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Al's Formal Wear specializes in wedding tuxedo rentals and sales, and operates over 100 stores in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Colorado. Featuring 55 tuxedo styles and hundreds of accessories, Al's Formal Wear is the perfect fit to begin your happily ever after.



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Nice Suits

Reviewed on 12/03/2013 Ashley M

My husband and groomsmen ordered their suites from Als Formal Wear. They were nice suites and decent priced.

So helpful!

Reviewed on 9/16/2013 Megan E

The staff at Al's were amazing through the entire process. They were very helpful and personable when planning the wedding. They sat down and went over styles, options and prices with us. When problems arose (my husband is 6' 8" and getting his fit was tricky), they were quick to find a solution and made everything perfect.


Reviewed on 7/03/2013 Nicole b

Overall I was very satisfied with the tuxes. They made everyone pick them up and TRY THEM ON THE Thursday before the wedding, so on the day of the wedding there weren't any surprises. Any issues or weird sizing they had they fixed it before the wedding. My husband was just recently in a wedding and they got tuxes from Men's warehouse. They did not make him try anything on and the pants and vest were too small....This also happened in another wedding where they used Men's warehouse. Al's was great!

Great value. The guys looked sharp.

Reviewed on 1/25/2015 Allison L

Our tuxes looked great! My husband loved that he could come in for a groom's fitting a few weeks before the wedding to make sure he liked everything. Prices were reasonable. Linda at the OKC location on May was really helpful.

Just Fine

Reviewed on 10/14/2013 Bethany S

The tuxes fit the men great. Only thing I didn't like was the toddler tux, it was oversized and didn't fit very well. If we had known it would fit so awkward, we would have just bought him gray pants.

Great staff!!

Reviewed on 7/23/2013 Stephanie J

I love the variety.


Reviewed on 7/13/2013 Heather W

There weren't a lot of options, but the prices were ok, and having multiple locations worked out for us! They were flexible and easy to work with.

Dashing Men

Reviewed on 6/18/2013 Katie B

My guys looked great. We had a few problems when we picked up the tux's but they fixed it right away!


Reviewed on 6/11/2013 Tiffany B

We loved the Al's in Norman. Terrance is wonderful!


Reviewed on 5/10/2013 aubrey b

terrance at the norman, ok location was the absolute best and made everything stress free for us!! i cant thank him enough. highly recommended!

Ups and Downs

Reviewed on 5/08/2013 Sheila N

I'm going to start on a postive note and say that the workers here at Al's besides a lady named Linda is very helpful and understanding and tried really hard to make you happy. Coleen was great and she did EVERYTHING in her power to make it fair for me. Overall the tuxs were good but not great. My husband was not happy with his at all and instead we went to buy him brand new tuxs and let his father wear his which fit him really well. The tuxs were not as fitted as I liked and seemed to swallow some of them. But the color match was dead on after we picked out the right color. For what we paid I wish it was fitted and fit the groomens better. But overall everyone was happy and looked good.

Awesome Customer service

Reviewed on 5/07/2013 Chelsie P

The staff at the alls formal on yale was absoultly wonderful. we had attendance ranging from age 14 to 36 and they treated them all with the up most respect, They fixed any sizing difference witin 24 hours. And they worked will with us considering not all of out attendance could make it in store due to being from a state that does not have an als. They accepted measuments from other store as most place ( Even for my dress) would not I would deffiantly recomended them for any formal wear needs


Reviewed on 4/11/2013 Kristi B

Al's had lots of great choices in all price ranges. we selected one type for the groomsmen and another for the groom. all the tuxes arrived with no missing pieces and everything fit. everyone looked great and the groom's tux was free so you can't beat that.

Great tuxes and great service

Reviewed on 4/02/2013 Rebecca W

Tuxes turned out perfect - no complaints! Very helpful staff; they were very patient in helping us pick out invitations. Was really nice to see hundreds of invites in person; made it much easier to choose! Staff is A++++


Reviewed on 12/20/2012 Susanne M

The guys looked fantastic! They were able to help determine which guys would wear what color, what was more traditional and what was popular. They were very accommodating on obtaining everyone's sizes as well.

Quite Disappointed.

Reviewed on 11/08/2012 Stefanie

We ordered the Tuxes several months before the ceremony, and they guys had gone in to do their final fittings. Finally the tuxes came in a week before the wedding. First, two of the guys's pants were completely the wrong size, then one of the guys shoes, and the groom's shoes hadn't come in. So they worked to fix them, and it was about 2 more days and the fixed items came in. I went up there just to pickup the Best Man's pants, and my groom's shoes. I got the pants, but the shoes were 3 sizes too big. We had to send in for them to order them. By the time we got the shoes, it was the day before the wedding. I was quite upset. Luckily all turned out well, and all of the guys looked amazing!


Reviewed on 10/18/2012 Kelsey H

our invitations were very pretty we loved them!


Reviewed on 10/06/2012 Priscilla W

Als Formal Wear was great at working with me and helping with last minute preperations, but there were some disappontments as well. First of all, when my father and brother went to get their tux, neither one fit right. Because of this, they had to pick up their new tuxes the day of the wedding. They still did not fit right, but they worked. On the day of the wedding there were also issues with the color of the ties. Some of the groomsmen were given black ties and some were given green ties. Thankfully the local Als Formal Wear had two extra green ties that they were able to bring to us! I have mixed feelings about this place.

So helpful and easy!

Reviewed on 8/28/2012 Leigh Ann S

Al's Formal Wear was SO great for our wedding. The staff was knowledgeable and made the selection of our tuxes incredibly easy! We really enjoyed working with them and appreciated the price.


Reviewed on 8/02/2012 Skylar S

They did a great job at helping us get everyone fitted.

Very helpful!

Reviewed on 7/01/2012 Lora S

They were willing to match the price of another tuxedo store around town, so we saved a lot of money from them! When we ordered the tuxes, we didn't have the bridesmaid dresses picked out yet, so we couldn't pick out the matching groomsmen's vests. Al's never called us to remind us that we needed the vests (turns out they input both mine and my now husband's numbers in wrong), but when we went for the final fitting, they ordered the vests, ties, and handkerchiefs for us, without charging us anything extra, so it all worked out in the end! We also got 40% off of our wedding invitations which really helped with that cost!


Reviewed on 6/29/2012 melissa c

Very helpful and friendly, the tuxes were great too!

Excellent tuxes and service!

Reviewed on 6/22/2012 catelyn m

Belinda, the woman who helped me with dressing the men in my bridal party, was sweet and very helpful. Unlike the other tux and gown stores I looked into, Al's gave an itemized list of every product and price that I ordered, and it was broken down into how much each individual person owed. They made it so easy and stress free!!

Friendly and fast

Reviewed on 6/07/2012 Madelaine T

We went to the one on May and N.W. 63rd. They were friendly and fast. Everyone looked great for our wedding!

Tuxes looked GREAT!!

Reviewed on 6/05/2012 lacy s

The girls at Al's on 41st are soooo GREAT! super nice and very helpful! Every thing came in just right except shoes for one of the groomsman but they had it ready to go the next day!! Great Job girls!! and my groom got his free with the purchase of 4 tuxes!!


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