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Personalized Wedding Dance Lessons

We are experts at making you confident and impressive dancers. We work with you to customize and polish the first dance you envision. Whether you are looking for basic steps or full choreography, the patient and encouraging instructors at BDC ensure you’ll have fun learning to dance together!



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4039 B N Ravenswood, Chicago, IL

The most fun wedding preparation!

Reviewed on 4/25/2014 Krista S

My husband and I took 7 weeks of dance lessons to prepare for our first dance. We also went to the wedding dance showcase. Our experience was fantastic! Rachael was always ready to go and the experience felt very personalized - which I have found can be a bit lost in the... Read More wedding industry! The first dance went (mostly) without a hitch and most importantly we had so much fun in the lessons! We are planning to continue occasionally with none-first dance lessons! We would definitely recommend BDC for all wedding couples (and any other couple)!

5, 6, 7, 8

Reviewed on 3/06/2014 Anna B

My husband and I had the best time at BDC. Liz and Rachael were our instructors and were amazing to work with, we even taught them a few of our crazy homemade moves. My husband and I had never danced formally together before our lessons. At those 8 lessons, we felt ready to... Read More take the stage for our first dance at our wedding. Liz and Rachael were enthusiastic about our learning experience, they took the time to break things down for us, review the steps countless times each week and cheer us on as we practiced together. They also took to the time to get to know us as people and to ask questions about our wedding planning and what we did when we weren't at the studio. We felt like people, not clients! I would highly recommend BDC, convenient location (well for us), easy parking and great dance instructors.

Fun for years to come

Reviewed on 12/12/2013 Brooke R

We started our dance lessons about 9 months ahead of our wedding. Needless to say, we were worried about our first dance and our lack of dance skills. We initially worked with Rachael to choose a style of dance that we both liked and chose our first dance song. Then we really... Read More dug into learning and perfected our fully choreographed dance. Rachael was a lot of fun to work with, was very patient and taught us a dance that we both really liked. There were bumps along the way, but she made sure that we both felt comfortable and knew exactly what we were supposed to do. I am sure that she felt like a therapist at times, but she was always upbeat and positive and helped us to enjoy the process of learning. Overall BDC is just a fun place to be. There were always other couples dancing during our lessons and it was amazing to see other people progress over the weeks/months. The best part of this came at the monthly BDC dance parties when couples could perform in front of an audience. We got to perform our first dance in front of a very supportive & cheering audience. Having that dry run under our belts really helped to settled our nerves on our wedding day. We enjoyed dancing at BDC so much that we plan to continue taking lessons! Thanks BDC for all of the help and fun along the way!

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Kinsley E

You know you've got a great dance instructor when she crashes your wedding in a cat costume ... that did not actually happen, but it was a long-running joke at our lessons with instructor Rachael Fromkin. And you really do know you've got a great dance instructor when you... Read More invite her to your wedding! (That did actually happen.) We had so much fun with Rachael her at our lessons that we invited her and her beau, Colin, to our wedding, and they were lovely guests. We genuinely loved dancing with Rachael. She is, of course, an excellent dancer herself, but also a great teacher - thorough and extremely patient with our clod-hopping tendencies. And she's just plain fun to hang out with - gracious, warm, and hilarious (see "cat costume" reference above). We were new to ballroom dancing and my husband had some qualms about "this whole dance thing" (he already had one signature dance move which he felt should have been entertainment enough for our guests), but Rachael won him over in a single lesson. We learned a ton and had a blast doing it. Rachael also has amazing choreography skills - she helped us pick a first-dance song and then customized choreography for us - we wound up doing a combination of Fox Trot and Swing, with a lot of fun spins and even a few lifts. She built the dance to suit the song, our personalities, and our skill level - and she refined and tweaked it for us as we progressed. For the record, our skill level is somewhere near zero, but she made us feel like 10's! At the wedding, our photographer made a point of telling me that she thought it was one of the best wedding dances she had seen. While that was extremely gratifying for us to hear, I think it really speaks to Rachael's creative choreography skills, which gave us a fun and elegant first dance and tailored to us in a way that didn't make fools out of us in the process. We highly recommend BDC for your wedding dance lessons! They make the process of learning fun - it's low-key and low-pressure while still being very effective. They offer a convenient variety of packages and pricing options. They have multiple locations - we worked with Rachael at the Ravenswood location. It's a lovely studio - a big open space with hardwood floors and funky art. There were never more than two other couples present during our lesson (each working with a different instructor), so we never felt crowded. The staff are all very welcoming and friendly - they spend time chatting with students and seem genuinely interested in getting to know a little something about you beyond the steps you want to learn. They are also very liberal with the complimentary wine, beer, water, and - most importantly - the jelly beans. Another perk is that they host occasional parties for their students that include free group lessons and the chance to try out your new-found moves in front of other people before the wedding (we weren't able to take advantage of this ourselves, but I think it's a brilliant idea - especially if you're at all nervous about dancing in front of others). You know you've got a great dance instructor when you immediately sign up for more lessons right after your wedding. We're now dancing with Rachael again - learning the Salsa and Samba for some upcoming trips we'll be taking. We're having just as much fun as before! Although we haven't seen that cat costume yet ...

fun, but we're still terrible

Reviewed on 9/24/2015 Jenn R

These guys were great. Our instructor Lydia was so fun, super nice, they have alcohol. So good times. We're still terrible. We took 3 classes. We really had a good time, they were fun date nights. But to be honest, we're both double-left-footed, and it didn't fix us. We did... Read More learn a cool spin that made our dance way more interesting though! Classes are a little pricey, as are all ballroom classes, so I'm glad we didn't go more times, but what we did do was fun.

Best dance studio in Chicago

Reviewed on 11/11/2014 Nicole G

My husband and I did around 6 dance lessons for our wedding. I was so happy with what we learned in very little time. Our dance instructor, Cathy, is so sweet and taught us a lot. Not only did we learn a dance but would have so much fun in the process. We now want to learn salsa... Read More and swing!

Amazing experience

Reviewed on 10/15/2014

We got married on August 23rd. We took classes twice a week for our first dance and I can tell that we had an amazing and fun experience. Staff was very professional and helpful. We took classes with Mathew and I felt so comfortable and prepared for our dance. Everyone was... Read More thrilled when we moved down the floor! I think we made the best choice coming to Ballroom Dance Chicago! I couldn't ask for a better team! We are continuing taking lessons because simply it's sooo much fun!!

lot of fun

Reviewed on 10/30/2012 Kasia N

Wanted a decent first dance with my wife and found this on Have a free 30 minute assessment so we gave it a try. We worked with the co-owner, Matt. He was a lot of fun and made the lessons enjoyable and set the pace to match our skill level. Very patient.... Read More Lessons usually started with a few glasses of wine to help me out. the other instructors seemed to have a great time too working with their students. He structured our wedding dance in line to how many lessons we were taking and by how fast we picked up new moves to get a dance prepared in time for our wedding. It went awesome! as of our last lesson they were getting ready to move literally across the wall from their current place to a much bigger location. We look forward to taking future dance lessons there. Only downside is dance lessons are not cheap but you are paying for an hour for you and your partner with a private instructor.

Dancing Crash Course!

Reviewed on 10/29/2012 Elizabeth C

My fiance and I arrived for our first dance lesson unprepared without a wedding song, minimal prior dance instruction, and only 8 weeks to go before our wedding. Szewai and the entire BDC team could not have been more helpful. Rather than having a rehearsed choreographed first... Read More dance, Szewai taught us some basic steps and transitions that could be used for a number of our songs. She was always patient and encouraging, but also not afraid to give accurate feedback to help us improve. As a result, we had a lot of confidence going into our first dance and received tons of compliments on it. In addition, the entire BDC team was always very welcoming and friendly when we arrived or left.

Quite satisfied

Reviewed on 10/23/2012 Thomas H

Ballroom Dance Chicago was a wonderful place to learn to dance. I had told my fiancee (now wife) that I wanted actually to dance for our first dance at our wedding rather than simply shuffle around in a circle for three minutes, and BDC taught us a foxtrot sequence that worked... Read More very well. We were greeted by name every time we arrived at BDC, and the instructors kept careful track of what we had learned and what it was we were currently learning. I very much felt that they wanted to see us be confident, to see us progress, and to make sure that we had a good plan for our first dance. My only complaint was that the whole deal was a little pricey. We only had time for ten lessons before our wedding, but seventy dollars apiece (while, I think, well-spent) felt a little steep.

The lessons paid off!

Reviewed on 10/20/2012 Kati P

We loved Ballroom Dance Chicago! My husband and I took weekly dance lessons starting about 3 months before our wedding, and ended up taking about 12 or so lessons total. Audrey was a great teacher - very thoughtful and patient. We are not the most natural dancers, so we... Read More definitely appreciated the approach! After our lessons, we were ready for our first dance (and wedding dancing in general). Our guests were impressed, so we felt great that the lessons paid off. The studio is geared more towards wedding dance lessons but it's a fun place to take dance lessons in general. We are thinking about going back to learn salsa. They also host parties (so you can keep practicing). It makes a great date night!

Fun and challenging at the same time

Reviewed on 10/17/2012 Zhi C

My wife and I decided not to do the basic "waddle" for our first dance and decided to get some lessons. We found BDC and chose to get lessons from Szewai as our teacher based on reviews. Several weeks later, we danced a beautiful waltz for our first dance and we have Szewai to... Read More thank. Her approach is never intimidating, always encouraging and full of fun. She challenged us at the right times and knew what moves to add to the routine to be just challenging enough given our abilities and be looking good at the same time. We enjoyed learning from her and got a lot of confidence from the whole experience. BDC may be a little one the pricey side compare to some other studios, but it was well worth it.

Fun times

Reviewed on 10/07/2012 Renee F

We received a gift certificate here for two dance lessons and it was a wonderful gift. Our instructor helped us choose a style of dance for our first dance and then taught us basic moves so that we could actually dance to songs. Then she helped us compose our first dance. It... Read More was not too showy but was really fun. We ended up doing only three because of time constraints, and the lessons are expensive, but they were really fun and worth it. I wish we had time to do more, but I think we will take this up as a hobby. I guess they have byob dance parties that we will probably look into.

We love Kathryn!

Reviewed on 9/28/2012 Kate M

My fiance and I had the most fun getting ready for our first dance with BRD! We did 6 or 8 weeks of lessons and their schedule was so flexible. It was the perfect way to end Monday evenings after a long day of work and they were always very accommodating with weekend schedules... Read More as well. We had a lovely experience with Kathryn as well as some of the other instructors, the private lessons are a huge plus, the studio is very inviting and relaxing, and my favorite part was always being offered a complimentary glass of water or wine to begin the lesson. Anyone looking for a studio for their first dance should run to BRD!


Reviewed on 8/20/2012 Karoline S

Great teachers, great atmosphere! Kathryn did a wonderful job in teaching us or first dance - we felt very comfortable with it and all the guests loved it!

Great pre-wedding dates!

Reviewed on 7/16/2012 Amanda M

Rachel from Ballroom Dance Chicago taught us how to dance beautifully. Not just choreography, but actually how to lead, follow, and really move on the dance floor. We had a lovely first dance and a new found appreciation for ballroom dancing. We had so much fun learning and... Read More the entire staff was wonderful and welcoming. We can't wait to go back and take more lessons!

Thank you Ballroom Dance Chicago!

Reviewed on 6/06/2012 Laura B

My new husband and I are so glad we did this! We took 6 lessons at Ballroom Dance Chicago in the 2 months leading up to our wedding to learn steps for our first dance to REO Speedwagon's Keep on Loving You. Kathryn was our instructor and she was fantastic! We learned so much... Read More in a short period of time and had fun doing it. We had lots of comments from our guests about how great our first dance (and of course questions on if we practiced or took lessons). It was so worth it to feel confident out there dancing with everyone watching you! Thank you Kathryn and Szewai! We hope to show up at a Sips and Dips party soon and practice our skills :) -Laura and Tim

A Wedding Must!

Reviewed on 11/04/2011 Gina Z

We took lessons from Szewai (and a some from Matthew) to prepare for our wedding. I can’t say enough awesome things about this studio and the teachers. I could seriously write 2000 words about how much I love BDC if I had the time. Not only are the teachers great at teaching you... Read More how to dance, but they are fabulous people who I love seeing every week. My husband and I studied the rumba and smooth swing for 4 months prior to our wedding. The lessons were totally worth it, we looked AMAZING during our first dance… standing ovation amazing. Szewai not only taught us dance technique and lead & follow skills, but brought out a love of dance that both my husband I didn’t know we had. We’ve used our dance abilities for more than just our first dance, we now hit the dance floor at all social functions. We have continued lessons after our wedding and there are two reasons why: 1) The teachers are fantastic at teaching dance. We’ve learned so much and seen incredible progress in the last 9 months, neither of us thought it was possible to reach the point we are at today. We could not dance when we started lessons and we now hold our own on the dance floor. I never thought I would say I can dance the fox trot, smooth swing, single step swing, rumba and salsa! 2) The atmosphere in the studio also keeps us coming back. Wedding planning gets stressful! The atmosphere at BDC is laid back and fun. The lesson always started with a glass of wine and I quickly forgot whatever was bothering me once my husband and I started dancing. I found myself looking forward to class as a time to de-stress, spend quality time with my husband and socialize. Swewai and Matthew do a spectacular job of creating a fun vibe that keeps us coming back for lessons.

Dancing the night away

Reviewed on 11/02/2011 Elizabeta M

I cannot give enough praise to Ballroom Dance Chicago. Our instructor Szewai was awesome, we even continued lessons with her after our wedding. She choreographed a fabulous routine for our first dance and even helped us learn other dances for the night. Highly recommend... Read More Ballroom Dance Chicago!

Get dance lessons! Worth your money!!

Reviewed on 11/01/2011 Inne F

My whole reason for getting lessons was because I did not want to simply "sway" side to side for our first dance! We took the bait and signed up for a free 30 min introductory lesson, and was hooked. We realized we both had 2 left feet when it comes to dancing, and had no... Read More clue who or what fox trot even was!! Took about 8 lessons before our wedding, and between Matthew and Szewai, the studio's lovely dance masters, they created a wonderful routine for us to Ray LeMontagne's You're the Best Thing. (Btw, they'll work with ANY song! country to straight up rap) When the day came, my husband twirled me on the dance floor like he knew what he was doing and not a single guest was sitting down!! It was quite the show! Everyone was amazed at our "skills". =) Bottom line... worth your money to get a half dozen lessons, at least, before your wedding... it'll look good in the pictures, in the video and in everyone's memories! BDC studio won't pressure you into buying lessons, they're vibe and energy will make you want to take lessons.. And they hold monthly parties where you can showcase your routine before the "big day".


Reviewed on 11/01/2011 Alexis P

Thank you to Matthew and Ballroom Dance Chicago for helping us make some jaws drop with our wedding dance! We had 2 lessons/week with Matthew during the weeks before our wedding. He taught us some basic foxtrot moves and then some swing to work into the mix. In the end, (with... Read More Matthew and Frank Sinatra in our corner) we were confident, smiling and laughing all the way through! Highly recommend - and you'll want to keep dancing WAY beyond your wedding.

Amazing Dance Experience, Wonderful Instructors

Reviewed on 10/31/2011 Gretchen M

My fiance asked me to find a studio to take dance lessons at for our wedding so that he “didn’t look like an ass on his wedding day.” I looked around a bit, and we decided to give Ballroom Dance Chicago a try. When we arrived at the studio for the first time, we met our... Read More instructor, Matthew, and quickly got to dancing. The atmosphere of the lessons, as well as the studio, was relaxed and easy going. Neither my fiance nor I had any experience with ballroom dancing before starting lessons. With the expert help of Matthew, we felt very comfortable dancing together a few months later at our wedding. Ballroom Dance Chicago recommends private lessons, and at first we were a bit hesitant to commit to private lessons. It quickly became obvious that private lessons were well worth it. The individualized attention each teacher at the studio gives to their dancer or couple is what sets Ballroom Dance Chicago apart. Working with Matthew made us confident that our first dance would go well, no matter what blips might come up. When the time came for the dance at our wedding, we felt very relaxed and natural, and the dance went perfectly. One thing I can’t say enough about is how good Matthew is at working with people who have conflicting personalities. I had asked my father to prepare for a father daughter dance, and he had put it off for some time. I had gotten so frustrated with my father that I finally scheduled a lesson with Matthew for my dad and me. That week, my dad started lessons at a studio near him, and his teacher thought Rumba would fit with our father daughter dance song (Gracie by Ben Folds). It wasn’t the best of decisions, but Matthew made it work. My father never really got comfortable dancing and wasn’t much of a leader. Matthew really made a point of teaching me how to work with my father and how to get us through the dance if something went wrong. And when my father and I were dancing at the wedding, he completely blanked at one point and didn’t know what came next. The time Matthew had spent working with me on this dance really paid off as I was able to save it and keep going until my dad figured out what he was supposed to be leading. I continued taking lessons with Matthew after the wedding, as I absolutely love dancing. He tailors the lessons to my dancing interests, while still pushing me and challenging me. Although I’ve only regularly worked with Matthew, I’ve really enjoyed meeting the other teachers and occasionally dancing with them at the dance parties. It is a great studio where anyone can feel comfortable learning to dance.

Loved it!

Reviewed on 10/15/2011 Janelle F

Such a wonderful experience! My now husband & I took the 4-class crash course. We were so pleased with the patience and quality of the instructors. At our wedding, we looked fantastic! We received so many compliments. I would highly recommend.

Best Ballroom Dance Instruction in Chicago!

Reviewed on 7/12/2011 Patricia S

Look no further! Ballroom Dance Chicago is the place for dance lessons in Chicago. My husband and I took lessons here in preparation for our June 25th wedding. After a few months of weekly lessons, we were confident in our steps and had the opportunity to "perform" (rather... Read More than just doing the steps to a rehearsed routine) at our wedding with our first dance. Our parents, family and friends were so surprised and wowed. It was a highlight of our day. The atmosphere in the studio is so warm and friendly. We were regularly greeted with drinks and snacks. Our instructors were fabulous. They each had their own style, but all have relaxed, patient and fun personalities. We laughed so much as we learned! We really enjoyed rotating lessons with instructors -- at first, we danced with Szewai, then sometimes with Matthew or Marc. Not having the same instructor each week actually gave us the opportunity to learn differently, and we benefitted from the amazing talents of all three people. For the majority of the second half of our lessons, we had Marc every week. He was so awesome to work with, and even helped us customize an upbeat "hip hop" section of our dance that completely surprised our audience. We had so much fun at Ballroom Dance, I also brought my dad in for a few lessons for our father/daughter dance. My husband and I hope to continue lessons in the future, just for fun!

Great Investment! and Lots of Fun!

Reviewed on 6/19/2011 Whitney M

My husband and I bought a 10 class package with Szewai for our first wedding dance. It was a blast to have something fun to do together during wedding planning. We learned the Swing and Rumba and we incorporated both into our first dance. We were offered a glass of wine at... Read More the start of every lesson to help us relax and loosen up. We both felt comfortable at our first dance and were able to really dance together during the reception. Highly recommend this studio!