rachel B

I felt beautiful

Best Dress Experience

Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Rebecca H

I loved coming to this shop. It may not have been as fancy as some of the downtown shops but it was a place that made me feel special ... and not just another customer. It was fun for my family to come along with me because they had their own cozy seating area to watch me come... Read More out of the dressing room. Plus, they could roam the shop as well. Great shop!

Do not go to this store!!!

Reviewed on 9/29/2013 Stacy D

Don't be fooled by the great staff working on the floor. My experience started out great, until it looked like my dress wasn't going to come in in time. The costumer services was the WORST I have ever experienced in my life. The consultant I had worked with told me my dress... Read More would be in late May, early June. My wedding was at the end of July. My dress finally came in the week of my wedding and I was running back and forth of alterations last minute and had to pay twice as much for express service. Princess Bride didn't do anything to make the situation better, they told me that I was basically lying that I had been told my dress would arrive before my wedding. My wedding date was on the contract I signed, and they told me they had until end of August to get my dress. That makes a lot of sense that I would order a dress that was scheduled to get in after my wedding date, right? I really thought this place was great until there was a bump in the road and Princess Bride had no sympathy for me and offered me nothing to make up for the mistake they had made. The owner refused to talk to me . She clearly has not respect for her costumers and is only in this business to make money. Running all over town to get your dress and have it altered and making sure your accessories and shoes and veil all work together is not what you want to be doing the week of your wedding and the staff will not be on your side if anything goes wrong. Stay away from this store!

Seattle Wedding Expo

Reviewed on 9/29/2013 Rachelle J

Hadn't even done any shopping yet and went to the Seattle Wedding Expo. This was the second booth I went to and like 5th dress I tried and knew it was the one. They have a great selection. Their booth sale saved me a ton.

Good selection, spotty service

Reviewed on 8/26/2013 Monique L

I found a gorgeous dress there, and the ladies who helped me look were great, but all of the follow up was less than stellar. Phone calls went unreturned, including inquiries about delivery dates, etc. A good place to find a great deal off the rack, but if they have to do any... Read More ordering for you, I would be careful.

Princess Bride

Reviewed on 8/14/2013 Mikaela P

This was my last stop to find my wedding gown. At this point, I had a favorite at each place. However, when I arrived at Princess Bride, I knew this is the place that I am going to purchase my dress. From the time I walked in, they were so genuine and wanting to help me find my... Read More dream dress. The dress came earlier than expected and the alterations department was awesome! There was one flat fee for all alterations and the dress fit me perfectly! I highly recommend at least going to try on dresses at this salon since they have such a great selection and service.

Bridesmaid dresses were all wrong

Reviewed on 7/26/2013 Lori D

They have a beautiful shop with lots of great selections, however the sizing on my bridesmaid's dresses were a complete disaster. Two of my girls who aren't that big to begin with, were told they had to order larger custom sizes at $50 extra...when the dresses came in BOTH... Read More girls' dresses were HUGE and they had to spend even more money to get them alterred. One of my bridesmaid's tried to contact the store to see if a refund could be made, as far as I know the issue has not been resolved.

Gorgeous dresses

Reviewed on 7/22/2013 Jenny G

Beautiful dresses. My only concern would be to order your dress way in advance. I ordered my dress in December for my wedding in June and was told it should be here by April but then after ordering it they said it would come in the beginning of june. Of course, I was stressed... Read More since my wedding was the end of June. It ended up coming the end of May and was altered by their seamstress really fast.

May Bride

Reviewed on 6/14/2013 stella o

Very satisfied with their service. I found the perfect dress with no doubt

Gorgeous Dresses for any Budget

Reviewed on 6/12/2013 Jennifer W

This is the first and only place I went to find my dress. They have several dresses to meet any budget. My husband and I paid for 80% of our wedding so I needed to keep all my costs low. Their consultants are great! Mine helped me find several dresses to fit our... Read More vintage italian theme, and the second I tried on my dress, I knew it was the one. She also helped me get the price down by adding a few extra discounts :) In addition, I didn't have to do much in the way of remembering to do stuff... they called me with reminders, sent me emails, and were so great the whole time. Plus, the alterations were great! It's just a wonderful place :)

Large selection of dresses for decent prices

Reviewed on 5/29/2013 Savannah M

A Prince Bride Bridal Salon was awesome! The owner is incredibly sweet and remembered my name every time I came into the store. I love the selection of dressed they had, as well as the veils. The location itself is a little out of the way, but it's a great trip for a girl's day,... Read More especially since there's cute shops around. We ended up getting a great deal on the dress since we got the floor sample, so we were very pleased. The seamstress is a little rude, but other than that everyone was great.