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Depends on what you value

Reviewed on 2/14/2013 Cathlin H

My husband and I got married a year and half a go and we JUST got our final photos. They are great photos, so in the end we did get what we wanted, but not without threatening legal action for an unfulfilled contract (partly due to being completely ignored no matter how we tried... Read More to contact her). Alicia was abrupt on our wedding day, was late to our engagement session, and honestly not great to deal with. If you just want good photos for an good price then she's fine. If you want someone friendly and easy to get ahold of/deal with I would NOT recommend her.


Reviewed on 1/06/2013 Rebecca M

At this point I knew that she was planning to throw together our photos with little work or effort just to meet her contracted date.  Sure enough, she posted our unedited photos to her website 8 weeks and 1 day after our wedding, and it was obvious that little effort went into... Read More them.  It wasn’t until 9.5 weeks after our wedding that we actually received a disk with photos, which then gave us the rights to printing and sharing the photos.  Alicia then told us that it would be at least 2 months before she could even meet to begin album design and editing. This means it would be nearly 6 months after our wedding that we’d even see edited photos. Decided to ask for refund for album as we were at the end of our rope with her terrible customer service and lack of professionalism. She suddenly directed us to Zachary H., who we had never heard of. Turns out this is her ex-husband and business partner...same guy she had previously trash talked during former meetings. In the end, we never spoke with Alicia and instead dealt with Zachary. We demanded a partial refund in lieu of completing our album with Alicia, leaving us with unedited wedding photographs and even worse, seriously jaded memories of our wedding day. Fortunately all of our other wedding vendors were incredible, but our photography experience with Alicia Cohen was a tremendous disappointment and unnecessary frustration. I’ve beaten myself up time and time again over how I could have possibly picked such a terrible and unprofessional photographer.  I hope that our shared experience sheds some light onto Alicia’s true quality of work (or lack thereof), and that no bride or groom have to go through what we went through!  I wasn’t going to let Alicia ruin our wedding day, but she easily could have.  I really can’t imagine how anyone had a good experience with Alicia Cohen, and I’m convinced that she has posted all of the positive reviews on wedding boards.  Alicia - I’m sure you’ll read this, and I hope you do - you really need to consider a different career.  Please don’t ruin anyone else’s wedding day!


Reviewed on 1/06/2013 Rebecca B

There is really only one word to sum up our experience with Alicia Cohen: NIGHTMARE. It’s hard to know where to even begin. Alicia was completely unprofessional, sloppy, unresponsive, and rude. The overall quality, creativity and variety was very poor. Above all, her customer... Read More service was downright appalling! There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by since our wedding in July that I’ve regretted my decision to go with Alicia Cohen Photography. TO ALL BRIDES: READ THIS & DON'T BOOK WITH ALICIA!!! Here are the highlights: Told us assistant would be her brother who had experience shooting weddings, but instead she showed up with a friend who had no idea how to even use a camera. Brother wasn't available b/c the "family dog's eyeball fell out"! Assistant wouldn't take any pics "without her boss's approval"...negating the reason to have a second shooter! Took terrible pics in my parents' beautiful backyard, along concrete pool with shed in background, instead of in countless gardens on parents property. Left bride's house early to photograph groom and groomsmen but failed to take a single shot of all the guys before the ceremony. Arrived 30 minutes late to reception, wasting half of picture taking opportunity. Provided no explanation or apology. Bride and groom missed entire 90 minute cocktail hour because of this, even though we extended cocktail hour (incurring extra charges from venue & band for extra time) with the hope to join the last 30 minutes. Abrupt, rude & unprofessional to wedding party & guests during photos. Provided no direction to wedding party during photos. Dressed very unprofessionally, wearing baggy cotton pants that could have easily been pjs. Worst part that left us completely speechless was when she told the wedding party to sing Happy Birthday to my husband and I so that they “looked like they were having fun.” If it wasn’t for her, we would have been having fun! Completely disregarded worksheet that she asked I complete before the wedding, detailing the various combos of people I wanted in formal shots. Refused to take pics I requested b/c she thought they were ugly. We had paid for an additional half hour of coverage so she could capture some fun, dancing party pics but she left before her contracted time. The only dancing photos she took were during a slow song which kicked off the dancing. We had an incredible band and the dance floor was packed the entire night but you'd never know from our photos. Didn't return multiple calls, emails and voicemails 5-6 weeks after wedding asking when photos would be ready. After leaving another increasingly frustrated voicemail, she finally called back 7 weeks after our wedding, admitting that zero work or editing had gone into our wedding photos. Then asked asked me if I “wanted to know the truth” and told me with her voice cracking that her boyfriend had dumped her and she’d been having a rough time picking up the pieces, acknowledging that her personal issues had interfered with what should be a professional business, and a service that we spent thousands of dollars for! Appalling! Our wedding day was a once in a lifetime experience, and she dropped the ball because her boyfriend broke up with her?! So unacceptable and unprofessional! She said she had no idea when photos would be ready. When I reminded her that she was contracted to provide printable proofs no more than 8 weeks after our wedding, she suddenly changed her tune guaranteeing pics the following week....

Forget negative reviews

Reviewed on 11/15/2012 Maya C

My husband and I were just married this August and had the pleasure of having Alicia take our photos. My husband, always the objective consumer, read all of the reviews he could before and after we met with Alicia. I did not. Unfortunately, he brought some of the negative... Read More comments to my attention and it totally clouded my judgement and made me nervous about the decision we had made. Bottom line, Alicia is awesome, as are her photos. Less than a month before our wedding, I defended my dissertation, moved across the state, and had an unfortunate need to return to surgery after an ACL reconstruction in May. Needless to say, I was a little crazy and took it out on Alicia. She, the professional that she is, accepted my apology for turning into a bridezilla and made sure that everything we needed for the day of our wedding was available. Didnt skip a beat. On the day of our wedding, she and her associate arrived on time, they were efficient, and very non-obstrusive. In fact, she took some photos of me I dont even remember. The photos absolutely captured the day and many moments I would have missed had she not taken the photos. So far, everyone who has seen the photos have commented on how beautiful they are. The part is that my father works overseas, and the shots she got of us are breathtaking and absolutely will give all of his friends and colleagues who could not make the wedding, a glimpse of how special our day was. If you're like my husband and you have to read negative reviews, know this, its all about perception. Our experience with Alicia was nothing like what any of the nay sayers suggested. I am glad that we had her and her associate there, and would hire them again in a second. If you want truly creative and artistic photos that are affordable, she is your photographer. If you want a photographer that gets you, and takes the type of photos that you want, she is your photographer. Absolutely one of the best decisions we made.

Very disappointed

Reviewed on 10/11/2012 Rynnel G

My fiancé and are planning our wedding from a distance. We live in Washington, DC and are getting married in Chesapeake City, MD. We found Ms. Cohen’s website and reached out to her. After emailing and talking with her(and letting her know the date and location of our... Read More wedding) we made an appointment to meet with Ms. Cohen at her office and asked that she have samples of previous weddings/receptions she had shot in our location. We made the trip (more than 2 hours driving, each way) only to have Ms. Cohen show up 20 minutes late to her own shop. In addition to being late, Ms. Cohen looked as though she had just rolled out of bed after going out the night before and falling asleep in her clothes. During the appointment, Ms. Cohen acted as though we had never talked with her before and did not bring the portfolio that we had asked to see and that she had agreed to have on hand for us to look at. We left the appointment with the understanding that she would send us a contract in the “next few days” and that we had to put 10% down to reserve the date. A few days turned into nearly two weeks and only after an email from my fiancé did we finally hear from Ms. Cohen. She said she would send the contract the following day. The following day we got an email simply saying that our wedding date was no longer available. We wasted an entire day (not to mention gas and tolls) making the trip from DC to Delaware and two weeks where we could have been meeting with another photographer. Now we are struggling to find a photographer who is available to shoot our wedding. When Ms. Cohen emailed us and said she would send the contract the following day she was either being dishonest or was completely unaware of her bookings. If you value things like professionalism, integrity, communication and common courtesy I would recommend that you keep looking. Based on the experience we’ve had, you won’t find that here.

Okay Service

Reviewed on 9/10/2012 Alyssa L

I haven't received my photographs yet as my wedding as only a few weeks ago so I'll update this once I do.

Great Pictures, Unacceptable Service

Reviewed on 12/14/2011 Jennifer S

I work in the wedding industry and was picky when selecting my photographer. I was confident that working with Alicia would be a great experience. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case. With the exception of having great pictures, the rest of the process was a nightmare. Jun.... Read More 2010- I drove 90 minutes for an appt to find her studio closed, was unable to to reach her and it took over 24 hours to hear from her. She added extra images to our album as a result. Jul. 2010- Thanksfully, the day of my wedding Alicia arrived on time and took amazing pictures. Sept. 2010- At my wedding, she told me that the pictures would be up to view within 4 weeks- it took 8. Nov. 2010- The morning of my album design appt, she called as I was leaving to tell me her daughter was sick and I needed to meet with her office manager. All I did was pick the album color and give her the list of pictures we had selected. Dec. 2010-Feb. 2011- It took 6 weeks instead of the 2 I was promised to see the albym proof. Some pictures were left out, some were out of sequence, etc. The next proof was better but a slight change still had to be made. She then told me that only 3 album redesigns are included (there was no mention of this in the contract). In my opinion, spending $6,000 should get you as many redesigns as you need. The albums were ordered in early Mar. '11 and would arrive 12-16 weeks later. Jun. 2011- 14 weeks after the albums were ordered I emailed Alicia to check the status of them. She said the album would be done in a week or 2. Jul 2011-It took Alicia another 6 weeks (22 weeks total) to send us our album and when we opened it, she sent us another couple’s album instead! What a slap in the face to spend $6,000 and not have her remember who we were and for her to be so careless. Once we brought this mistake to her attention, she sent us a long email apologizing about how her service has been lacking, how she takes on too much, how our wedding slipped through the cracks, how she is a single mom, etc. I am a sensitive person, but what happens in your personal life should not cross over into your professional life and she clearly does not know how to separate the two. She ended up shipping our album free and gave us a 11x14 print. When we finally got OUR album a week later we were thrilled- it is gorgeous. What a shame the process was so stressful and drawn out. Jul 2011-Nov 2011-I wish I could say that our lackluster experience with Alicia was over, but we had to go through another 4 months of constant follow up and checking in to get our parent’s albums. Every deadline she gave us came and went without any update from her. When we contacted her for updates we kept getting a multitude of excuses, each one different than the last. Now that we have our parents albums we can finally be done working with her. Alicia’s pictures are great, but she has no organization, poor customer service skills, can’t meet deadlines and lets her personal life impact her professional business. When I first booked Alicia I was sure I would recommend her to my brides- now I would do the opposite if asked about her. If I experienced such bad service and work in the wedding industry, I simply can’t believe the glowing reviews on here about how wonderful her service. She didn't come close to meeting our expectations.

Some disappointments...

Reviewed on 11/27/2011 rachel m

First off, I absolutely loved my wedding pictures and think that Alicia takes some amazing shots. The quality and value of the pictures was not at all the reason I gave her a rating of three. Leading up to the wedding day everything was fine. Alicia responded in a timely... Read More fashion to all emails and was very accommodating. On my wedding day, however, I felt that Alicia was unprofessional. She seemed distracted, grumpy and became frustrated when organizing group shots complaining at 'how long it took everyone to follow directions.' My husband and I were also in charge of deciding all of the shots. We had no idea what we were doing and would have appreciated some direction from a professional photographer. I was shocked with some of her remarks and attitude, and upset because I felt like the entire day was on her schedule. In addition, when we received our pictures- they were amazing- but, Alicia didn't get any pictures of our guests! We had wanted table shots and there wasn't one- with my husband's family and friends coming from England it would have been nice to have that memory. I do think that Alicia takes amazing pictures and I absolutely love all of the ones we received, but to still be this upset about her professionalism months after my wedding- I'm not sure if it was worth it.

Some things I loved, some things are disappointing

Reviewed on 8/20/2011 Naomi B

As far as the big things you look for in a photographer, I guess Alicia made that happen. Our wedding pictures in general are great, and there's definitely a lot I love. There's a few pictures that were just never captured, although there were 2 photographers...for instance, my... Read More dress from the back (which was beautifulllll from that angle) was never captured in ONE SINGLE PICTURE, there was also not one picture of my husband and I at our first dance that was full length except one that was very far away, there are several more that I could mention, but my point is that there were great pictures of what she got, but there are several "moments" missing...which is surprising with 2 photographers. They were on time, professional, etc, that was not a problem. The other thing is that I feel like they kinda "ducked out" a little early and missed some of the great dancing moments and moments at the end of the reception that I would have loved to have pictures of. My reception did not end late, and we had paid to have her there the whole time. The BIG reason for my rating is that it has been over a year since our wedding, and have not ONCE been contacted by Alicia to put together and receive our 40 image album that we've already paid for. It took longer than she promised to even get our pictures posted on her website to view in the first place, and it's hard to wait!! Every time I emailed her, she said not too much longer...another week...another few days... That was extremely disappointing. None of our pictures ever "made it" on her website or facebook page or blog, while she's put others up. Just makes you feel unimportant. All in all, I would recommend her based on her pretty pictures, but would definitely warn about being ready for some disappointment.

Reviewed on 5/19/2011 Gia R

Alicia was timely, responsive and even surprised me with an additional assistant. I absolutely cannot wait to see my proofs!!!

thanks so much!

Reviewed on 4/02/2011 Alondra B

had a good time. wonderful service

Alicia is the best!!

Reviewed on 9/02/2010 Tricia

Even though we were married a year and a half ago, I cannot stop raving about our photographer, Alicia Cohen. To my husband and I, our wedding photos were a huge priority to us and after a lot of research, we decided to go with Alicia. At our initial meeting, she was very... Read More accommodating to our needs and wants, customizing a package and staying within our budget. It’s so important to “click” with your photographer and we felt and instant comfort level with her. Our first experience with her was for our engagement photo session. It was a very hot, June day and Alicia spent a good 2 hours plus with us making sure we got lots of great shots in different locations. Her turnaround time for the photos was quick and we knew at that point we had made the right decision in choosing her. Leading up to the wedding day, Alicia and I were in constant communication, making sure she and her team knew what my husband and I wanted out of our wedding photos. We even met with her a few weeks prior to the meeting to go over poses and shots that I had compiled to duplicate with our wedding party. On the day of the wedding, her and her team arrived at the locations on time and got so many amazing shots. Half the time I did not even know they were there. We had about 1000 photos from our wedding and it was so nice to look back on the day and see all the things we missed. My husband and I had a hard time choosing pictures for our album because we wanted all of them in there! Once we finally did decide, Alicia worked with us to create a layout that suited us and then it was off to production. We waited a long time to finalize our album design and just recently got our finished album. Absolutely amazing!! Everything from the cover to the layout to the photos themselves showed off the quality that Alicia strives to deliver. If I had to do it all over again, I definitely would. Alicia was so easy to work with, delivered what she promised on time, and her work is exceptional. I highly recommend her!!!

Alicia Cohen...two thumbs up!

Reviewed on 8/06/2010 Leah R

When we first became engaged, I thought about how important and precious the wedding photos would be. I knew that we had to seek out a photographer who we could trust on so many levels. When we found Alicia Cohen I felt relieved! She has a natural gift for capturing special... Read More moments, not just gathering everyone together for the “say cheese” photos. She is a serious artist, and at our consultation before the wedding we were able to run through every photo opportunity, timing breakdown, and location so she and her assistant knew exactly where to be. On the day of the wedding they were on time, professional, and everything was stress-free. My fiancé and I both have members of our family that are not the most photogenic, but we knew that Alicia could meet the challenge of finding candid shots with each family member (which are the best anyway!) Looking back and viewing the photos, my favorite moments were so unexpected! Moments like my parents dancing together, and a shot of Raleigh and I recessing up the stairs from the ceremony smiling, with our arms interlocked (I’ll use Raleigh’s grandmother’s words) which made my eyes ‘leak’ a little. I highly recommend Alicia Cohen. She is passionate and loves her work…and I do too!


Reviewed on 8/04/2010 Alexis D

My husband and I are so glad that we chose Alicia Cohen to photograph our wedding. She was courteous, easy to work with, and very professional. The pricing was great, especially since we got such beautiful pictures! We got our pictures within a few weeks of our wedding, and the... Read More proofs were ready even sooner! We have received so many compliments on our photographs, everyone wants to know who our photographer was! One of the things that I liked the most about Alicia is that she really caught the personalities of everyone she photographed. She mixes a journalistic and classic style and as a result gives you emotional pictures that really document your special day. We're glad we chose her, and we would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.

completely satisfied bride

Reviewed on 8/02/2010 Carmen S

I was as impressed with the result of my wedding photos as I was with all the pictures posted on Alicia Cohen's website. Her ability to capture a moment and not just a posed picture is unbelievable and well worth the price of her service. She has a talent you won't find in just... Read More any photographer. I was unable to meet with Alicia prior to the wedding day as I was planning everything from out of town, but she was prompt, professional and fun to work with. I received my photos only a month after the wedding will cherish them for a lifetime. I was completely satisfied with her work and would recommend her to any bride-to-be!

We love Alicia!

Reviewed on 8/01/2010 Jaime M

I was lucky enough to work with Alicia twice - once as the maid of honor in my friend's wedding and again as a bride. The quality you receive from Alicia for the price is outstanding. We did not look anywhere else after we had seen my friend's engagement and wedding photos.... Read More Alicia was very flexible with us since we do not live in the DE area. We were able to trade our engagement session for coverage of our rehearsal (really fun!). I was paranoid I would look awkward in photos so she printed out several of the rehearsal pictures and brought them with her the day of the wedding to show me - they were fantastic and I was impressed that she had been so thoughtful. Alicia does a great job of retelling your story through your wedding pictures. The candids and formal portraits are equally good and she did a beautiful job of handling our very large wedding party. We were pressed for time in order to get outside shots (it was getting dark) and she did a fantastic job of getting things done quickly without sacrificing quality. My parents, in laws and bridal party were very excited that they had plenty of time to join the cocktail reception instead of waiting around to take pictures for hours. I love Alicia's laid-back, more comfortable approach to the formal shots. There are no stiff, silly grins - they are all fun and some are goofy. We love them. Throughout the ceremony and reception, we did not even know she was there - she managed to capture everything that happened and we never saw her! I would highly recommend Alicia to anyone - she did an incredible job and we LOVE our photos (they're all over our house!).

New Hope Wedding

Reviewed on 7/29/2010 Elizabeth W

Alicia photographed our October wedding at the Washington Crossing Inn. While my husband and I were planning the details of our wedding Alicia was easily accessable via e-mail or phone (which as a stressed bride was very comforting)! Alicia took the time to get to know me and... Read More my husband, which I loved--it made her feel like more than our photographer, but friend! The best part of choosing Alicia as our photographer? The AMAZING pictures she took! Everytime I glance through our wedding album I can't help but smile. Alicia was able to perfectly capture the happiness of our special day. Every picture is a beautiful refection of the love my husband and I share--pictures I can't wait to show our future children! The best advice I can give to brides out there--you will always have your wedding memories, but your pictures will last a lifetime--and I'm so happy I chose Alicia!

Great Photographer

Reviewed on 7/29/2010 Jacqueline S

Alicia was highly recommened. We used her for our November 2007 wedding. She was very flexible with meeting up considering we live below Dover DE. Alicia packages we priced comparable to other photographers in the Wilmington area. She knew the direction we wanted our... Read More pictures to go and accomplished it. We were very happy with the completion on our wedding ablum. I HIGHLY recommend using her for your wedding...

Alicia Cohen is an amazing photographer!!

Reviewed on 7/29/2010 lisa g

Hire Alicia for all of your photography needs. She captured all of the shots we wanted at our wedding plus so many more candid moments that we can treasure forever. Coming from a photography background, finding the perfect, artistic and professional photographer was my number 1... Read More priority for our big day. I, as well as all of my friends and family are thrilled with the results!! We couldn't be happier and would call her in a heartbeat for any photography needs!

Alicia Cohen Photography

Reviewed on 7/29/2010 Corinne C

When I set out to find a wedding photographer, I knew exactly what I wanted and found that in Alicia Cohen. I was searching for a reasonable price, a great photography package, a photographer who got to know me and what I wanted, as well as beautiful photo-journalistic shots.... Read More Alicia embodied all of these, making the entire experience a win. I cannot tell you how many people have come to us to say that our wedding photos are the best and most creative they've ever seen. We were stunned at what Alicia was able to do and how she captured our day. Our albums were masterfully designed with a modern touch, exactly what we were looking for. Some may say the albums take awhile to arrive, however, Alicia uses an Italian company, so the end product is more than worth the extra wait time as opposed to a run of the mill photographer that would use a company of a lesser caliber. Recently, a year after our wedding, Alicia was more than thrilled to shoot my 'Trash the Dress' photos. This was an awesome experience - I looked to Alicia for ideas, and she completely delivered. We now have some of the most stunning photos to fill our home and our albums. I am grateful to have found a photographer that is about the art of taking photos and really strives to give you what you want.

I love Alicia Cohen!

Reviewed on 7/29/2010 Sophia R

Alicia was nothing but wonderful from the day I first contacted her. She was kind, knowledgeable, and professional about every step of the wedding process. To be honest I was an obnoxious bride who gave her an extensive "must shoot list" and limited time to take all these... Read More pictures and still she was able to accomplish almost everything I wanted and even surpassed my expectations by suggesting locations/poses I would have never thought to do. My engagement and wedding photos are GORGEOUS! I made an album on Facebook of almost 180 photos from my wedding and it was difficult to narrow it down to that few! All of my friends and families commented with "amazing pictures" or "awesome photographer" and several brides asked me for Alicia's contact info. In fact, if you want to see these albums or have any other questions please ask Alicia for my (Sophia R.) email address and I will be happy to link you to the album so you can see for yourself. I also want to note that she's was extremely punctual, if not freakishly early, to all of our meetings and to the wedding day. She arrived to our wedding venue before the catering staff! Due to an unfortunate circumstance I actually ran late for our engagement photo session. Instead of canceling on me she turned around, drove to my house, and waited while I finished getting ready. Who does that?! As far as responsiveness, I find that calling Alicia is tricky because she's often busy doing engagement shoots or meeting with couples, but she always responded to my emails within a few hours and close to the wedding date she was very attentive to all my questions/requests. Her services are very reasonably priced for the quality of the photos. I researched extensively and Alicia was by far the most talented photog within my budget constraints. In fact I really think I underpaid considering what I got from my package! One of my friends paid $10K for their photographer and she admitted what a HUGE mistake she made and wished she had taken Alicia's info when I offered it. Again, I am happy to share pictures and information with you so please reach out to me instead of making a huge mistake by missing out on a chance to work with Alicia!

ALicia Rocks!

Reviewed on 7/29/2010 Stephanie C

I was extremely pleased with Alicia both professionally and personally. I wanted a photographer that i could get along with and be myself around and Alicia was that person. She was VERY professional and my photos and album are perfect and she was able to capture every moment... Read More of my wedding...Anyone that has seen them has been blown away and this is compared to my friend albums who spent 10-15K on their photographers. She is truly an artist and i have recommended her to all of my friends. I look forward to having her take my family's pictures some day!!!