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Your First Dance Should Last a Lifetime!

Arthur Murray Dance Studios have been the industry leader in helping couples prepare for the wedding dance floor for over 100 years! Specializing in the first dance, mother/son dance, father/daughter dance and more! Your first lesson is complimentary at any one of our eight Boston area locations!



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Boston, MA (617) 426-3335

Arthur Murray Rocks

Reviewed on 7/15/2014 Kim R

My husband Bill and I had a fabulous time working with Harrison at the Boston Park Plaza Arthur Murray location to learn a fox trot for our wedding first dance "Nine Milllion Bicycles". Harrison is a very talented dance instructor and his engaging personality, humor and... Read More patience helped motivate us to learn the dance and be confident on our big day. We really enjoyed the lessons we took the 2 months before our wedding and would highly recommend Arthur Murray. Many thanks again to Harrison!


Reviewed on 3/14/2014 Erin M

My husband and I took dance lessons at Arthur Murray with the goal of not being embarrassed during our first dance, because we were both so bad. And we ended up with so much more than that! They worked so well with us, and now we can fox trot with the best of them! Our first... Read More dance was amazing, I felt confident, and everyone commented on how great it was. We had so much fun that we signed up for more lessons after the wedding!

Reviewed on 7/07/2016 Liz A

I had been wanting to learn to ballroom dance for a long time, since my now-husband loves to dance. Our wedding seemed like the perfect opportunity, so we signed up for 5 lessons at Arthur Murray Boston. The lessons are expensive, but the studio puts no pressure on you to sign... Read More up for more than you want. Our teacher, Harrison, was so much fun to work with: he was hilarious, which made us always look forward to our lessons, but also a good teacher with the ability to hone in on what you’re doing wrong and explain clear solutions. Instead of learning a choreographed routine for our first dance, Harrison taught us the building blocks of several different steps: this was so much better, because now instead of only having one specific routine memorized, my husband and I can dance to any number of songs. Our lessons were so much fun because we not only gained a new skill, but we had some one-on-one time together during our engagement where we just got to be together, without worrying about work or wedding logistics. So if you’ve ever wanted to learn how to ballroom dance, give it a try at Arthur Murray!

Reviewed on 3/06/2016 Anna K

We had a wonderful time learning choreography for our First Dance at the Danver's Arthur Murray Dance Studio!! Our instructor, Alex, was very knowledgable, creative, and fun to work with! He worked with us to choreograph over 4 minutes for our wedding song! We also enjoyed... Read More taking group classes with the other studio staff, where we learned even more about technique, as well as a variety of dances that we used throughout the night of our wedding! Dancing together was also a fun "date" time for us to regularly set aside, and it gave us some great moves that we've used at other weddings and even during our honeymoon!

Great Studio

Reviewed on 1/26/2016 Kendra S

My husband and I loved taking dance lessons! They helped make our first dance so special.

Great instructors= successful first dance

Reviewed on 11/03/2015 Cristiana A

My fiancé and I were nervous about our first dance as husband and wife at our wedding reception as we both have 2 left feet. We decided to take dance lessons to ease the anxiety. We didn't know where we'd go so we googled dance lessons, filled out a form and the next day we... Read More got a call from the Arthur Murray studio. They invited us in for a consultantion. We didn't know what to expect but we enjoyed ourselves and signed up for 5 private lessons. It was a little pricey but worth it. They helped us pick a song and gavw good guidance throughout he classes. It was a great stress reliever while planning g a wedding. We made each class into a date night! We even practiced our first dance in front of a group in the studio. We had so much fun during our first dance and you could see it with the smiles on our faces. We would definitely recommend Arthur Murray dance studio!

Amazing Preparation for First Dances

Reviewed on 10/14/2015 Thaddeus D

My (now) wife and I went to Arthur Murray 4-5 weeks before our wedding because we realized we needed to get in shape for our first dance and the father/daughter, mother/son dances. We had taken some dance lessons in college but were far from being experts. In fact, I feel that... Read More my wife moves extremely well, but I am extremely clumsy. After a few quick emails with the studio we came in and started dancing with Scott, the instructor we were lucky enough to be paired with. A quick note: we were incredibly lucky to be paired with Scott. We didn't know who (or what) we would get when we came in but Scott was kind, funny, and an excellent dancer. He was ready to work with us and at every turn helped me and my wife have fun and, most importantly, get ready to kill it on the dance floor. If you are lucky enough to be paired with Scott seize the opportunity (or just see if he has an opening!) The end result, after taking 8 lessons in 4-5 weeks, was that we had (if I do say so myself) an impressive first dance. The only "insider trick" to know here is to get a practice first dance (through a group class or one of Arthur Murray's dance parties). Basically, the instructors will work with you to set up a time for you to do a run through (shortened, two minutes) of your first dance with people around. It will be very nerve-wracking, but when the time comes for the big day you will have done a dry-run and be much more comfortable. At the end of the day, we would have felt comfortable with any of the Arthur Murray instructors. Over the course of our sessions we worked with Andrew and others, but I would be extremely remiss if I did not reiterate just how amazing Scott was to work with. So, if you are lucky enough to be paired with him or he has any openings SEIZE THE OPPORTUNITY. After our wedding, we're planning to continue our dancing lessons. We had a ton of fun and in the deepest moments of wedding stress used the dance floor to lighten the mood. We just cannot recommend Arthur Murray enough.

So Fun!

Reviewed on 6/25/2015 Sara L

My now husband and I had a great idea for our first dance at our wedding and knew that we needed some help putting the moves together. I searched online for dance studios in the Boston area that help put wedding dances together and found Arthur Murray online with great reviews,... Read More so we decided to make an appointment and go check it out. The experience well surpassed our expectations! They were all very professional, patient and helped us put together a show-stopping first dance! I highly recommend Arthur Murray for anyone that is looking to have a unique first dance at their wedding! I've been married for 5 months now, and we would like to return to take some additional classes-just finding the time is the only challenge now:)

Great lessons!

Reviewed on 9/27/2014 Christine M

Joy was our instructor and she was fantastic! We started with a certificate for 2 free individual lessons and she sold us a package with more. Our first day she listened to our wedding song and decided what type of dance would go best with it. By our last visit we were ready... Read More for our wedding dance including our dip finale! We did really great at the wedding! My only negative is that there were many visits she was trying to sell us more dance lessons when we really just wanted to do an amazing wedding dance.

Great Skills in No Time!

Reviewed on 6/04/2013 Ashley S

We used the AMDS in Worcester. Our dance teacher, Ben, was amazing and worked with us for 3 lessons (we came for dance lessons about a month before our wedding, eek!). He was so patient and kind; we truly appreciated his willingness to teach us how to look like we had a basic... Read More knowledge of dance in only 3 lessons. We had such a fun time learning, too! Pretty affordable for the first three lessons, also. We'd highly recommend this dance studio!

First dance

Reviewed on 11/25/2012 Amanda M

We learned the Foxtrot. This was our first time dancing together like this and our teacher gave us alot of instruction with a lot of patients. Even though we were only able to dance for a short bit due to my dress being in the way it was worth it.

Groupon classes

Reviewed on 11/15/2012 Kim N

I used a Groupon for two private lessons and one group class. The instructor we had was really nice, and we enjoyed working with him. The classes were expensive without the groupon, so we didn't opt to take more.

Highly satisfied

Reviewed on 11/10/2012 Sarah B

My husband and I are not very good at dancing so I decided to buy us some lessons to prepare for our first dance at our wedding. Boy did the lessons pay off! We took 1 to 2 lessons a week for about a month (combination of private, group, and practice sessions). Our instructor... Read More at Arthur Murray choreographed a beautiful dance that we were able to learn in the little amount of time we had. All of our guests were so impressed that we took lessons and had a real first dance. The instructors at Arthur Murray are great and we highly recommend them!

Learned Some Rhythm and Our First Dance!

Reviewed on 11/02/2012 Lauren A

My husband and I took about 10 "private" lessons and 10 group lessons in the 4 months leading up to our wedding, and had a much better time with it than we expected. We really wanted to learn just basic rhythm on the dance floor, and also to have a stellar first dance. Harrison... Read More and Christian were our instructors, and they were both awesome! We had a lot of fun with them, and they taught us a lot of different dances to keep us moving to all types of music and a "foxy" dance routine for our first dance. Thanks to them, my husband's skills improved dramatically, and I thought he was going to complain about going, but he had actually enjoyed it! Only thing I'd warn about Arthur Murray though is that it is a bit chaotic on the dance floor (the "private" lessons are hardly private because multiple other people are also having "private" lessons in the same room) and the lessons are really short by the time you start getting into the steps. There are also a lot of pressuring sales pitches to keep signing up for more packages. I would definitely go back to Harrison or Christian just for fun though and would love to master some of the dances that we enjoyed learning with them.

So much fun

Reviewed on 9/27/2012 Alexandra B

We signed up for Arthur Murray for our first dance and ended up joining for the year. The staff is so friendly and now we have a hobby that we can do together.

Very accomodating and great teaching

Reviewed on 7/10/2012 Corinne H

Fantastic lessons in Natick, Massachusetts. Very courteous, prompt, and receptive staff. Coordinated around our crazy schedule which we really appreciated. Maximized every moment of teaching.

Expensive-Not many new techniques

Reviewed on 6/30/2012 Amanda R

We took 5 lessons at Arthur Murray to learn a swing dance. Everyone was very friendly and the first 2 lessons we learned different moves. The last 3 lessons (over $100 each) were just perfecting our moves, nothing new. We were hoping to have something really fun and... Read More different, but ended up going to a Swing Club to incorporate some fun moves. For a 40 minute lesson and over $100 an hour we expected to have something more exciting and less perfected since our friends know we aren't professionals anyway.

Just Right Dance Lessons!

Reviewed on 3/08/2012 Jaimie M

We took lessons for 10 weeks prior to the wedding - we could only go 1 day a week - and the end result made a great impression on our guests! Melissa in Natick was our instructor and she was wonderful. She got me comfortable (I'm really nervous dancing!) and she was able to... Read More work with us when we got frustrated in learning certain steps. They're awesome as a studio too - initially your instructor will ask some questions and then guide you through what you need to do to achieve the results you're looking for. We were SO happy with our comfort level in the first dance together as husband and wife! :)

Great learning environment and instructors

Reviewed on 3/04/2012 Cattleya M

I went to the Burlington, MA location and Shamus was our instructor. He was very patient, fun, and encouraging. We had 4 lessons and felt prepared for our first dance because of his help.

Overcrowded and didn't learn anything!

Reviewed on 2/17/2012 Catherine M

My fiance and I took lessons with Arthur Murray in downtown Boston. We bought a deal online that gave us four private lessons and some group lessons. At the end of our four lessons, we had learned about 12 different dance steps, none of which we actually learned well enough... Read More that we could apply them to our first dance. Not to mention, every time we had a lesson there were many other couples having lessons in the same small space so it was very cramped and everyone would run into each other. When our lessons were up, they awkwardly showed us a binder with a couple different wedding packages that would help us prep for our first dance (which is what we had requested they help us with from the beginning). The prices were outrageous and they said we needed to "act now" to get a 10% discount (very car salesman-esque). Not a very positive experience. Luckily, we found another dance studio who we worked with in Newton and our first dance (after only four dance lessons) ended up being a huge hit!

2012-03-20T13:44:34 Response from the vendor

We are SO sorry that you had an unfavorable experience at our Boston studio. Most of our wedding students rave about their Arthur Murray experience. That is always our goal and what has kept our Boston studio in business for 34 years. We sincerely apologize... Read Less Read More

Perfect day, perfect dance!

Reviewed on 11/01/2011 Jennifer A

Shamus at Arthur Murray helped my husband and I learn how to fox trot in only 3 lessons. We can't thank him enough! Being able to stand up on our big day and do more than sway to the music was our only goal, and we got so much more out of these lessons. The studio is very... Read More affordable and Shamus was so much fun to work with.

The dance lessons were fun

Reviewed on 9/10/2011 Julie C

I have been dancing for several years, but my fiance had no experience. The instructor at Arthur Murray was very patient and understanding. She gave us enough basic steps for a mini-routine that we put to our first dance song. We had six lessons in total and they were... Read More enjoyable.

Loved Every Minute

Reviewed on 9/09/2011 Alexis C

My husband was reluctant to try dancing, but I was amazed to find he actually enjoyed it after our first lesson. I attribute that to our wonderful dance instructor, Ben Champagne from the Worcester studio. He was comical, witty and great to work with. We chose "Can't take my... Read More eyes off of you" for our song, but did not want to choreograph anything - just learn basic steps so we could do whatever we felt comfortable with. After we learned several impressive looking twirls, dips and other moves, we were both impressed that we had progressed so far in only a couple of lessons. We received lots of compliments on our first dance and we had fun practicing!

The best!

Reviewed on 8/29/2011 Lindsey L

We went to the studio in Natick, MA. They were the BEST! I started off with two left feet, and after 6 months we blew our wedding guests away. It's so nice to feel confident on the dance floor now! If you go to the Natick studio, request to work with Olga or Stan - we absolutely... Read More love them.

Melissa is a dancing queen!

Reviewed on 8/01/2011 Laura S

We loved our dance lessons with Arthur Murray Dance in Boston. Melissa was our teacher and she was the best! We loved working with her. I had orginially purchased a Groupon and only planned to stay for the 3 lessons, but we ended up doing a full package and are going to stay and... Read More be in the Bronze level 1 program because we loved it so much. I highly recommend getting dance lessons for your first dance. It is a great way to spend stress free and fun time with your future hubby and who knows, you just might find that it turns into a new hobby for you to do together. Best value for the money, amazing instructors who know their stuff, great learning structure too. They have been doing this for years and have teaching down to a science and an art. We can't wait to go back! Thank you Melissa for making us look like rockstars on the dance floor!