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Ann Matthews


Albuquerque, NM

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Ann Matthews



Bridesmaids, Mothers Fashions, Other Attire & Accessories, Wedding Gowns


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1620 Alameda Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM

Put me at ease

Reviewed on 1/14/2015 Alexis B

I had a short window to find a dress (4 weeks) and they put me at ease right away that I would find an amazing dress. I had more than enough choices in my price range and time frame and I got a dress more beautiful than I could have imagined! Their alterations department is wonderful as well making sure I was comfortable and that my dress fit perfectly.

Bride's Dress

Reviewed on 7/18/2014 EJ P

My wedding dress was beautiful. The staff at Ann Matthews made the selection and fitting process smooth. Great seamstress...she had to fix a slight flaw on the dress from the factory. The store took responsibility for that.

Perfect dress!

Reviewed on 6/20/2014 Sheila R

Ann Matthews is a local family owned business in Albuquerque and are an absolute gem in the City. The staff is friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable about wedding dresses. They are also affordable. My experience there was phenomenal. They understood what I was looking for right away and pulled dresses that I wouldn't have thought of but were exactly what I was looking for. My dress was gorgeous and fit like a glove. I was able to find my headpiece and veil there as well. They took great care of me and never made me feel like a sale (which I had experienced elsewhere). I would recommend them to everyone looking for wedding dresses and prom dresses too for that matter. 5 STARS!!

Found my dress here!

Reviewed on 1/13/2014 Jen D

My mom, sister and I recently visited Ann Matthews for my bridal appointment and had an absolutely wonderful experience. Not only was the staff attentive and kind on the phone when gathering my information for the appointment, but they were also very adept at finding styles that were very much in line with what I was looking for. Ann Matthews is a family business and was therefore much smaller and customer focused than the bridal department stores. The entire staff went out of their way to make me happy. It did not feel like they were forcing me to buy a dress from them, but rather wanted to provide comprehensive information about the dresses and designers to help me find a dress that made me happiest. I also appreciated their honesty about prices and their truly caring demeanor. I ended up finding the perfect dress and ordering it on the spot, and they even gave us free lotion and chapstick as a "thank you" for supporting their business! I would highly recommend them to others, and I am looking forward to revisiting them for dress fittings and to purchase a veil.


Reviewed on 11/23/2013 Karlie P

I cannot stress this enough... YOU MUST GET YOUR WEDDING GOWN HERE! Okay so I went in Ann Matthews on a limb. I was scared to walk in thinking they would turn me away or treat me differently. NOT! I was greeted with nothing but respect. Each associate helped me. The owner helped me as well. They had me pick out some dresses and put me in a room to try them on :) No appointment needed! Wow! I picked out around 10 dresses to try on. After the 2nd dress I was getting worried I wouldn't find something I loved. The lady helping me try on dresses asked if she could pick a dress for me to try on. That was the 3rd dress and is now my dress for my wedding day. So happy with the experience I had. What wonderful people. They really helped me out. The dress is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous. I can not wait to have it on! Also they have payment options. I was surprised about this because I went to Christine's in santa fe and they were rude and told me "No you have to buy it up front". Who can even do that? ANNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDD my dress was 20% off!!!!! Just because of the time I bought it. GOT SO LUCKY!!!!!!!! Give this bridal shop a try. You won't regret it.

Worst Experience of my wedding

Reviewed on 9/29/2013

Where do I begin. I ordered my bridal gown through them as well as all 10 of my bridesmaid dresses. We would have been better off ordering them ALL online. Not only did not a single one fit, they were super expensive and the seamstresses "they recommend" are 1/2 the price of the dress. They won't order one dress until all are ordered and paid for, and what they also don't tell you is that when they order them they are not custom. So basically, whatever your measurements are they will order a dress that will be "closest" to your size and you deal with all alterations after it comes in. Keep in mind, when you first walk in there is a sign saying all sales are final, of course they are you pay upfront and have no way of declining what you get. I guess this was the best indication that customer service was non-existent once everything was paid for. They also don't let you take pictures, most likely because they are crafted with NO workmanship and don't come out like you expect. Two of my bridesmaids didn't even have lining on the inside of their dresses and wouldn't have known any different had they not all been getting ready together. This is all considering that when the dresses come in 2 weeks before the wedding you're pretty much out of options. My bridal gown on the other hand was pretty much dealt with the same way, ordered as a size which was not mine, every flaw it had was brushed off by the staff, and I too was handed a suggested seamstress card upon walking out. The top was too low, the bottom was uneven, the beading on the train didn't match what was on the top part of my dress, the breast were noticeably uneven and extremely small, and the waist and hips were too big. The waist band had also risen a significant amount making it look like I had absolutely no torso. This dress was ordered in February and came in at the end of July, my wedding was August 17th ultimately leaving me with no other options for a bridal gown. My seamstress did the best with what she had, and did a fantastic job. All the seams were uneven with no extra material leaving little to no room for alterations. Unless you had seen the dress before hand you would have never known all the problems that lied beneath. I wish I could have paid my seamstress the amount of the dress and the bridal shop the amount of the alteration because that would have suited both parties for the amount of work provided. My bridal gown situation was a disaster to say the least. I have nothing nice to say about any aspect of my experience with Ann Matthews Bridal shop. Rating them with a 1 is a million times more than I'd ever give them credit for.

Po Dunk

Reviewed on 9/25/2013 deme e

Hole in the wall dress store. sold me a size 10 dress said it was size 6 so it cost me way more to get it taken in. needless to say I was a size 10. also went with a friend to get her dress, and the lady helpig her told her the dress wouldnt fit, she was too big.

Beautiful dress, wonderful service

Reviewed on 7/08/2013 Lauren T

They helped me modify a dress into the the dress of my dreams at a great price! I was given the personal cell number of one of the owners and encouraged to call or text with any concerns. Everything was addressed with flexibility...they stored my dress, pressed it, everything to make it easier on me!

I LOVED my dress!!!

Reviewed on 6/14/2013 Michelle R

Ann Matthews was extremely accommodating and helped me every step of the way with my alterations. I absolutely LOVED my dress! It will always be one of the most beautiful things I've ever owned. I wish I could wear it everyday!

Finally beautiful dresses!

Reviewed on 6/11/2013 Selena B

I looked at several other vendors in the city but finally found dresses that I felt were worth the expense and that made me feel like a beautiful bride. The ladies here helped me several times to try on dresses, find and pick the perfect one for me, and were helpful every step of the way. The only complaints are that the price was a little steep and I had to email for about a month to finally pick-up my dress, but at least I definitely got a very high quality dress and a beautiful matching veil - so I would recommend going to this store far ahead of your date to get a dress on time.

Amazingly helpful!

Reviewed on 9/21/2012 Dana R

3 months before my wedding I decided I wanted a different dress. I had found another dress but the manufacturer could not get it in time for my wedding. I decided to just start calling bridal stores across the country hoping one would have my size/color in stock. Ann Matthews shop did! The woman who helped me over the phone was amazing! So helpful! And they shipped it to me right away! Great customer service!

Don't do it

Reviewed on 10/07/2011 Carissa M

I had to find a new dress a month before my wedding, they couldn't promise my dress would be in on time( and it was a fight to get a refund they are not willing to admit they are wrong) They said it would be in 3 months before the wedding and it never came nor did they call me and when I would call or go in I was treating so disrespectfully. I know 3 other girls after telliv my story who have had the same problem.... I wish I would of know and read reviews before

worst experience

Reviewed on 9/21/2011 Stacey S

I ordered my original dress here in february. The dress had a delivery date of july. My mom and I went in to pick up my dress only to find it had never been ordered. The staff was horrible!!! So rude. They were not willing to do anything to make the mistake right. We got our money back and would never ever recommend using this place of business!

Anne Matthews the Most Helpful

Reviewed on 8/25/2011 Michelle F

Ann Matthews is a great place to find your wedding dress. While every place was very nice about bringing out any dress I requested, only the owner at Ann Matthews asked me about particular things I liked about different dresses and brought out other options. The dress I ultimately chose (and loved!) was one I never even saw in the books.

Terribly Unorganized!

Reviewed on 8/07/2011 Emily B

Do not get your dress here! They may seem attentive and friendly at first, but they will screw you over. It took about 10 months for my dress to come in, and when it did (a week before the wedding) it was the wrong size. They never answer the phone, so if you have any out-of-towners or very busy attendants in your party, they will NOT be able to get their measurements in on time. Or will they? Maybe they'll write it down and never call the attendant back. Again, DO NOT SHOP HERE!

My dress shop

Reviewed on 7/03/2011 Treva R

I did find my dream dress. I felt as soon as they had my money, customer service was no longer a factor. So do not pay in full until you have your dress. Communication is not part of their service. When I did finally get my dress they wanted nothing else to do with me, couldn't wait to get me out of there. Wouldn't even let my mother look for a dress because I quote "we have nothing for your here because you know what you want and I don't have it".

Buying the Dress

Reviewed on 6/14/2011 Ruth H

The team at Ann Matthews did an amazing job of listening to what I was looking for initially and working through the appointment with an open ear. All the consultants really know their stock and what's fashionable. They were the first shop I visited in ABQ during my hunt and I went back to them after visiting shops like Brides By Demitrios because their customer service and ability to treat me with respect were unmatched. They also were sensitive to my financial needs and did a great job working within my budget to find the best dress for my money. My mom also bought her dress there, and had a similar experience with them.

Ann Matthews Review

Reviewed on 12/13/2010 Robyn G

Matt at Ann Matthews did a fantastic job helping me select the perfect gown. After asking me a number of questions, he narrowed down the choices and showed me a lace gown I never would have considred for myself. He even picked out a beautiful veil that matched perfectly. The only down side was that the dress took about 8 months to arrive and it was hard to get anyone at Ann Matthews on the phone to explain why. They also don't have an alterations person in house, so you have to find someone on your own to make any changes needed.


Reviewed on 11/23/2010 Lisa R

This is not your typical bridal shop and no one is going to kiss your butt. But Madeline will give it to you straight and found me an amazing dress with no pressure. Be firm on the deadline dates though.

Great Service

Reviewed on 11/12/2010 Angela A

Sweet People


Reviewed on 10/31/2010 Jamie T

They had anything and everything I wanted- or thought I wanted. The staff knew what I would love and the first dress they had me try was PERFECT!


Reviewed on 10/24/2010 Zanya L

Just Beautiful!

Tuxedo Rental

Reviewed on 8/30/2010 Jessica G

They were very helpful in choosing colors and styles. I went in 2 weeks before the wedding and they had no problem getting the tux on time. Very friendly people. Great prices!


Reviewed on 5/18/2010 Andrea J

Everyone at Ann Matthews were so nice and caring. I got my dress and my bridesmaids dresses there and I couldn't be happier!!! So helpful and they make you feel like a princess!!!


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