Belle Rose Maison

Conroe, TX

Capacity: 300+ PHONE

Amenities + Details

  • Handicap Accessible

  • Liability Insurance

  • Indoor

  • Outdoor - Not Covered

  • Reception Area

For more details about amenities, please message the Venue.

Price Range

$$ – Affordable

Venue Capacity



Ballroom, Garden, Historic Venue, Mansion + Estate

Wedding Categories

Bar + Drinks, Cakes + Desserts, Food + Catering, Planning, Rentals + Equipment, Service Staff

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Contact Info

15833 Old Conroe Rd, Conroe, TX (936) 321-8899

Reviewed on 7/31/2017 Kassandra R

The venue was absolutely incredible! The lighting is great for pictures. There are no restrictions for photographers so you can have all the shots and angles you want. Debra was great to work with. She had great references and was honest about suggestions with regards to your... Read More budget. She is definitely not trying to take your wallet and truly wants the best for you. Her coordinator Britney Sunday was phenomenal. And did a great job communicating and doing exactly what you want. Overall great experience. We were lucky to have our wedding there.

Reviewed on 11/25/2015 Tassia C

Please take the time to see other sites with more recent reviews. This venue is beautiful but it is impossible to deal with Debra and her staff. Whatever you do, do not get married here. For the past year, I have been dealing with her complete lack of professionalism. There are... Read More things she has done that literally caused my jaw to drop to the floor, like the day that my husband and I were supposed to have our tasting and she sat next to us and said she was hungry, did not have dinner and proceeded to eat a large portion of our food...this was our tasting by the caterer she provided.... There were dishes I didn't even get to taste. My husband and I looked at each other like.....this woman is crazy. I have so many examples...I would be typing forever. So I will focus on the wedding day. Britney Sunday was hired by Debra as a day of event coordinator because many brides were complaining about Debra. Britney seems very processional at first, but BEWARE. She did everything in her power to ruin my wedding day. 2 weeks prior to my wedding, we were supposed to have our final walk through. After I arrived to the venue she said she could not make it due to traffic. However, she assured me she had all the information she needed and the wedding would go great. I knew there were many things we didn't discuss but she was adamant she would not make it due to traffic, even though I came from the Galleria area after work, and I had made it in. On my wedding day: My maid of honor and I arrive to the venue and the steamer was gone. I contacted Britney. 2 hours later Debra shows up to the venue saying she was steaming her curtains the day before....really? with the steamer designated for the venue? typical Debra. there were 2 weddings going on during that day. Mine, with almost 200 guests, and a smaller one with about 50 guests. Britney reassured me SEVERAL TIMES she would handle my wedding while Debra concentrated on the smaller wedding. However, Britney was gone for about 85% of my wedding...completely gone. When we needed to have our first dance, toss the bouquet, cut cake, have our toast etc. we had no one there. Finally a staff member told us she was at the other wedding. so in the middle of my wedding I find out she is working another wedding. We had to have people find her....our photographer stepped in and became our "coordinator" she could see I was stressed and told me she has seen this happen and to not let it get to me. AFTER we cut the cake Britney showed up and asked if we wanted to have our toast during cake cutting or in the stage....what?? you are the day of coordinator and you don't know whats going on? she also said DURING my wedding that we did not pay for the cake plates and she got the staff to get us some and the venue was not going to charge us. UUUMMM. We PAID to have all silverware and plates provided by the venue. Several guests started to ask me if there was any water, the staff was NOT refilling the water as they were supposed to. We did not have any alcohol, all they had to do was refill the water. I started to cry at that point and Debra showed up asking with an attitude in front of the wedding party why was I "crying again?" what was it "this time?" after the wedding she asked my Husband's mother to write her a good review. Are you kidding me? She was rude to several of my vendors, our invoices were constantly wrong, she change what was included in our wedding package constantly. PLEASE DONT GET MARRIED HERE.

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Karen E

We had a blast at our October 17 wedding! Deb made everything so easy for My husband and I. The Venue (we used the maison) was awesome and very accommodating, The only thing that didn't take this review to 5 stars was the caterer, Carols Catering Service, who was very... Read More unprofessional with the food and cake. Thanks for a wonderful day!

So happy

Reviewed on 10/01/2014 Christine M

First of all, this venue is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! So many windows, tons of space, upstairs HUGE bridal suite, and outstanding staff!!! :) My wedding ceremony was at another location (a church), and Debra let my girls, hair dressers, makeup artists, and myself come early in... Read More the morning (even though the venue was still closed at that time) to come and allow ourselves ample space to get ready in and be the most comfortable. There was about 13 of us total, and there was plenty of room for everyone to walk around, and be comfortable and RELAX before the ceremony started (at my church, 5 miles down the road). All of the tables and chairs, and my centerpieces were already set up on the tables upon us arriving at the venue at 8am the morning of my wedding. I never even saw any of the crew that Debra has working for her...It's like they worked so quickly to set the silverware and glassware on the tables, and the buffet tables, etc. The staff that I did end up seeing towards the end of the evening during my reception was so nice and friendly and always made sure that I (as well as my husband) had everything we needed, as far as checking to make sure our food was outstanding, and always made sure that we had full glasses of our selected beer for the evening. Debra was always very friendly, and was available to discuss anything (mostly we conversed via E-mail) that I needed to clear my mind of or ask questions over from how the event was going to go. I was able to bring in my own bakery for our cakes, and we could also use outside caterers, dj and alcohol servies, I used my own DJ and bakery, but I decided to use her recommended caterers (E&P Catering for our food, and H&S Liqour for our beer and wine--they deliver, setup, and breakdown). I received a very nice email update after our wedding from Debra to say how she was pleased with how the night went, and to verify where the deposit refund check should be addressed to. I will recommend this place to any friends and family that may be looking for a venue in the future! Great job!!

Beautiful venue for a daytime wedding!!

Reviewed on 12/07/2013 Leslie

I had my reception at Belle Rose Maison in the big banquet building. It was absolutely beautiful for a daytime wedding with the sunlight shining through all of the windows. The venue is very affordable if you use their suggested caterer. Sometime they can be difficult and hard... Read More to deal with but in the end it is a great location and it look beautiful on the big day.


Reviewed on 8/10/2013 Rachel J

Belle Rose is a beautiful facility inside, and offers very inexpensive prices. DO NOT LET THIS LURE YOU IN! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Debra has absolutely zero customer service skills, which will become very transparent to anyone who has to encounter her in a business setting. I... Read More called Debra a few times throughout the wedding planning months with questions, and she was very short with me every time I called. She does not respond to emails, and will blatantly ignore them if you try to request or ask anything via email. As most of you know who are reading this as an online review, this is not an acceptable trait for the owner of a wedding venue in the 21st century. The aforementioned issues were minor annoyances (not a deal breaker, but still highly unprofessional and disorganized for a wedding venue) up until the wedding day. On the day of the wedding, my sister (who is a baker for an existing bakery in the area) made all of our cupcakes for our cupcake tree. We had hand-made the stand (which was 4 tiers). She had set these up at the venue at noon on the day of the wedding. When my husband and I were announced, the bottom tier (which is obviously the largest section) was completely removed, thereby removing approximately 35% of the presentation of the cupcake tree. The reason for the destruction you ask? ANTS ATE MY CAKE! Yes, I am not making this up. Sugar ants had gotten into the building and destroyed the bottom portion. Debra refused to take responsibility for this, trying to tell me this was an “act of nature.” If you own and are renting out a venue for a wedding (the most important day of someone’s life), you are responsible for the maintenance of the venue and what goes on inside of it. Debra does not seem to grasp this simple fact. Debra offered us $24 as compensation for this utter fiasco, which was more of a slap in the face than any sort of compensation. Additionally, Debra requires you to use her bartender and security officers if you have any alcohol present. Many of my guests were telling me that the “sheriff” who was there for security was rubbing and inappropriately massaging the female bartender all night. This is highly unacceptable. The bartender was completely incompetent and when one of my guests requested a screwdriver (vodka and orange juice for those of you non-drinkers), the bartender began pouring Crown in the glass. When my guest corrected her, she proceeded to pour the Crown down the drain. Then, at the end of the evening, my mother-in-law caught her trying to steal a bottle of leftover wine which she was hiding under her belongings. If all of this is not enough, the cherry on top is that when I tried to discuss the matter of insects eating my cake, Debra was extremely rude and unprofessional. She later must have come to realize how unfair she was being, and sent me a check for additional funds. Enclosed with this check was the most unprofessional extremely rude letter I have ever seen. Debra is stubborn, unreasonable, unprofessional, and is not equipped to handle the wedding industry (or any industry for that matter). Please do not make the same mistake I did and use this facility for your big day. On a brighter note, Brittney Sunday (the wedding planner who works at Belle Rose), is FANTASTIC! If you decide to ignore my warning and use this facility, make sure you hire Brittney because she is amazing and will take care of everything for you!

2013-08-31T13:52:00 Response from the vendor

Regrettably ants did get into the cupcake display after being delivered approximately 7 hours before the event. We were able to save the majority of her cupcakes, but felt that removing the bottom tier of the stand was the best decision. The display was pretty... Read Less Read More

Loved this venue

Reviewed on 6/12/2013 Kristen M

The venue was absolutely gorgeous, and everyone loved it. Debbie was nice and helpful during the whol planning process, and allowed us to come by as needed. I would definitely recommend this venue.

Great service!

Reviewed on 11/12/2012 Anna B

Debra was excellent at helping our wedding planning go so smoothly. She is very well experienced, you don't have to worry about anything! What is great about this venue is they work with the caterer so you only pay one person. She includes the linens and dish-ware in her fee so... Read More nothing unexpected is added on at the end.


Reviewed on 7/20/2012 Emily M

I loved having my wedding at Belle Rose. The venue was truly beautiful, open, airy, and elegant. Make sure you have all of your expectations in writing, and you will be very pleased with Belle Rose.


Reviewed on 7/17/2012 Dennise P

This place looks nicer on line than it does in real life. The up keep on it is not good at all. The owner is not very flexible in allowing you to decorate as you like and she is very opinionated about what she doesn't like. It was very difficult to feel comfortable around her.... Read More She is very unapproachable. The venue is nice enough if you're on a budget, but expect to do everything on your own with very little help from the owner.

2012-10-23T11:43:08 Response from the vendor

I get comments almost every tour I give that the pictures online don't do it justice. Come see for yourself. And the pictures on my website show a very diverse mix of decor allowed, so not sure what she wanted that I didn't allow. Also... Read Less Read More

Terrible venue

Reviewed on 5/19/2012 Tracey R

In April, the gardens were full of weeds, dried up plants and plastic ferns. The tiles on the steps of the “Greek Temple” were literally falling off and lying on their sides. We had to prop them up for the wedding and pictures. People tripped on the loose tiles. The roof of... Read More the gazebo is off kilter from the pillars. Wooden floor dirty, owner responded by saying we had brought in the dirt. We pointed out the numerous spider webs that we obviously did not bring into the place. The owner also claimed that the wedding was at 3:00 PM instead of 2:00. The owner said, “Brides put the wrong time on their invitations all the time.” Fortunately we had the original paperwork. The owner told my nephew that she did not allow silly pictures (similar picture on venue’s website). The owner did not set up all the tables requested. She insisted that it would cost more money. The wedding before ours had all of the gift cards stolen from the card box. We were told that the gifts and cards had to go on the table in the office where the owner worked. The owner was showing the venue to new customers during the reception. No wonder why the previous wedding had their gift cards stolen. Afterwards, all we were supposed to clean up was removing our own things. The owner told my family that they had to clean everything! The owner spot cleaned the table cloths after the wedding and put them back in her cabinet. Before wedding we found several stained napkins. The owner blamed us for the stains even though no one had even used a napkin yet. The owner never once took responsibility for any of the issues that we brought to her attention. The owner constantly complained about “the Mexicans” as well as other brides who used her venue. The silver cake stand was totally tarnished. The glass water / tea servers turned out to be plastic. The nice looking pool in the website pictures was covered in slime. We didn’t even use it for pictures.

Beautiful Venue

Reviewed on 5/06/2012 Jennifer H

This location is beautiful! The only watch out I have is be very clear with your expecatation of the bar tender. Ours would not let our guest take more than one drink at the time, and wouldn't even give my husband a drink for me! She also use a bottle lid to measure the... Read More alcohol. Other than that everyone loved it and had a great time!

Affordable and Gorgeous

Reviewed on 1/31/2012 Lutishia G

I had my ceremony at the Greek Temple outside and my reception in the La Maison. The Greek Temple is surrounded by a beautiful forested landscape and a fountain as a backdrop. The La Maison was enchanting with it's grand stairway and floor to ceiling windows overlooking the... Read More waterfall. It was a lovely quaint venue for my 50 guests and bridal party.

Belle Rose Outdoor Fall Wedding

Reviewed on 10/30/2011 Sarah W

Belle rose was a good venue... just a little scattered and unclear on certain things. The lady running it was slow to respond and send invoices.

Debra and Staff were Great!

Reviewed on 10/07/2011 Candice T

We really enjoyed our wedding venue. Debra was very helpful in helping us decide where things should go and how things would play out during the night. The weeks leading up to our wedding she meet with us a few times and went over the timeline, so we felt very prepared the day... Read More of the wedding. She allowed us to bring up items/decorations for our wedding as early as the wednesday before. Her and her staffed put out anything and everything they could prior to the wedding day, so we didnt have to stress too much. On the day of the wedding we were able to get to the venue at 11am.. the whole bridal party got hair and make up done at the facility. It was amazing and everything went just as planned! I would recommend this venue to anyone looking to get married in the Conroe area


Reviewed on 7/29/2011 Laura B

The Belle Rose Maison is a beautiful site for a reception. I had my reception in the Belle Rose. I keep hearing complements about how nice the venue was! The owner Debra Adams was pleasant and easy to work with.

worth it overall

Reviewed on 7/20/2011 Cara T

I used Belle Rose as my reception venue. Compared to other places around The Woodlands, it had more flexibility in layout and design. The flipside of this is that I had to organize vendors for the reception on my own (florist, cake, linens, etc). Everyone had a great time at... Read More the reception and I loved the way the decor looked, but throughout the process the owner could be flaky and had arbitrary rules for the use of the facilities, making her difficult to work with at times.

A Wonderful Reception...

Reviewed on 6/01/2011 Stacy S

We had our wedding reception at Belle Rose in the larger facility on 5/14/11. I love it, Debra Adams was easy to work with. We came in the week before discussed the setup of the room, then the day of the reception my family followed my diagram and setup. I wish we could have... Read More setup Friday; however, there was an event. It is my understanding if there is not an event the day before yours, you can setup early. The facility has everything you need for a reasonable cost or you can bring everything in on your own. For example, we rented linens from her but brought in our own chargers. She does have a preferred list of vendors, we used most of them but our own cater. She was completely okay with that.

Loved La Maison

Reviewed on 5/24/2011 Kayla S

I had my wedding at the small house called La Maison located at Belle Rose! It was a gorgeous venue and VERY intimate!!! The owner Debra can be a little dry and short, but don't let that scare you, if you are friendly and understanding of her everything is GREAT!!! I had ZERO... Read More problems the entire time...did everything just as I wanted and everything was perfect and she and her staff were very helpful!!!

Beautiful Venue

Reviewed on 5/19/2011 Tessa S

This venue is hands down the most beutiful one I looked at out of the 10 or so places I looked at in the near by area. Everything went smoothly the day of, and all my guests loved the place.

2013-08-31T11:34:24 Response from the vendor

Regrettably ants did get into the cupcake display after being delivered approximately 7 hours before the event. We were able to save the majority of her cupcakes, but felt that removing the bottom tier of the stand was the best decision. The display was pretty... Read Less Read More

beautiful venue

Reviewed on 5/05/2011 Sandy K

This location is absolutely the most beautiful place for a wedding. I had both my ceremony and reception held here. I was a little nervous because there were some less than ideal reviews regarding this venue but I had no issues at all.

Beautiful Venue

Reviewed on 8/09/2010 Marissa D

Belle Rose is a beautiful venue. All of my guests loved the ballroom and the outdoor area. The price was great for the venue and the time we got for the ceremony and reception.