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Toronto's largest bridal boutique

Since August 1, 2004, Amanda's and Lina's Sposa have merged. Together, we have 44 combined years of customer satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of exclusive bridal products, including outstanding evening wear collections. Toronto's largest bridal boutique with over 6,500 square feet of fashion.


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177 Whitmore Road, Woodbridge, ON

great help

Reviewed on 4/05/2011 Jacqueline S

Mama Lucy was a great help and made my dress experience great and easy

Bridal Experience

Reviewed on 3/30/2015

My mom purchased her dress 35 years ago from this boutique and its a dream come true that I get to say I have experienced the same impeccable, wonderful customer service. Everything ran incredibly smoothly from start to finish. I received the "say yes to the dress" experience minus the lights and camera. Just goes to show you Sam and Rachelle treat every customer like their family. The staff are all amazing bridal attendants with lots of patience, knowledgeable, attention to detail, great listeners and incredibly helpful in obtaining the vision for your wedding dress or evening wear. The selection is extensive and unlimited like no other. ! I'd give them a 6th star if I could! Picked out the perfect wedding dress in under 90 minutes; they treated my bridal party with the same smooth experience and can't wait for alterations there. thanks again Anna

They do NOT stand by their dresses. (Tried but NOT True)

Reviewed on 12/18/2014 Tiffany C

I was originally excited when i purchased an Amanda-Lina's Bridal Boutique dress on clearance since I got it for a fairly decent price and it looked like (after careful inspection) that everything was working and in good shape. A couple of months ago, I opened the dress bag to check on the dress and to my horror, when I touched some of the beading along the bust area of the dress, the beads just fell off! I was upset because it looked and felt fine at the bridal show! I did contact them to see if they could remedy this situation but they insisted I would have to pay them a fee for fixing a broken dress (a problem which arose because of their poor workmanship)! I know I took a risk when purchasing a 'final sale' dress but coming from Amanda-Lina's I thought I could trust the quality of their work. I guess not. So if you're a bride-to-be I'd say skip the headache and guesswork of which dresses are good quality or not and buy somewhere else. And if you've already purchased one, be VERY VERY thorough inspecting the dress. Good luck!

Good, but not great

Reviewed on 7/06/2014 Danielle A

The dresses are very reasonably priced, but it is difficult to search for dresses as there didn't seem to be any organization on the racks. They also do not carry a wide range of sizes (I'm a 14-16) so I couldn't try on ones that I liked. I did buy my dress from here - and it took 8 months to come in - but I needed a lot of alterations done as they ordered it a couple sizes too big. I did have to initial for the size ordered, but it was based on the measurements they took and how the numbers fell on the size chart. I didn't question it at the time as I assumed they were the experts and knew what they were doing. But better too big than too small I guess. I had my dress altered somewhere else so I can't comment on their seamstress. Their web site is also out of date - I had printed a bunch of dresses from their site that I wanted to try, but they didn't actually carry ANY of them!

Turned out Great!

Reviewed on 9/19/2013 Stefanie

I purchased my wedding gown from this store - they have a large selection of nice dresses and a nice store. The staff were not all friendly (some more than others) and I had to have four fittings because they took it in instead of letting it out. It turned out perfect, though!

Stunning and Elegant Haute Couture Looking Dress

Reviewed on 7/14/2013 Jess T

I bought a beautiful empire waist gown with a long train. There was simple beading around the bodice and bottom of the gown. I also bought a beaded jacket that I had sewn into the dress at my tailor's in Yorkville (Giovanni). Everyone thought I spent over $10k and asked who the haute couture designer was!

service is impeccable

Reviewed on 3/27/2013 Tracy Jennifer S

This company is service oriented, the staff was amazing and knew what looked good on me. They tailored to my tastes and they looked to make me happy. I loved a dress in this store - however in the end I feel in love with a dress in another store that was designed in that store. However I did go back to this bridal store for my fur stole, which was the nicest and best price around.

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER ... Buyers Beware... 1 star

Reviewed on 11/29/2012 bride t

I have had nothing but issues since I purchased my Casablanca dress in January from Amandalinas. When I purchased the dress on January 20th, 2012, I was informed that it would be ordered that day, arriving in late June, early July. I reminded the cashier at the time that I needed to ensure this dress arrived no later than July. I am out of town on business for most of the summer, and would need to allow for the additional time for fittings and alterations. When I called in the middle of July, they informed me the dress would be arriving the first week of august. I asked why there was the delay as I was originally quoted June/July. She informed me that that was the normal period of time for a dress to take as it was ordered in March. Why was my dress was not ordered until March if I paid for it on January 20th? Thats almost 2 weeks later! After calling several times, leaving messages and having no one return my phone calls, I decided I would need to go into the store. When home briefly in July I stopped into the store to check on the status of my dress. The lady at the cash was hostile with me from the moment I walked in the door. I had called earlier in the day (around 10 am when the store first opened), and I must have spoken with the same girl earlier. Her response was "oh, you were that girl that called earlier right"... to which I replied, "yes, but I never heard back from anyone".... it was now almost 5pm. she was very abrupt and said "well, its very busy on saturdays and dont always have the time to go running around after these things". When I walk in and see 5 sales associates standing around talking at the front door, I have a hard time believing that not one of them could have quickly called me back. She proceeded to argue with me during our entire conversation, saying that my dress was never ordered in march, it was ordered in january and that they never would have promised that the dress would be in by june or july. She then asked who I had spoken to on the phone that had told me it was ordered in march and when I couldnt remember the persons name, she proceeded to tell me that " well you really should be getting peoples names when you are talking to them". Sorry, but I wasn't anticipating on having so many issues that I would need to remember so peoples names. The dress didnt arrive until mid august. Shortly after, I was home briefly and able to pick up my dress. On September 8th I took the dress to my seamstress. When I put on my dress I noticed SEVERAL Major issues on the dress... - the Hem is two inchs shorter on one side than the other - the center lace applique is not straight on my dress.... it is crooked - There are lace appliques on one side of my dress that are not on the other. - At the sweetheart neckline, the lace is sticking out approximately a half inch on one side, and is pretty flush with the dress on the other. - There are loose threads all over the dress, and some beads need to be reattached;the have already started to fall off. The dress hasn't even been worn yet! After being fitted I proceeded back to the store to show the staff of the flaws. They told me "I" would need to pay for the alterations to fix it, and that certain parts of it couldnt be fixed. I took it somewhere else for alterations as I had less than a month before the wedding &They did not provide any solutions or reinbursement. TO DATE: Neither the Owner or Casablanca have taken any responsibility

Went for a sample sale, found a dress!

Reviewed on 11/27/2012 Kristen C

I went for the January sample sale so the store was quite busy and I probably didn't have a typical experience you'd have if you made an appointment. We didn't get any service to speak of and had a hard time finding a change room. I did get a beautiful Enzoani dress for a good price though, and they had lots of selection.

Poor customer service

Reviewed on 6/20/2012 Hilary S

Apparently they do not believe in taking appointment times seriously. Very disapointed.

The sales team is great-alterations a rip off

Reviewed on 9/14/2011 Nadia D

The ladies in the shop are super sweet. It was such greatcustomer service...until my alterations. My dress was NOT ready on the day of my final fitting and they did not tell me this til I got to the shop. The bustle that cost me well over $100, was literally 2 clear buttons sewn on the dress-a complete waste of money.

weddign dress boutique

Reviewed on 3/31/2011 Marta M

great value for my dress! People complimented me all night!


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