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Congratulations...and now the planning begins! Since 1999, A Touch of Bliss has provided brides and grooms with chic concept creation, innovative event design and complete wedding production. From bouquets to Bon Voyage, we have a package to fit every budget- let us bring on the Bliss!


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Best Investment We Made In Our Wedding--Incredible Results!

Reviewed on 9/19/2013 Brittany C

Kerri, Emma, and Julia helped plan my July 2013 wedding and I can't say enough great things about ATOB! I wanted a wedding planner who would keep the planning process light and fun but would also handle all contract negotiations and the not so fun parts of wedding planning. ATOB really delivered! Kerri and the team helped us come up with a stunning design, color palate, and feel for our wedding. She helped us select fantastic vendors who we adored. She also helped us secure several discounts that we would not have received if it were not for Kerri and her deep relationships with those inside the wedding industry. Be aware that there may be some slow points in the planning process when there isn't much for you or the planners to be doing. Enjoy those slow times and know that when it is time to really focus on your wedding, Kerri and her team will be ready to execute. While we always felt like we received great value by hiring ATOB, that value truly came to light during the week of our wedding. ATOB delivered the welcome bags, picked up last minute items for the wedding, finished all of the small items I hoped to get to but never did, picked up the groom's cake, and personally spoke with each person in our wedding party so that everyone was aware of the wedding timeline. My fiancee and I were able to enjoy the week before our wedding with each other and our friends and family. We were spared from every stress and last minute task that still needed attention. Kerri helped me achieve my highest goal which was to be able to relax and enjoy my wedding. On the day of the wedding, Kerri and Emma were everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. They were making sure the vendors were on task while also making sure I was happy and relaxed at all times. They seamlessly moved our outdoor ceremony to an indoor location when bad weather moved in. Our guests commented that if they didn't know the ceremony was supposed to be outdoors, they would have been none the wiser. No last minute rushing for our vendors and guests, thanks to Kerri. The special touches ATOB provided on our wedding day deserve special mention. When my husband's suspenders lost a button, Emma hand-sewed the button back on while he celebrated with friends. The ATOB ladies payed special attention to my elderly grandfather and made sure he was comfortable and included. As my husband and I walked back down the aisle, we were greeted in private with glasses of champagne. ATOB delivered bites from our cocktail hour to us while we signed our marriage license. ATOB decorated our our newlywed suite in rose petals and made sure late night snacks were waiting for us. They kept us on-task during the wedding so that nothing was too late or failed to occur but never interrupted our fun. We really were guests at our own wedding--It is possible and expect nothing less! The event itself was stunning, thanks to ATOB and the amazing vendors Kerri helped us select. Our guests commented that it was the most magical evening of their lives. For weeks after, even acquaintences who didn't attend our wedding stopped us to tell us that they had heard from others how amazing the night was. We even received thank you cards from our guests thanking us for including them in our wedding and an event that was unlike any other they had ever attended. Aside from choosing my husband as my spouse, hiring ATOB was hands down the best wedding-related decision I made!

My Moto Became: "Thank God for Bliss"

Reviewed on 9/04/2014 Brittney M

We were fortunate enough to work directly with Kerri and her team and over and over again throughout our year of planning I thought 100+times to myself "Thank God for Bliss". A Touch of Bliss made wedding planning what it was supposed to be: fun, exciting, and enjoyable. We've got to enjoy all of the tiniest details of our wedding because all along the way they made things easy. We chose to work with A Touch of Bliss because even from the start we felt heard, important, and understood. They are flexible and truly do want to help you create the wedding of your dreams. They suggested vendors when needed, let us use our own where we had connections, and ultimately compose a masterpiece. Great girls, great company, and nothing like finding true professionals whose passion for what they do make everything so effortless and so perfect. Thank God for (A Touch of) Bliss!!!!

Wouldn't have survived without them!

Reviewed on 12/09/2013

My groom, Dan, and I got engaged in Jan. 2013. We both work time-intensive jobs in journalism that rarely have consistent schedules day to day, and as such barely leave us time to figure out (somewhat) healthy dinner options let alone take on something as immense as planning a wedding. Enter the "ATOB" girls. I met Kerri and the crew at a photography shoot I conducted that profiled A Touch of Bliss. As I packed up my gear after the shoot, I not-so-nonchalantly asked Kerri this not-so-hypothetical question: "If a bride has only her venues booked with only 4.5 months to go until the big day is she totally screwed?" Instantly Kerri put me at ease and expedited the consultation/booking process over the course of about 72 hours. We couldn't have been more thrilled with Sarah and Stephanie taking on our case. As our lead planner, Sarah whipped our budget, inspirations, and hopes into shape, entertaining every idea and notion in a cost-conscious way. She kept us on task with the very brief amount of time we had left to make our wedding happen, and quieted all the noise that the endless options drum up. With easy-to-navigate lists, suggested vendors, timelines and meeting schedules, we were right on track in no time. No thing was too big or small for these two. The very reasonable fee we paid to hire ATOB made itself up one-hundred fold in having a team on our side who could find budget-cutting measures, get us great vendor deals, and keep us honest to our necessary budget proposal. On the day of our wedding, everyone in our wedding party and immediate family (not to mention all of the vendors) knew exactly when and where they had to be somewhere, thanks to the meticulous, role-specific schedules the ladies drew up. We kept on time (something that's incredibly important when doing a big church wedding when the church needs its space for services that same day), on task, and totally at ease. Bobby pins, hairspray, handheld steamers for those last-minute wrinkled items, breakfast foods and coffee, everything was managed and taken care of so that neither I, my groom, or any of my family members had to worry about the mishaps that inevitably find their way into a wedding day. The ceremony, the reception, everything went off without a hitch, leaving us to focus on the only thing that really mattered: our marriage. I was never someone who thought that I would need or want a wedding planner involved in my wedding preparations. I very much had a "I'm sure I can do it myself/how hard could it be" attitude. But as soon as I got engaged, it became immediately clear that there are a zillion more details and questions than you ever imagined possible involved, and going it alone can practically become a full-time job. You cannot go wrong if you decide to bring these ladies into your wedding planning roster. I'm sure they will prove as instrumental in your process as they did for us. Happy wedding to you all!

So disappointing

Reviewed on 12/01/2014 Kelly H

I kept trying to like A Touch of Bliss, but now, 3 months after our wedding, I realize how terrible their service was for the money we paid. We were passed around through three different planners and our final planner promised better service, but she did not deliver. Throughout the entire planning process, I never got the impression that she cared about our wedding at all. She promised to help with the bridal shower and bachelorette party, but when my MOH approached her for help, she sent back a half-hearted email a week later. In addition, I was promised her assistant would finish our wedding website. Her assistant ignored my three requests to complete it. They also never touched the budget throughout the whole process. And, many times I had to make phone calls to vendors because I didn't think they would actually get around to doing it. And the decor, how disappointing. They left all the decorations and details until the last minute, resulting in a poorly decorated venue. My cake table, seating chart, and gift table all looked terrible. The only decorations they had were leftover from my bridal shower and extra flowers that the florist brought. They decorated the tables in a way that we had agreed they would not do. Instead of gold cake stands (that I asked for months before the wedding), they provided silver platters that didn't even hold all of the cakes. They didn't even buy enough platters to hold everything. And, now I'm hearing, that on top of the poor venue design, they were also rude to my guests and my florist at the wedding. Family members have commented that they didn't seem to know what was going on during the wedding and looked lost when they were asked questions. Our DJ actually ran the show, instead of them. They just sulked in the corner of the venue while he did all the work for them. I'm most disappointed in their poor communication. My planner sent an email to all our vendors two weeks prior to the wedding. This email contained the timeline for the wedding and informed them that if they had any questions they were to contact her and not me. I found out days before the wedding that our event coordinator from the venue had emailed her questions and she never responded. My photographer called me the day before the wedding to go over the timeline details because the planner had not responded to her. The florist could also not get a hold of her until last minute. Overall, their service was absolutely terrible. They never treated our wedding as a priority and I cannot believe how rude and uncommunicative they were. Especially for a business that relies on a good reputation with so many other vendors. I know they have stellar reviews on The Knot, but I hope that this will help someone be a little more wary of spending their money on this business.

We love Brittany!

Reviewed on 11/03/2014 Carlie J

Brittany made our wedding day at Devil's Thumb Ranch just perfect. She is professional, has amazing attention to detail, and most importantly she has a fun, outgoing personality! I would highly recommend Brittany and A Touch of Bliss for your wedding planning and day-of needs. You won't be disappointed!

Wedding Planning in Grad School

Reviewed on 10/10/2014 Jennifer S

The team at A Touch of Bliss was very professional from the beginning. The package and pricing was straightforward and the customer service was excellent. I was planning a wedding during the peak of my Grad school chaos and Sarah helped to calm my stress every step of the way. I worked with Sarah and Tess and they made sure that the whole wedding weekend ran smoothly and that all I had to worry about was showing up to enjoy time with the guests. I am very grateful that they were there to coordinate and plan as I don't have family in town and the burden of doing it all myself while studying for finals would have been too much. All of the vendors they recommended were high quality and the relationships they have formed with the vendors translated into discounts for me and a LOT of saved time. Wedding planning is stressful for any bride but I truly appreciate all of the guidance, support, and attention to detail that Sarah and Tess provided. They were very professional and made a huge effort to identify my style so that when they made decisions on my behalf if was exactly what I would have chosen for myself. I definitely would recommend A Touch of Bliss based on professionalism, efficiency, and affordability. They truly worked hard to make the fantasy of our wedding day transform into reality!

My daughter's June wedding was PERFECT!

Reviewed on 10/07/2014

It has taken a bit of time for me to get to writing this review, but I definitely wanted to do so! A Touch of Bliss was a lifesaver for us as our day of coordinators. As the mother of the bride, day of coordination is a MUST! Stephanie and Tess were amazing and so fun to work with. They certainly took away my daughter's stress as well as mine. I can't say enough wonderful things about A Touch of Bliss and how well they run their wedding events. Also, how well they work with one another as a team.

A Dream Come True

Reviewed on 10/06/2014 Rebecca V

A Touch of Bliss has an amazing group of people who make sure that your wedding goes off without a hitch. I was lucky enough to have Julia be my personal wedding planner. She was the perfect match for me. Creative and engaging, serene and ready to deal with anything. I looked forward to talking with Julia like a would a best friend. Everything was smooth throughout the whole process but especially nearing the day of the wedding when all of the last minute details became a bit overwhelming for this "destination" wedding. I was planning a wedding in Denver from New York City, and I really never felt stressed or worried about anything - it was all dealt with by Julia. she was by my side with her expert advice each step of the way and really made the whole process enjoyable for our whole family. I truly miss planning my wedding mostly because my time with Julia had to come to an end. i know who I would recommend to all of my friends when they plan their weddings. I am forever grateful.

Amazing service! Made our day perfect!

Reviewed on 9/30/2014 Stephanie N

Our A Touch of Bliss coordinators, Stephanie and Tess, made our day perfect. Every detail my husband and I planned for was executed perfectly, even when table cloths were placed on the incorrect tables my husband merely pointed it and it was taken care of, no problem. (I did not know about this until weeks after our wedding!). I was thoroughly impressed with our pre-planning sessions and having all the details hashed out weeks before our big day. When the day if our wedding arrived I was able to relax, get beautified, get married and have fun. I didn't worry about one detail. I highly recommend A Touch of Bliss to help make a wedding day magical!!!

Awesome Wedding Planners!

Reviewed on 9/29/2014 Kristina H

A Touch of Bliss is just amazing! Our wedding was exactly what we had imagined and we have Sarah and Aimee to thank for that! They were so much fun to work with. All of their suggestions were spot on and I never felt like there wasn't anything they couldn't handle. We had an issue with our photographer and decided to find a new one only 2 weeks before the wedding. Sarah jumped into action and found us an amazing photographer that could shoot our wedding and on our budget. A Touch of Bliss was worth every penny! They kept the planning process fun and stress free. I will recommend them to everyone I can!


Reviewed on 9/24/2014 Chris H

A Touch of Bliss was fantastic! Brittany and Tess provided the wedding of our dreams! You have to be willing to trust the planners to do their job and know things are being done behind the scenes. They were very helpful, hardworking, and put everything we were envisioning for our big day into a reality- they took care of everything leading up to and on the wedding day, allowing me to enjoy every minute without a worry. Worth every penny and very enjoyable to work with!

Exceptional Work!!

Reviewed on 9/23/2014 Vivian G

The entire staff was great at helping me fulfill my dream wedding. Very hard working girls with a passion for weddings. I really enjoyed their service!


Reviewed on 9/14/2014 Allison K

I couldn't have done my wedding without them. Any bride considering a wedding must consider a full service wedding planner. A touch of bliss makes the financial part easy and even helped us save money in our budget. A MUST!

Best Wedding Planners Ever!!

Reviewed on 9/08/2014

Touch of Bliss is totally the wedding planners you should go to for a beautiful Colorado wedding!! All the planners are amazing and help each other out to make sure your wedding is how you want it! It is great to see how they work as a team to help make every bride and groom a priority. My wedding planner Brittany was amazing and so helpful!! She helped make the process of planning stress free and helped make my vision come out perfectly on my big day! I don't know what I would have done without her!! She made my wedding day go so smoothly and did the best job with my decoration and the flow of my wedding! It was the wedding of my dreams and I can't thank Brittany and Touch of Bliss for their amazing work!! Getting a wedding planner is money in Gold! I don't know what I would have done with out the help of Touch of Bliss. Touch of Bliss is super helpful on making a payment plan with you while you are budgeting your wedding, which was so helpful and made paying for there services much easier! I highly recommend Touch of Bliss for every Colorado Bride!

Stress free

Reviewed on 9/04/2014 Heather L

This company was the only one that would work with my low budget and yet provide such amazing service!!! My wedding would not have come together without them. Brittany was my planner and she was so professional and made all the planning stress free for me! I love them and would recommend them to any of my friends.


Reviewed on 4/30/2014 Addie F

I have been working with ATOB for the past year planning my Vail wedding and have loved every second of it! The wedding went off without a hitch (that I knew about) and all my guests told me it was the best wedding they have ever been too! I had a complete stress-free wedding planning experience, all due to Kerri and the A Touch of Bliss crew. I would recommend them to EVERYONE.

Fall Bride

Reviewed on 12/03/2013 Colleen M

My husband was really skeptical in spending the money to hire a wedding planner. I was stressed out of my mind in attempting to plan a wedding with such a high guest count and not that high of a budget. We hired ATOB because they basically said they'd pay for themselves with the discount they'd get from other vendors. They also boasted about their ability to keep us on budget. In the end, we were over budget and a large chunk of being over was ATOB's fee. I think we could have successfully negotiated the contracts without them. We did with one of the vendors. We also found a cheaper liquor distributor despite ATOB telling us the one they used was 25% cheaper than Argonaut. They were not, and I was disappointed that they weren't constantly checking prices to back up what they said. This led me to believe we we could have found cheaper vendors without them overall. I didn't really have the time to do it, so I was thankful I had them to offer vendors and set up meetings. That took some of the stress off of me to organize schedules. Ultimately though, I wonder how much they helped. I still spent a considerable amount of time at work dealing with wedding planning, which was what I was trying to avoid. Many of the style ideas and DIY projects I did on my own. I tried to farm out a task to their interns, but it didn't get done, and then I stopped trusting that anything would get done unless I did it myself. That could be saying more about my A type personality then their service, though. I will say the Day of Coordination was invaluable, and I would DEFINITELY hire them again to coordinate day of. I did not worry about a single detail on our wedding day, and it was perfect. Rehearsal dinner coordination was also flawless. However, that package is significantly cheaper than having them plan the whole thing. They're super professional and courteous, and maybe my expectations were too high. Two months later, I just don't think it was worth it.

Definitely a must have!

Reviewed on 10/09/2013 Elise L

I can't begin to explain how thankful we were for A touch of Bliss. Jazmine and Laura were BEYOND amazing. We were hesitant about getting a wedding planner because our venue assured us that we would not need one. However, every blog I read and every piece of advice I received was that you NEED a planner. I completely will give that same advice now! My mom and I had done so much early in the process and didn't know if a planner was important just because we felt we could do it... we were wrong!!! Between the logistics of the day, setting up, tearing down, keeping everyone together, helping my fainting BMs, organizing the vendors, etc, etc, etc, Jazmine and Laura were so on top of things. I can't say enough positive comments about them. Even my dad (who was also very hesitant about hiring a planner) couldn't talk more highly of TOB! Especially at the end of the night, when my parents were tired and too many cocktails had been consumed, they learned that the girls had taken every wedding item back to their room. They could not have been more elated! The catering managers at our venue were great, but they were done with the event when the dinner was over. TOB stayed until 1am making sure there was not a task left undone. I was very organized throughout the wedding planning process, but a few days before the wedding, everything started moving so fast and there were so many small tasks to be accomplished. Jazmine picked up right where I left off and completed every single one of those items. She knew exactly what to do and didn‘t need my guidance. From the bottom of my heart, a huge thank you to Jazmine and Laura for being AMAZING. The wedding day could not have gone more smoothly, and I know that is because of TOB!

My Husband and I adore Kerri and ATOB Team!

Reviewed on 9/20/2013 lauren p

When my husband proposed to me I instantly started looking through wedding magazines, pinning pictures on pinterest and feeling over whelmed with choices, to-do’s and options. After only a few weeks of being engaged I knew that I needed to enlist the help of a wedding planner. After doing a ton of research and speaking with several vendors who work in the wedding industry there was one name that continued to rise to the top, Kerri Butler and A Touch of Bliss. My Husband wasn’t sure that hiring a wedding planner was an efficient use of money but after one meeting with Kerri and Becky he was completely convinced. My husband and I had a long engagement (about two years) so we genuinely got to know Kerri and Becky very well! Throughout the entire process they guided us through every up and down, handled every worry, pain, task… I mean everything. We fell in love with the vendors that Kerri Recommended for us – it was amazing how well she got to know us, our tastes, personalities and dreams for our wedding and turned them into a reality! ! Kerri has such a positive reputation in the Denver wedding industry scene and it made working with our vendors extremely turn-key and fluid. On the actual wedding day Kerri and Becky were a dream team! My wedding party, family and friends all got to relax and enjoy the event without having to worry about anything. ATOB executed every detail of our wedding beautifully and they continuously saved the day from dealing with high winds, coordinating our LARGE wedding party, to even fixing my Mother In Laws dress when it broke. I really could not say enough about these amazing gals and honestly believe that any couple that gets married without hiring ATOB and Kerri are out of their minds!

Mother of the Bride

Reviewed on 9/19/2013 Alice L

Having a destination wedding is a challenge especially when it is in the mountains. My daughter, the bride, and I went round and round as to whether or not we needed a wedding planner. Since it was at the Westin Hotel in Beaver Creek, CO, the hotel provided a "planner". We had already picked out all the vendors so we didn't think we would need the help from a wedding coordinator. but I am soooo happy I listened to my daughter. I CANNOT begin to tell you how ELATED we were by Jazmine and Laura, team members of A Touch of Bliss. They were incredible. We had a really BIG wedding party (23 in all) with a lot of moving parts. And we had 185 guests. I just couldn't get over how they set up everything so perfectly, taking care of every little detail. then taking command of the rehearsal and then the BIG DAY. When my husband and I got back to our room after the reception, EVERY single thing and I mean EVERY LITTLE THING was all boxed up very neatly and well organized. It was just so wonderful to have them there to make us feel like it was all under control at all times and IT WAS!!! Of all the decisions we made for the wedding, having a Touch of Bliss be a part of our plans was THE BEST DECISION of all. I CANNOT thank them enough and want to recommend both Jazmine and Laura to any future brides. We just couldn't be happier - everything was PERFECT! Seriously MAGICAL!

Five Stars Aren't Enough

Reviewed on 9/16/2013

As recent transplants to Denver, we had nothing more than The Knot and online reviews to serve as a starting point for planning our wedding. After initially attempting to go at it alone, we arrived at the inevitable conclusion that a planner was needed. Five minutes into our initial meeting with Keri was all that it took to convince us that ATOB was the way to go, and they never failed to disappoint from that moment forward. Our planning team of Becky and Sarah provided the guidance and discipline that we needed to stay on track with everything from locking down an amazing venue to ensuring the smallest details were covered on our wedding day. Their calm but firm approach was appreciated more times than we could ever count. From crisis aversion to leveraging vendor relationships, Becky and Sarah’s professionalism, timeliness, and understanding was everything we could have asked for in a planner. To use a cliché from just about every review here: looking back there is no way we could have pulled off half of the wedding we had without the ATOB team. We cannot recommend ATOB highly enough. There’s a reason for the pages of five star reviews here, and we’re grateful to be able to add to the list. To Keri, Becky, and Sarah: thank you, thank you thank you!

ATOB Does Not Disappoint

Reviewed on 8/01/2013 Erica W

My husband and I recently got married in Estes Park, Colorado, and hired ATOB to help us with our wedding plans. When we first hired them, my husband was very skeptical about having a wedding planner, thinking that they would either hijack the wedding from us or just steal our money and not do anything. Now, after our great experience with ATOB, the first thing he tells his friends that get engaged is to get a wedding planner. We hired ATOB a year and a half before our wedding date, and while planning we moved from Denver to DC and then to Los Angeles. During all of that craziness, ATOB helped us with wedding planning every step of the way. They took a vague concept of what we wanted for our wedding and turn it into a reflection of our personalities, our history and our families. I had the pleasure of working with Becky, Lindsey and Emma, and these ladies were absolutely amazing throughout the entire process, accommodating our long distances issues and keeping me from freaking out about the small things that seem to always come up at the last minute. For example, we weren't able to make our welcome bags and then ship them to Colorado, so ATOB made them for us and delivered them to our guests. All of our guests loved those welcome bags, and it was all thanks to Lindsey and Emma that they got done and that they looked so great. We have gotten so many compliments about our wedding and how smoothly it went (even despite the threat of some mountain summer rainstorms), and a lot of these comments were related to ideas that ATOB had for the wedding or assisted us with creating. What made it even better was that my parents were completely relaxed knowing that Lindsey and Emma were in charge of everything and could enjoy the wedding with us, instead of worrying about those problems that always tend to come up on the day of. On your wedding day, you want to be able to spend as much time as possible with your guests having a good time, and it was so great to know that we had Lindsey and Emma to take care of everything else. These ladies not only help you with your wedding planning, they become your friends in the process and we are so, so grateful to them for everything they did for us. Your first decision in the wedding planning process should be to hire ATOB - I promise you will not regret it.

Best Money I have ever spent!

Reviewed on 8/01/2013 alyson c

The girls at A Touch of Bliss are amazing!!! I literally had the wedding of my dreams, one that never would have been possible had I not worked with A Touch of Bliss! I went into my first meeting thinking I needed a planner just the week before my wedding, helping with minor details. I met with them and they explained what their full service package was, and I realized that might be the best option for me. It was full service- from start to finish! They helped me with every detail of my wedding, and I could not have been happier. I worked with Lindsay, who I would highly recommend asking for. I know all the girls there are great, but Lindsay has to be the best! There was never a time in our six months of planning that I was stressed, she handled all the details in an organized, professional matter. Every meeting we had was planned, but she kept it positive and fun! She read me very well and was able to select vendors that were perfect for me. I only had to meet with one florist and one photographer. She knew my budget and what I was looking for and that made the process so much easier! If you are even considering working with a planner then you should call A Touch of Bliss and learn more about them and what they can offer you- you will be so happy you did!

Life Savers

Reviewed on 7/25/2013 Tina R

I had the pleasure of working with Becky and Kerry from A Touch of Bliss for my wedding in July. My now husband and I live in Miami and were getting married in Boulder- and these two made planning from a distance easy! Their vendor recommendations were spot on, and I loved that I didn't have to do any research. They had done all the work for me and had a cohort of great vendors to pull from. They were very professional and truly worked for me. Whenever I needed to schedule (or reschedule) a meeting with a vendor, they took care of everything. They were prompt with emails, and I never felt out of touch. They took care of everything that I didn't want to deal with no questions asked- and that made the whole wedding planning experience even more enjoyable for me. On the day of the wedding, everything flowed perfectly because of their work! I would have been lost without them, and they did such a good job of keeping things rolling. But you would never have known that they were working vigorously behind the scenes! Again, very professional and discrete. These ladies were worth every penny. They quickly made up their fee in the discounts that they were able to negotiate (another thing I hate doing, but they did such a good job hammering out contracts!). Becky and Kerry were creative, hard working, and a joy to be around. I would highly recommend them and A Touch of Bliss to any bride out there!

Couldn't Have Done it Without Them!

Reviewed on 7/23/2013 Laura Y

Because my now husband and I are both in the Air Force, even though we were engaged for over a year we were unable to commit to a date until 6 weeks before the wedding. Needless to say it was crunch time. I found A Touch of Bliss and they came to the rescue! There is no way we could have pulled it off without our amazing consultants Jamie and Emma. They started from scratch, together we created an inspiration board, and from there they put together a fairy tale! Seeing everything come together on the wedding day was magical and it would have never happened without them! A Touch of Bliss will make your wedding day dreams come true!


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