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Ana's offers an elegant, classy, sophisticated and traditional setting combined with personal attention for each individual customer. Let us help you find the wedding gown of your dreams. Your perfect gown awaits you at Ana's Bridal.

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456 Warren Avenue, E. Providence, RI (401) 438-5932

loved my dress

Reviewed on 9/09/2012 Ashley C

I purchased my wedding gown, bridesmaids, and mother of the bride dresses at Ana's. They did my fitting as well. Everything came out great and my dress was awesome. I received many compliments and was extremely happy!

Dress Review

Reviewed on 8/30/2012 Becky R

Wonderful ladies work here!

Ana Is so nice!

Reviewed on 10/12/2011 Heather O

I went into this shop with no appt just to check out some dresses and wound up purchasing my gown. It was beautiful but the bustle was really difficult and came undone all night, so maybe have them make sure its secure.

Reviewed on 9/21/2017

The fact that they sell tuxedos under the same roof should have been a clue that this was a low-class operation. Given the reports of people walking in off the street and finding a dress, we thought to try this ourselves. Walked in the door, and were greeted by a young lady... Read More who immediately wanted to know if we had an appointment. When we said “no,” we were told there would be no looking at anything without an appointment and there was no one else to ask. And there was absolutely no one else in the store. We had come from out of town and had hoped to at least see some dresses. We weren’t even going to take up their precious time to try anything on. But no, they couldn’t handle that request. Since customer service is apparently too much for them to handle, I would urge you to go elsewhere.

Reviewed on 8/08/2017 helen s

As a consumer who rarely writes a review I feel compelled to let you know of my distaste for Ana's lack of customer service. If you're reading great reviews elsewhere they must be from close relatives and friends. Randomly on a Tuesday at 1 pm I entered Ana's, signed in with... Read More all my contact info, saw a sign saying "wait for assistance". No human appeared so I walked around a small lobby area and looked at gowns on racks. I would have tried on 6 gowns for sure. 15 minutes later, after I called "is anyone here?", no one replied. Weird feeling there. On my way out, I crossed off my info on sign in sheet. As I opened the door to leave I heard a voice from a speaker saying "hello???" Are you kidding me? Was I on camera and someone decided to ignore me until I was leaving? Go to Alexandra's Fall River MA all the way!

Reviewed on 8/08/2017 helen s

As a consumer who rarely writes a review I feel compelled to let you know of my distaste for Ana's lack of customer service. If you're reading great reviews elsewhere they must be from close relatives and friends. Randomly on a Tuesday at 1 pm I entered Ana's, signed in with... Read More all my contact info, saw a sign saying "wait for assistance". No human appeared so I walked around a small lobby area and looked at gowns on racks. I would have tried on 6 gowns for sure. 15 minutes later, after I called "is anyone here?", no one replied. Weird feeling there. On my way out, I crossed off my info on sign in sheet. As I opened the door to leave I heard a voice from a speaker saying "hello???" Are you kidding me? Was I on camera and someone decided to ignore me until I was leaving? Go to Alexandra's Fall River MA all the way!

Reviewed on 7/26/2017 Taylor C

I bought my wedding dress from Ana's Bridal and Ana was great. After I found the dress, she altered the dress in all the ways I had asked.

Reviewed on 7/07/2017 Melanie H

Loved working with Ana and the Ana’s Bridal Boutique staff for my wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, and MOB dress! I had originally planned on visiting Ana’s boutique to try on dresses over the summer (about a year prior to my wedding), but actually came across their booth at... Read More a local bridal expo first. They were set up and had gowns for brides-to-be to try on & purchase. Being that I was so far in advance of my wedding, I hadn’t gone to the expo with any intention of trying wedding dresses on, but since it was early on in the day, they weren’t too busy yet and I figured “what the heck?.” Ana and her staff (mostly Patricia) spent about an hour with my mom and I, just letting me try on dress after dress. There were no complaints from anyone that I wasn’t making any decisions…they just continued to let me look. I never once felt rushed our pressured. Ana eventually asked me what I was looking for in a dress, and I told her three things that would be ideal. But also said I was flexible, and if she thought something might suit me better, I would be willing to try. She brought me a dress that was lovely, but just not “the one.” Then Ana looked at me and exclaimed “I’ve got it!” and then brought me another dress. As she handed it to me, she said “this is going to be your dress.” I thought to myself, “yeah…ok” but Ana was totally right. She nailed it! The dress was perfect and so was the price. I didn’t have my boutique experience, but I wouldn’t change how special and different my “say yes to the dress” moment was. I had such a great experience with Ana and Patricia that I ordered my bridesmaid dresses through Ana’s, and my mom ended up ordering her dress from them, as well. All orders were correct and dresses arrived in a timely manner. Other reviews may indicate issues of timeliness with regards to orders, but if you do it well in advance and don’t wait until the last minute, there is no problem. That’s common sense. Ana’s stored my dress (free of charge) until my May 2017 wedding, and Ana completed the alterations, as well. I know some other reviews have complained about the price of alterations and how they need to be paid in cash, but I felt that the cost was fair. If you ask, Ana will also give you an estimate of what to expect for alterations ahead of time. The cash payment part is very clearly stated in their contract, as well. My mom was so pleased with her experience that she decided to keep her dress stored at Ana’s and have her do the alterations, as well. Being that my mom lives almost 4 hours away, she could only really travel up to RI on the weekends, and Ana accommodated my mom’s schedule (alterations appts are typically only on Mondays & Tuesdays). Ana didn’t have to do that, but she always went above and beyond to work with our schedules, and it was greatly appreciated. Ana’s alteration work was impeccable, and I had full confidence in her suggestions. I had no problem letting her do what she does best…wedding dresses. I really can’t wrap my head around the negative reviews surrounding Ana’s…I just don’t get it. Ana and Patricia were nothing but wonderful throughout the whole process, and every time my mom and I were in the boutique, they both made a point to come say hello and chat with us. I have nothing but positive things to say about my whole experience with Ana’s, and I recommend them wholeheartedly. Thank you, Ana, for being part of my special day and for making my wedding dress experience a truly special one.

Reviewed on 5/27/2017 Amanda L

I purchased my wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses at Ana's - after trying on 30 other dresses at stores who just wanted to sell me a dress. When I got to Ana's she was actually the one that pulled dresses for me listened to what I wanted and had envisioned for my day. The... Read More fittings were quick and easy she got right in with me did what she needed to. The dresses were amazing and everything came out perfect! Highly recommend going here to find your perfect dress!

Reviewed on 1/25/2017 Makayla A

Working with Ana was lovely! She created my dream dress and everything came out perfectly. I did not want to take it off, I loved it so much! She is extremely organized and professional with great attention to detail. I would absolutely recommend Ana's Bridal to any Bride! BEST... Read More DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE!!!

Reviewed on 11/19/2016

I said YES TO THE DRESS TODAY!!! thank you so much for all the help today ladies!!! What a relief and huge check mark off my list!! Next step!!! BRIDESMAIDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Reviewed on 11/19/2016 Cheyenne M

Ana's Bridal Boutique is such an amazing bridal shop. They helped me make my wedding day a dream come true. I definitely would recommend them to any future brides looking for their dream wedding gown, this is the place to go for. Such a huge collection with a lot of variety... Read More with great price points. If you want good customer service and a trustworthy place for your wedding gown shop at Ana's bridal boutique, you will be very pleased and amazed with the staff and Ana herself.

Reviewed on 10/30/2016 Monique G

Ana's was so helpful I was unsure what I really wanted. She pulled one dress and it was the one. The price was also great! Could not recommend enough! When I went back for my fitting, they made the dress fit perfectly. The alterations cost a little more than I wanted to spend,... Read More but the fit was so good I could not pass it up. My bridesmaids also got their dresses here and they loved them as well!

2016-10-31T11:36:56 Response from the vendor

We are so happy you loved your wedding gown! Thank you for choosing Ana's Bridal!

Reviewed on 10/25/2016 Alyssa B

NOT EVEN WORTHY OF ONE STAR. Ana's Bridal is the absolute worst. Never in my life have I experienced such poor customer service. Ana and her employees were some of the rudest people I have ever come into contact with. I'm honestly shocked this place has been able to stay... Read More open. This was a very unprofessional environment. The dress alternations were also embarrassing. One bridesmaids dress didn't fit at all (and she paid a lot to have it altered by Ana). It was so bad that I was pinning and sewing her dress on the day of the wedding. Also, two of the girls clasps broke off just from simply bending over right before the wedding. I couldn't believe it. Do yourself a favor and AVOID this place. Weddings are stressful enough.

Reviewed on 9/02/2016 Alexandra B

I have been going to Ana's for years. I purchased my wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses and have had many other dresses altered with Ana's. Her staff is fantastic and works well with what your needs. ana and her staff were a dream to work with for my wedding dress along with... Read More ordering and altering the bridesmaid dresses. Ana's work is hard to come by, she does a great job and I would recommend her any bride-to-be.

Reviewed on 5/31/2016

BEWARE!!!! Initially we had a good experience. We arrived for a scheduled appointment with Ana and she immediately had us pull some dresses but also picked one of her own selections ( out of the range of our suggested budget). My daughter did fall in love with the dress and it... Read More was a retired dress which meant we had to buy THAT one. Okay, I asked Ana how much it would cost to alter and her response was "Not that much". We purchased the dress and everyone was happy. My daughter's weight did NOT fluctuate more than 5 pounds between trying the dress on and alterations. She had the dress bustled ( Ana knew what the dress looked like when she sold her the dress. It had to be taken in slightly, again Ana knew this would be necessary). My daughter added a sewn in bra which many brides do and isn't a big deal. Sooooooo, imagine our surprise when we picked up the dress and were told the alterations would be $500.00 payable in CASH !!!! We also had to pay to have the dress steamed and buy a bag - REALLY ??????? at least throw that in, if the alterations are so high !!! OK, so we paid the ransom on the dress and we will NEVER be back again!!!! FYI wedding was in May 2016

Reviewed on 1/19/2016

Ana and her staff were very professional and treated us like family.

Mixed feelings

Reviewed on 11/18/2015 Cindy M

I have been a customer of Ana’s for several years, having been a bridesmaid in several weddings that used Ana’s as well. I was always happy with the selection of dresses and the alterations I had done as a bridesmaid, so it was kind of a no brainer to go here for my bridal gown!... Read More I believe Ana is very knowledgeable and she is a great seamstress. My dress ended up fitting perfectly and was more than I could have imagined. However, getting there was a bit of a struggle! I won't go into the details of each instance, but basically, you have to pay very close attention to any charges that they write down. Often they make errors or do not honor discounts or specials that were previously promised or agreed upon. I choose to give them the benefit of the doubt on this and attribute it to them just being busy, and not trying to purposefully take you, but they should really try to pay more attention to these details. The biggest issue that I had with Ana’s happened the day before my wedding. I planned to wear my godmother’s headpiece, but it needed to be reworked into something more modern and complimentary to my dress. I brought the headpiece to my first fitting and discussed with Ana what she could do with it, and was happy with the plan. The next time I went in, she had started working on it, but it wasn’t complete, and every time I went after that, nothing more was done with the headpiece, even at my final fitting when I had wanted to try on the dress with all of my accessories. She promised it would be done by Friday (the day before the wedding) and I would pick it up with my dress that day. I was told my dress would be steamed and ready to be picked up any time after noon on Friday, so I told them I would be there at 2:00, along with two of my bridesmaids who also needed their dresses steamed. We arrive at 2:00 and none of dresses had been steamed! We waited for over an hour while they steamed the three dresses, when I had to be at my rehearsal at 4:00! We had to book it to the venue for the rehearsal and barely made it on time. In all the rush, I didn’t even think to ask about the headpiece, and didn’t notice until I hung my dress up that night that the headpiece was nowhere to be found. My mom went to Ana’s as soon as they opened the next morning (the wedding day) and Ana couldn’t find the headpiece. After about a half hour of searching, she finally found it, but it had not been touched since my final fitting and was unfinished. My mom had no choice but to take it and we worked with my hairdresser make it look finished and to incorporate it as best we could. It turned out ok enough to wear, but was not what I had imagined or what Ana and I had discussed. I think Ana’s could be great, but it’s my suspicion that they are taking on more business than they can handle, and the quality of the service they can offer is suffering as a result. I hope they can improve in this area because they could be such a great bridal salon.

Reviewed on 10/26/2015 Amanda T

I originally found Ana's at a Bridal Expo in RI. It was my first my first bridal event after my engagement and on a whim I decided to try on dresses and found a beautiful dress and made the mistake of not getting it at the expo. I ended up visiting Ana's and finding an even... Read More more gorgeous dress. They spent an incredible amount of time ensuring that the dress alterations were perfect and the dress fit me beautifully the day of the wedding. The seamstresses are perfectionists and are committed to ensuring that each bride feels as special on their wedding day as they should.

Reviewed on 10/21/2015 Kristen C

I shopped at Ana's for my bridesmaid dresses in early October. I think they have a great selection to choose from which is definitely a plus. However, what I was not satisfied with is they told me the dresses would be in 5 months before my wedding. When that month came and went... Read More I never heard from them. I had to make the call myself and check in every month for the next 3 months. At this point my wedding was almost a month away and every time I called someone told me a different time that they would be in. Certainly makes a bride to be nervous and worried. I did not like the fact I couldn't trust them with the bridesmaid dress order considering no one really knew where or when they would arrive. Just keep that in mind for if you shop there, be sure to give yourself PLENTY of time.

Reviewed on 8/31/2015

I scheduled an appointment at Ana's Bridal to try two dresses I found on the internet. After trying several different dresses, I chose two dresses from Maggie Sottero and Sophia Tolli. The girls working at the Ana's Bridal store patiently help me find the type of dress I was... Read More looking for, and I loved that they didn't push me to buy the most expensive one. On my second appointment I decided for a light, amazing dress from Maggie Sottero and order it on size 8. But when I arrived home I decided I wanted size 6, otherwise would be too large for me. I called them and they changed the order immediately. After 3-4 weeks they received my dress in size 6. I wanted the dress to fit tight to my body and to open it more in the back. After the second appointment my dress was customized for my body shape and looked marvelous. All the alterations were done professionally and the dress looks like no alterations were done. It's like it came like that from the factory. They suggested a gorgeous aplique and sash belt that definitely made my dress unique. Everyone at Ana's Bridal were very attentive and kind. I would definitely come back to this place, and I recommend it 100%.

Horrible experience! Stay away!

Reviewed on 8/31/2015 sarah g

I bought my dress and bridesmaids dresses here and my experience was horrendous! The staff are rude, disorganized and not at all helpful. I had issue after issue with this place and called several times with no return call; there were several times i even left messages with an... Read More associate and still no one called me back. After calling and not getting calls back about not getting all of my bridesmaids dresses in 1 week before my wedding, I wrote a review on google only to get a call from the owner Ana herself scolding me for writing a bad review. This place needs to get there act together! I have never dealt with a more unprofessional establishment. I had so much un-needed stress for the months and even week leading up to my wedding. I am horrified by this place and would advise brides to stay away. With everything going on before your wedding this is the last thing you need!

Beautiful Dresses and Helpful Staff

Reviewed on 8/06/2015 Lindsay D

Ana's Bridal is the best bridal shop around! When looking for my wedding dress, I had a specific style in mind. After trying on many dresses in this style, I didn't love anything... until I tried something totally different. Then, I found something I LOVED. Ana's Bridal... Read More has a wide selection and they make sure to select dresses that you would like. They don't let you look through the dresses, so I would be open to trying many different styles on. My maid of honor spotted the dress I chose on the rack. Try on anything and everything that will be perfect for your body type. Ana and her daughter made my dress into exactly what I envisioned! I had quite a bit of work done to the back of my dress. After many alterations, they were able to make my dress fit PERFECTLY and made the back EXACTLY what I wanted. Ana and her daughter are such talented seamstresses and they make sure to make your dress wear you!

Reviewed on 8/04/2015 Alex G

I'd like to start by saying I am not a person who leaves bad reviews. Our experience at Ana's has been nothing short of an absolute nightmare. They lost our bridesmaid dress info, everyone had to go back in to reorder/get measured. Then, the dresses took so long to come in... Read More (because they lost our order) that we barely had time to get them altered (ELSEWHERE!). One dress still is not in, and the wedding is next week. They have been rude to everyone, including the bride. Not to mention the owner herself has been so disrespectful to the bride. I will never give Ana's my business again. I cannot believe they actually conduct their business this way. Shame on Ana's for ruining this experience for a bride & her bridal party.

Reviewed on 7/30/2015 Christine G

I was the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding and both she and the bridesmaids got dresses at Ana's. The service was so great and the quality of the alternations were wonderful! Knowing the experience she had, I had to go to Ana's and found my dream dress too! Ana is... Read More wonderful to work with and showed not only her professionalism, but her sharp eye for helping find the right dress out of their various options. I'm excited to continue preparations for the big day with Ana's Bridal Boutique & Tuxedo!