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Kirk McGee and his associates are Christian photographers with the combined experience of more than 2000 weddings and celebrations. They are fun, friendly, efficient and patient. This helps ensure that the atmosphere is relaxed while every moment of the event is captured with the highest of quality standards.



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Houston, TX

Olivia & Dexter Wedding

Reviewed on 5/19/2014 Olivia T

I have to say that the photos by Kirk McGee are spectacular. He took every photo just the way I would have imagined and more. If you're looking for a good photographer then Kirk McGee is the company. Thanks Kirk!!!!!

Great job at affordable price

Reviewed on 4/22/2014

Kirk did a fantastic job catching all the unforgettable moments at my wedding reception. He was very dedicated and creative in catching the right moments. I am very happy to see all the photos at a high quality and pay a relatively cheaper price than most of the other photographers offered. I will definitely recommend Kirk to other customers!!

Great customer service at a even better price

Reviewed on 2/11/2014 Vanessa G

I was actually worried about the quality of my pictures because I had heard of others saying "you get what you pay for" when I was shopping for photographers! The price was awesome and the pictures are great! I couldn't have asked for a better photographer and video-grapher on my wedding day!! Paying for a wedding yourself is extremely expensive but I wanted it videoed also, lucky I found Kirk McGee because I was in my budget and got everything I wished for! Kirk was extremely patient with my large wedding crowd (180) and took wonderful pictures! If your looking for a photographer I would recommend Kirk and his team 1000 times!!

great company

Reviewed on 12/01/2014 Sarah H

From the day we paid the deposit through after our wedding day, Kirk was amazing. I was a little grumpy after our wedding ceremony and was just ready to eat and sleep. (We've been together 6 years and just found out about three months ago I was pregnant so not eating that day before the ceremony was a no no). He went with it all. When we got back from our honeymoon I had several family members and friends say how impressed they were with our photographer and wanted his information for their own events and a few were for other events besides weddings as well. I will def use kirk McGee studios again and will recommend him and his company to everyone I know!

Great value and customer service! Job well done!

Reviewed on 12/26/2013 Daniel S

I typically do not write reviews, but I thought Kirk McGee photography/videography deserved a special shout out! Kirk did a wonderful job ensuring that everything went smoothly on my big day and that I got everything I wanted out of a great videographer. This company has great customer service and knows how to treat their clients right! I told them exactly what I had in mind, and Kirk made sure that I got what I wanted. This is also a great value!!! I shopped around endlessly to find a company that would simply shoot the big day and not a lot of unnecessary fluff. If what you want is to capture the big moments without breaking the bank, then this is the best way to go! I am very pleased with the service and my product and would recommend Kirk McGee to all of my bridesmaids!


Reviewed on 11/05/2013 Jessica H

I had Kirk and Chris for my wedding in Houston. They were very nice and took beautiful pictures. They were also fun to be around during the wedding. They have great prices. You really can't beat them when you take quality into account.

Great before the wedding

Reviewed on 8/18/2013 Jessie E

He was great before the wedding. Always answering questions. He didn't take charge on the wedding day and the pictures took forever after the ceremony. He did not have organization even though we worked out a list.

Great Photographer! Super affordable

Reviewed on 3/24/2013 First L

We hired Mark Depew of NW Houston to shoot our wedding. He was great. He was very professional and nice. He ran with our ideas and made sure to get shots that we wanted. Our wedding was on a Saturday and by Wednesday night we had gotten the link to look at all of our pictures. We were able to order that CD that came with our package at that time. I would definitely choose Kirk McGee Photography again.


Reviewed on 10/18/2012 Jessica L

First off I would like to say that I love how the pictures turned out. They are a perfect way to remember one of the most important days of my life. However, my photographer was much less than professional. Not only did he complain about the heat more than my bridal party, who were actually all dressed up in the heat trying to have their picture taken, but because he did not feel like being out in the heat , he failed to get some of the shots I really wanted with my family and bridal party outside at the ceremony site. After the ceremony and reception, where he made multiple people feel uncomfortable with his lack of a sense of humor among other things, he came up to me and asked where his check was. I was trying to get my stuff together as my husband and I were about to have our grand exit sothat really bothered me. I let him know that my parents would be taking care of that. He then went to find my mother to giver her the receipt with all of the charges. After my mother didn't immediately pay him, as she needed to go over it with my father, he went and found my dad. My dad had been having great night and was a little drunk, so he may have over-reacted but Mark demanded his check and when Dad asked to see the receipt he was told that his wife had it and to go find her to discuss it. Now, this was still as we were about to leave so my parents didn't want to deal with this at that time either, but they managed to find the receipt and go over it together to pay Mark. The fact that Mark first asked me about the check was inappropriate and then to almost pick a fight with my dad and demand that he pay him right at that time was just plain unprofessional. Mark really needed to ask for the check either at the beginning when he first got there or at the very end when my parents were finished saying good bye and playing host to 150 people. I wish it hadn't turned out that way because I really do love my pictures, but he just needed to act like the professional he was.


Reviewed on 10/17/2012 Adwoa D

We had Rhonda Meredith as our photographer and Chris Will as the videographer. Communicating with them was a breeze as they were available whenever I needed them. They were easy to work with, especially Rhonda; I didn't get a chance to speak with Chris on the wedding day but I caught glimpses of him here and there. The pictures turned out better than I thought; so many pictures and all very beautiful. I am however disappointed in Chris and Kirk because it's been 4 months and I still haven't received the video! I keep getting one excuse or the other from Chris and it's sad that Kirk will continue to work with him as apparently this isn't the the first time he's done this! I am very disappointed and angry to say the least and I'm still trying to figure out what to do to get that video.


Reviewed on 7/26/2012 Chiemeri O

Our Photographer was Mr. and Mrs. Mark Depew. They were professional and very pleasant to work with. My photos came out AMAZING which is great because the price was UNBEATABLE.


Reviewed on 4/11/2012 heather t

Our wedding was planned with a small budget, and not much time to spare for planning... Kirk McGee studios was so accomodating as I chose them with only 7 weeks till my wedding date. I shopped around prior to choosing them and when I saw some of their work and their price I knew it was the right fit. I chose Molly to shoot my wedding pics and she did a wonderful job! I was picky too, I am not fond of side shots of myself. I told her about that and she was really good about placing me in posed pics that way I could avoid shots like that. (kirk McGee studios has several photographers to choose from) Now that my wedding is over and I have seen my proofs, I am just in love with them! And the editing and detailing their pics are just beautiful and timeless! Great Job Molly and thank you so very much Kirk!!!!

Wonderful job

Reviewed on 3/28/2012 Brandy W

I had a photographer and vieographer come to my wedding for 1000 which is a unmatched price. Both were professional and had great ideals. Brandy was the photographer I used and Arlene the videographer. I couldnt have chosen a better studdio and they fit in my budget.

Amazing and Professional Service

Reviewed on 3/28/2012 Samora D

We used Mark as our photographer and Milton as our videographer. They were very professional and fun! They made sure that we got all of the poses and family pics in that we wanted. The price was extremely reasonable too! We only paid $1000 for photo and video with the Ultimate Combo Package.

Great prices & pics, not so organized

Reviewed on 2/12/2012 Brittany M

We had Brandy as our photographer, and she was wonderful! Definitely the best prices I found in all of my Houston photography searching. My only issue was that the payment schedule with Kirk McGee was so confusing. Instead of ordering the enlargements and coffee table album that comes with the package (Kirk said it would be easier to order my own coffee table album, but that would require me to have the copyright-release CD) I opted instead for another offer he gave me: all the 4x6 of the wedding day for 50 cents each and a $100 CD of copy-right release photos- all 900 of them (normally $0.75 per image)! This was a huge value for us, as we can now make reprints for cheap at CVS or Walgreens.


Reviewed on 12/06/2011 kari r

Everyone at Kirk Mcgee was great to work with I couldn't ask for more! The prices are very affordable and they work with you to build you a perfect package which is great! Thank you for the service and professionalism you offer and for being so good to us we truly appreciate it and can't wait to use you guys again in the future! Kari

Five stars!!! Loved my Photographer!!

Reviewed on 10/27/2011 Michele P

My Photographer, Dan was awesome! He fit in and it was like he was apart of my family! Thanks so much for making our day even more special.


Reviewed on 10/25/2011 Elizabeth T

kirk Mcgee Studios was a fine choice for affordable photographers. We went with Brandy Stoeze, very knowlegable and works with your every request. Would recommend to anyone looking for affordable wedding photos.

Great Photographer!!

Reviewed on 10/07/2011 R K

I recently used Kirk Mcgee Studios (Brandy was the photographer) to photograph my wedding and could not have been happier. At first, I was worried because their prices were so reasonable. I figured that the quality was not going to be very good. I was so wrong - I felt like I paid high dollar for my photographer after seeing the gorgeous pictures. She took lots of unique and great candid shots. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that needs photography services.


Reviewed on 7/25/2011 Sumer K

I loved Brandy Stoerz! She was my photographer under Kirk Mcgee and she did an fantastic job for the price. It was easy and pain free to use Kirk McGee. I definately reccommend them. Only problem I had was the shipping time on my prints. Took longer than I wanted.

Great photographer/great pkg for the price

Reviewed on 7/21/2011 Kathy T

Much more affordable than most other professional photographers in the area! Kirk himself is personable, flexible, and met all our expectations, and then some. He produced over 850 photos of our wedding day to choose from, with a good balance of candid and posed shots.

Exceptional Value

Reviewed on 7/21/2011 Jeanne M

I had two amazing photographers shoot my wedding. It is exactly what it says...Affordable Photography! I would have paid thousands for the same package if I had gone anywhere else. Thanks a million!!


Reviewed on 7/20/2011 Kirk M

Jessica photographed my daughter's wedding in the Atlanta area. She was flexible and great to work in the middle of a hectic time. She was professional and gave my daughter the contemporary look in the photographs that she wanted. Anytime I emailed I received a timely response. Kirk McGee studios captured our wedding/family memories beautifully. I plan to use them again for family portraits.

Brandy is awesome!

Reviewed on 6/06/2011 Heather G

Brandy was my photographer and she was awesome. She did a fantastic job! The price was great too-really affordable compared to all the other photographers I looked at.

Very disappointing, a huge headache.

Reviewed on 4/15/2011 kelly m

I DO NOT recommend these photographers! Customer service is extremely poor and in the end, we did not get what was promised. They did not act professionally nor follow through. After 4 months of waiting, my sister still has not received what was promised her. We paid for video from 2 cameras and they promised 10 dvds. After over 3 months and constant delays and white lies from the photographer, we finally got a few dvds from only 1 of the cameras!! They gave the impression that they had lost the footage, so in a way we were thankful to just get something. But still, when you pay for a service, you expect people to follow through on what you have paid them for!


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