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106 E Main Street, Norman, OK (405) 701-8745

Reviewed on 3/08/2018 Natalee U

I have waited to post my experience hoping to hear from the owner or manager regarding the situation, however it has now been three days and no word, so I am posting here for others to be aware of how my appointment was handled. I scheduled my appointment three weeks in advance... Read More as we live two hours from the shop and needed to plan the trip. I confirmed my appointment via email the day prior to ensure we were all set to make the trip to Norman. We arrived 30 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment which was prior to the store opening, and while sitting outside the shop I received a call stating that due to a family emergency my appointment had been cancelled. While I understand family emergencies, I was also told that she had been out of town and wouldn't make it back for my appointment. We could have easily rescheduled had they notified me prior to 30 minutes before I was scheduled to be there, knowing we had a two hour drive for the appointment. I had contact via facebook stating the drive and why it was important to schedule accordingly. I work in the service industry, and feel like this was just well below any expectations of how you professionally conduct business. I was not notified by the store manager, I was called by an employee who had no options to resolve the situation, other than they could not accept my appointment. Leaving me with no resolution after taking the day off work and driving two hours for a confirmed appointment to be cancelled. Very disappointing. Like I previously stated I could have been more than flexible had they notified me the previous day, and I understand family emergencies, however if she was out of town, why not notify me sooner? I would be happy to speak with anyone in the store who would like any additional feedback or would like to resolve the situation.

Reviewed on 7/28/2017 Lyndsay S

I would be extremely cautious trusting the reviews that reflect ONLY the appointments and beginning purchasing process. The only trustworthy reviews are the ones that have experienced the process from start to finish. If I had written a review right after I had ordered the dress... Read More from Beloved it would have been all positive. The consultant who helped me, Faith (who stopped working there shortly after I bought my dress and has not worked there in quite a while), was WONDERFUL and I went back several times and she was so helpful, made it so fun, and made me feel comfortable. The problems started happening after I ordered the dress. I ordered the dress in August and they told me it would be ready late January, early February. I was getting married in June, but planned to have my bridals taken beginning of April. It was mid-February and I had not heard anything from Beloved so I called them (2-3 times because they would not answer, and then one time they did answer and said they would call me back, but never did) but when I finally got ahold of them towards the end of February/ beginning of March they talked to me in a condescending voice and laughed at me for asking about my dress and being worried it hadn’t come in. I didn’t think it was unreasonable that I was asking about my dress due to they had said it would be ready end of January, beginning of February and I had to have time to get the dress altered and match a veil that was being handmade before my bridals. Much less is it ever appropriate or professional to laugh at a customer for asking a question. Finally my dress came in, but I only found out after I called and checked again a week or so after it had actually come in. I also took my dress to be steamed because they offer steaming the week of your wedding. I tried to call several times and got no answer. I was running out of time so I drove to Beloved to find it closed during business hours on a Wednesday. I went back the next day and Andrea (the owner) acted like I had never called or the that the shop had been closed the previous day, and when I picked the dress up the next day after it had been “steamed” the layer under the lace was just as wrinkled as when I had brought it like it hadn’t been touched. Lastly, they told me one of my bridesmaids had not paid for her dress even though she had. They had to have at least half the total amount of all the dresses to put in the order of the bridesmaid dresses to the company, so when they told me she hadn’t paid I put a payment down myself. Come to find out she HAD paid for the entire dress already! She lived in Stillwater at the time and they would not do anything about it for her unless they saw her in person. She had to go to Beloved in Norman and show them her credit card statement before they would believe her. They never called or contacted me to refund my money, so had I not contacted them myself they would have kept an extra $100. I waited until after my wedding to go in and ask for my money back because the experience was so negative and ridiculous, and something you should not have to deal with leading up to your wedding. My sister had a great experience here in 2012-2013, but it was when Lindsey was a co-owner, and I have talked to 2-3 recent brides of Beloved that have had similar experiences to mine since Lindsey left the business and Andrea was the only owner. I would not advise anyone to purchase a dress here.

Reviewed on 7/23/2016 Casady M

I WISH I COULD GIVE THIS AMAZING BOUTIQUE A 100 RATING!!! Absolutely stunning service, Andrea is amazingly incredible at attending to every need and question I had. She made wedding dress shopping a breeze! If only there were more stores like BeLoved in this world, the world... Read More would be a better place! I can't express to you the amazing work ethic this wonderful woman has, she truly cares about her clients! She was so attentive and we had wonderful service the whole appointment. She accommodated to my every need and I was amazed at how BEAUTIFUL all of their gowns are! It was so hard to choose only one, but she made me feel like the most important client she has ever had! My favorite wedding experience by far, thank the lord for Andrea!

Reviewed on 7/20/2016

STAY AWAY!!!!!! Beloved Bridal seemed amazing, AT FIRST. They were attentive, helpful, SEEMED to have amazing customer service and made the entire bridal party feel at home. BUT as soon as they got their sale they STOPPED CARING. The Bride's dress came in a month late and was a... Read More size 10. The bride was measured beforehand and I can assure you she's nothing over a size 2, size 4 is pushing it for her. So why did her dress come in a size 10?!!! That's the first issue. Second the bridesmaid dresses arrived almost two months late. When they finally came in, the bride questioned them not matching the color swatches she choose from in the store. The staff assured her they were the right dresses. After RIPPING one of the gowns they offered to pay to have it fixed instead of offering a new gown for their mistake! To top it all off the bride took the dresses to another Bridal store only to find out Beloved ordered FAKE ALLURE dresses and tried to pass them off as real ones. ABSOLUTLEY TERRIBLE SERVICE! Dishonest and despicable!! No bride deserves to deal with this type of service when going through what is supposed to be one of the happiest times of her life. If a zero star rating was available I would have picked it. DO NOT EVER DO BUISSNESS WITH THIS STORE, YOU WILL REGRETT IT!

Reviewed on 6/15/2016 Jordan S

Andrea was amazing! I couldn't have asked for a better experience picking out my wedding dress. They have such a great selection and great customer service! I had gone to so many places before visiting Beloved Bridal Boutique and wish I would have started out here because it... Read More would have been the first and last store I went to! Affordable prices and beyond gorgeous dresses!

Reviewed on 4/22/2016 Nicole L

HORRIBLE!!!!!! STAY AWAY, you will wait FOREVER for your dress, and they will hang up the phone on you when they don't have answers for you. Nice gowns, but the service is disgusting! Only giving one star because zero is not an option.

Reviewed on 3/03/2016 Ashlea D

I found dresses I wanted on Pinterest searched everywhere for them and was referred to Beloved Bridal by Pomp and pageantry. They had the dresses and were very helpful getting them fitted and ordered for the girls. But once they got the sale it all went down hill after that. My... Read More dresses were suppose to be here in January it's now March (they were ordered in SEPTEMBER) I made multiple phone calls and they would not answer the phone or return phone calls. So my aunt drove to Norman and went to the store Cassidy was sitting on her butt not doing anything (when she could've been making return phone calls) my aunt asks about our dresses and was told that Cassidy doesn't know anything only the owner does. And she said "they only need a month to be altered" my aunt proceeded to tell her that she couldn't wait for the owner to get there and we do not live in Norman and Cassidy said "well I know more about you the I need to know" and the owner will "call me tomorrow" which tells me this is not important to her. VERY RUDE AND HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone! I had planned on getting my tuxes and my mother and mother In laws Dresses here but not now!! We bought 6 dresses for 260.00 a piece and this is the kind of service we get! save yourself the trouble! Don't go here!

Pretty Dress

Reviewed on 1/20/2016 Kathryn C

I loved my dress that I got here, but I will warn that they aren't good at sticking within your budget. Of course one of the dress they pulled was outside of my budget that I fell in love with. Depending on who you get the staff can range from extremely friendly to cold.... Read More Overall, it depends if you fall in love with a certain designer on if I would recommend this boutique. Make sure that you a allow for enough time for the dress to come in as well because it is usually later than when it came in.

Reviewed on 10/23/2015 Rachel D

BeLoved was the first boutique I visited, and the first time I tried on dresses. Faith was extremely helpful and she made me feel comfortable in this brand new experience! She kept me from getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of gorgeous dresses by helping me keep a "top... Read More three" (...or four, or five) favorite dresses. I ended up finding The Dress at a different place, but I highly recommend BeLoved, especially as a first stop, because it was by far the best experience I had!

Reviewed on 10/15/2015 Natalie D

I really wanted to like BeLoved Bridal because I had heard good things from other people, but honestly, it was probably the worst experience and customer service that I had out of all five shops that I went to. This was the first bridal boutique I visited and the first time I... Read More had ever tried on a wedding dress, but I left here thinking "Man, I hope they aren't all like this...". Luckily, they weren't. When I showed up for my appointment, I had to wait 20 minutes into my appointment time before the consultant came to talk to me. Even then, the conversation was rushed (she didn't even tell me her name) and she didn't seem all that interested in helping me find something I would like. Then when I was trying on dresses, she was not all that eager to help. In fact, she seemed almost annoyed that I was there. I understand that she was the only one working at the time and another girl had come in to try on bridesmaids dresses, but I still think she could have done a better job at being more attentive. I am not one to usually write a bad review, because I know that sometimes, people just have a bad day. But picking out a bridal gown is supposed to be a fun and enjoyable experience and really important to a lot of brides, so I write this in hopes that they will improve customer service for future brides.

Reviewed on 7/20/2015 Brooke C

We LOVE BeLoved Bridal! After searching countless stores, BeLoved was the one I wanted to get my gown from. We also ended up getting bridesmaids dresses and tuxes through BeLoved as well. I would HIGHLY recommend this boutique!

Reviewed on 6/25/2015 Chelsae R

Loved loved loved this place! They were so much help getting me into my dream dress and so accommodating & honest!!


Reviewed on 6/23/2015 Abby T

They were so helpful when I was picking out my wedding dress! We were in there for two hours and picked out my dress and the bridesmaids dresses! They were great when it came to calling and having questions! Every time I went in the store, they were always nice and helpful!

Great Business

Reviewed on 1/09/2015

What a great experience it was for me at BeLoved Bridal Boutique!! We started off with such friendly employees who were so patient and nice to every member of my party! Not to mention they have a huge range of GORGEOUS gowns for every budget! They made shopping such a beautiful... Read More experience! I was also such a fan of all their added benefits and the super affordable tailor they recommended for alterations!! I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone! What a perfect place to be! Love BeLoved Bridal Boutique!!!

Terrible Service

Reviewed on 5/31/2014 Claire

I found the perfect dress here and absolutely fell in love!!! When I ordered my dress, I was told that it would be in 2 months before my wedding, which would be enough time for alterations. A few weeks before it was scheduled to come in, I finally got the owner to answer the... Read More phone and she told me that my lace was on back order and would not be in until a few weeks before the wedding... Once the dress finally came in, she helped me get the alterations rushed. But, needless to say, a week before the wedding was cutting it a little close and still made me a little crazy. It was an added stress to all of the other stuff I was dealing with that close to the wedding. Because of the troubles with the dress being delivered late and therefore not being altered on time, I had to adjust my travel plans for the wedding, take my bridals 2 days before the wedding and rush the printing of my bridal portrait. I also could not finalize my undergarments or jewelry until the last minute because I didn't have the dress. She did not communicate well or return the phone calls or messages that I left for her. I received better service from her mother who helps out in the store.

Beloved Bridal was amazing!

Reviewed on 5/04/2014 Ashley L

My husband and I absolutely cannot say enough about Beloved Bridal! They offer a wide selection of wedding, bridesmaid and occasion dresses as well as tux rentals. The owner was very responsive and went above and beyond for us every chance she got. The bridal experiece they... Read More offer is very personal and exactly how boutique shopping should be. We 100% recommend Beloved Bridal!

Beautiful Beloved

Reviewed on 4/22/2014 Courtney J

I had looked at a few places for a dress but none of them compared to how I felt at Beloved. They have plenty of sales and the dresses are to die for. I avoided the national chains because I wanted a quieter and more personal experience which is what I got at Beloved. The owner... Read More helped me pick out my dress and was fun to work with!

"I guess I'm buying a dress today!"

Reviewed on 2/26/2014 Jessica E

BeLoved Bridal was the second dress shop that I visited, and, being so early on in the process, I was not intending on buying a dress when I went in. However, Stella York was vetting their upcoming line of dresses that day, and I happened to try one on and absolutely loved it.... Read More (The way such an event works is that you must purchase a dress that day or there is no guarantee that it will be released in its current form when the full line is released several months later.) I can't say enough good things about the consultants at BeLoved. They were running a little behind schedule that morning, but compensated us with a couple pitchers of mimosas. And they were extremely patient and not at all pushy while I decided whether or not to buy a dress that day. (I did end up buying the dress!) They also offered advice about color choices for the fabric, and I felt like they cared a lot about helping me select a dress that worked well for my body type and budget. The sales representative for Stella York was equally delightful. It was a pleasant experience, and I would recommend this shop to others in the Norman and OKC area.

The Bridal Experience you always dreamed of....

Reviewed on 1/17/2014 Joy C

Be sure to go to Beloved Bridal first and you will not need to go anywhere else! The store is amazing and so is the owner. She made everything a delight from beginning to end. Her dress collection is one of the most beautiful I have seen and she orders you the perfect size. She... Read More always emails you right back to answer any questions you have. I could not have asked for a better dress or experience!

Great Experience

Reviewed on 8/20/2013 Andrea L

Beloved was the first and only bridal shop I went to. They were great to work with and made me feel at ease trying on dresses. I highly recommend Beloved!


Reviewed on 6/13/2013 Ally R

The staff at Beloved Bridal gave me the best wedding dress shopping experience. They were so easy to work with.


Reviewed on 6/04/2013 Maisi M

I loved this boutique. So helpful, and very true to my style. She made sure we were all pampered and was so sweet! I definitely recommend this boutique!

Very Friendly

Reviewed on 4/04/2013 Jessica W

I didn't end up getting my dress from there, but Lindsay was very friendly and helpful! I was late to my appointment because of car trouble, and they were closing soon, but she stayed and helped me look and try things on.

Great Staff!

Reviewed on 10/22/2012 Stephanie W

I absolutely loved my wedding dress! Very wonderful staff!

Wedding Dress!

Reviewed on 8/25/2012 Kelsey S

I loved my dress!!